Team Bobby Falls to Two

by in Food Network Star, July 3, 2012

This was a tough week for Team Bobby, with two finalists going head-to-head in a Producers' Challenge battle of cocktails. No matter how it shook out, Bobby would lose a member of his team.  He was hesitant to say anything at all in the pitch room (or pitch beach, as it was this week): "I didn't want to sway the judges one way or the other based on my comments."

In the end, Bob and Susie decided to send Malcolm Mitchell home. Despite food that consistently impressed them, Malcolm was never fully able to hone his "soulful" POV. "Malcolm's POV was confusing," Susie says. "After eight weeks, we need to know who he is through his food."

Malcolm left the competition in good spirits: "I leave happy. I wanted to win it, but at the end of the day, I did everything that I could do. I was real."

Hear more from Susie and Malcolm in his exclusive exit interview. Did you think Malcolm should have gone home over Michele?

Flip through Malcolm’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Eight.

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Comments (127)

  1. guest says:

    i think niki should leave she is so bad but i can see she is bobbys newest love interest you wait and bet it will surface i can see the chemistry working there on the tv //
    michelle will come around
    but please get rid of that syrupy martie she is so sicking i am southern but she is too far out there with all that talking and slopping comments drives me nuts

  2. Guest says:

    Michelle should have been sent home:
    a) Served food that was not safe to eat
    b) Did not create an original drink
    I would not watch her show, could not trust her technique.
    Appearance: does not look very clean, especially her clothes, as if she does not care.
    She may be a nice person, I do not know, but for a cooking show the cook/chef ought to appear and be clean and most importantly serve safe food!

    • Sumay says:

      I agree that she served food that was not safe to eat - and in this competition they were required to make a drink and show how it promotes their pov. I think she really did this challenge well and should have won. As for her not looking clean - I don't think I have ever really noticed a time when she seemed dirty. Her style is her own - and not something I care for - but I do not think she is unkempt.

  3. msLF says:

    I agree with all the comments and msnot u hit it all on the there isn't much for me to say.....i'm not watching this anymore this season because i'm not feeling anyone who is more thing maybe its time for bob and susie to retire.....

  4. Sumay says:

    I'm just trying to figure out how someone could still be in this competition this far and not realize that a huge part of it is the pov? I sometimes have wondered - should you just let the food stand on its own merit? However, you do need to draw an audience in - and if they don't know what your style of cooking - or your goals in cooking are - it might turn people off. I just don't know what the mentors are doing if some of their team do not realize what their pov is - in this case - they didn't even think they needed one. That should have been something that was drilled into their heads - day one.