Justin Keeps the Lead

by in Community, Food Network Star, July 2, 2012

Justin Warner

Justin Warner is holding strong in the weekly Fan Vote with 31% of your votes. Longtime leader Martita Jara is still a close second at 29%, and her teammate Ippy Aiona has fallen to 17% but still hangs on to third place. With just two weeks to go until our Finale Vote — where you, the fans, will decide on our next Food Network Star — will Justin continue to impress the judges with his outside-the-box food and rebel-rousing ways?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Seven Fan Vote results:

Fan Vote results


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Comments (215)

  1. Tosha says:

    I just don't get it. I know that most of these people voting wouldn't watch him either.

    • guest says:

      i would totally watch him, hes my favorite!!

    • Tom Selleck says:

      I agree...all of a sudden.....he is on top! Something is fishy about all of this.

      • tchumeshe says:

        No, he's always been on Top! He belongs there, and obviously you haven't been watching the whole season. Justin has been winning at this since it started!

    • Smoke_alarm says:

      Tosha, how do you know that?

    • amcken3 says:

      I AGREE!!!! I THINK HE'S STRANGE IN A B A D WAY! I can't relate to him AT ALL...and the dishes he makes are things I would NEVER, EVER make! I don't get it.

      • Peter Nguyen says:

        Well if you won't even give something a chance of course you're never going to get it. Justin reminds me of my best friend growing up who seemed really arrogant at first but usually had enough natural talent to back up his words. i'd rahter watch him than Emily.

        • amcken3 says:

          I don't see how I'm not giving him a chance. He's had plenty of time to make food that real home cooks would prepare. I want to watch someone I can relate to on a cooking channel unless I'm watching a Sci-Fi flick like Men In Black or a teen t.v. series, Justin does not fit the bill. I'm sure he's a great person, I'm just not interested in him having his own cooking show, I think in actuality the ratings of his show would be low.

  2. girloftheworld says:

    I would watch him! He is the only one left that doesnt seem like somebody I would find in the center of my grocery store plugging the latest sale product with a plug in skillet.

  3. cfusion watcher says:

    google "cfusion martita justin" and watch the votes for a couple days. You'll be amazed and shocked at what's going on with manipulating data.

    • jessi says:

      Yup, there is something very, very wrong with the fan vote. The "votes" rise and fall at the "blink of an eye." And, it depends what day of the week it is.

      cfusion watcher, what is your opinion...is the network itself manipulating the numbers or do you think particular contestant (s) are skewing the votes?

      • also watching says:

        I think Martita is manipulating hers and Justin is really winning or the network is.. but I have watched it too and she has done this since the early days when Linkie was winning... sad.

      • cfusion watcher says:

        The network knows who they want and must manipulate the votes to get the person they want and sell ads. It's a television show. The contestants are worthy of their own shows but the Food Network cannot allow the public to dictate who wins.

        • also watching says:

          Seems like the Martitia contingent is still doing it but in smaller increments... less than a hundred at a time since this blog came out. soooo obvious .. you can refresh and refresh and her numbers dont move then all of a sudden there are 70 or 80.. not like the one at a time the others get... what is really the point of it? Doesnt actually make people like her more? Pathetic that it is condoned.

        • MusicalYoshi says:

          You'd think after several seasons of having failed winners, they would realize that they are doing something wrong as far as choosing a winner. I really cannot see why Martita is still even here, Emily should have been here. And why does Team Giada keep getting the easiest of the challenges? It's rigged...

    • Whining FN fan says:

      I think Martita was the lone gunman on the grassy knoll!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I could watch Justin everyday! I can cook and entertain well,however I would love to have the creativity this guy has and watching him inspires and entertains!

  5. Guest says:

    It's gonna be so funny when they eliminate him next week!

    • Jerilee says:

      Unless they change format, Giada will have a team member sent home.

    • guest says:

      how do u know they are going to eliminate him next week?

    • tchumeshe says:

      You are so rude! That isn't funny and I think you are terribly jealous!

      • Guest says:

        Not at all jealous. Just want to see all the crybabies have their hissy fits. No douby you'll be one of them.

        • Whining FN fan says:

          How DARE YOU! Cable Television cooking shows are more important than Life itself! Please don't take this competition so lightly! Our future depends on the outcome!

        • tchumeshe says:

          Oh, you really think so? You think you are so good?? Well, we'll throw you on there and I KNOW that you'd be the one crying because you'd be kicked off before you burn the place down with the food you try cooking because it won't be 1/1000 as good as Justin's WORST dish!

          • Guest says:

            Oooooooh! Is someone retaining water this week?

          • tchumeshe says:

            You have nothing good to say! I don't even know why they let people like you on here to say mean things about contestants and bloggers. Justin has my votes all the way!!! And he will NOT get kicked off next week--I know that for SURE!

          • tchumeshe says:

            And just for the record, that's not until next week! :P

    • Blade says:

      You should show some respect! I would like to see you cook fish bones on T.V.! And after that i would say well, he's pathetic! it's gonna be so funny when he gets eliminated next week!

  6. NotRetroRadEmily says:

    I only watch the show for Justin. The Food Network needs him.

  7. Hayley says:


    hes unique, name one person on food network like him except alton! And even alton is unlinke him! He is unique and food network NEEDS HIM!

    • Jahnde says:

      The so-called moral majority isn't always right

    • amcken3 says:

      That's REALLY lame because it's not all about personality. What about the food!? He makes things I would never realistically make. I think he's weird in a bad way. Sorry but you must be very young. The viewers who buy merchandise are not into him.

      • Mother-Bear says:

        Excuse me, but I do not agree on you calling my daughter lame. She in fact loves this show, and if this Justins personality and food gets her away from that ridiculous nickelodean show, that is fine by me!

        And honestly , you probably live in the country, people her in new york would most defiantly make his food! So please keep your comments to yourself!

        • amcken3 says:

          I said THAT'S really lame to your kid lady. If I intended to insult user GO FRIKEN JUSTIN I would have typed 'You're really lame" mam. I think you're being a little touchy (if this comment is even for real). LOL and I don't live in the country. There have been multiple user here that say his dishes are NOT dishes they would ever make! I hope you're not training your daughter to be as hypersensitive, defensive and judgmental ('Only country folk would think like you, blah blah blah...how rude you are!)as you are!

  8. mise_en_place says:

    Yes, Justin is an original and I might watch him. BUT I am glad I am not one of the judges. I don't think I could force myself to put that stuffed date into my mouth.

    I really wish that the fan vote could be monitored and controlled. People who vote over and over plus use different e-mails and phones can manipulate the system in a misleading way.

    I would love to see Ippy expand his POV to emphasize the Asian and Plolynesian influences on Hawaiian cuisine. (I really miss the Trader Vic restaurants: Fresh gardenias floating in my Mai Tais andLobster in Flaming Mustard Sauce. Yum!) Another important aspect: all islands have to rely on a plethora of imported, prepared (and therefore expensive) products. Using fresh, native ingredients to elevate those necessary evils into an affordable. gourmet dish is a skill all of us can apply to our kitchens at home.

    To be continued...

    • amcken3 says:

      I agree. I think most people like Ippy not Justin it must be being manipulated. Ippy is more relatable and he makes dishes I'd want to eat and I like his personality. He's an all around winner.

  9. mise_en_place says:

    Martie seems like a nice person but doesn't have anything new to teach us.

    Martita. Huh? I don't get her appeal.

    Michelle I would watch because anyone who can master seafood AND bring regioanl cuisine alive is an asset. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create New England dishes for our firends who don't travel?

    I think FN is missing the boat by not producing a show that features regional cuisine. Where else but in the Midwest will you get fried bisquits and pork tenderloin sandwiches and Shrimp D'Johnge? Why shouldn't everyone be able recreate authentic gumbo and fried smelts and pasties and NY style pizza and lobster rolls?

    And Nikki brings nothing special to the grill. Just because she is female doesn't make her perspective and skill any different from all the other chefs who are grill masters.

    The decision has already been made. I hope it is a reasonable one.

    • Guest says:

      Great idea....regional cooking! I have traveled all over the US and there are so many wonderful cuisines, and a show that would share these would be great!

    • Blade says:

      I don't see anything unique about Nikki and Michelle is awesome because my family can't afford to travel and she can tell us what food is there.

  10. cfusion watcher says:

    The network knows who they want and must manipulate the votes to get the person they want and sell ads. It's a television show. The contestants are worthy of their own shows but the Food Network cannot allow the public to dictate who wins. "cfusion martita justin" will tell the story.

    • Smoke_alarm says:

      If networks had any sense at all they would allow the public to dictate not only shows but options to choose channels a la carte. Give people what they want and networks will make (more) money. It seems so obvious.