Justin Keeps the Lead

by in Community, Food Network Star, July 2, 2012

Justin Warner

Justin Warner is holding strong in the weekly Fan Vote with 31% of your votes. Longtime leader Martita Jara is still a close second at 29%, and her teammate Ippy Aiona has fallen to 17% but still hangs on to third place. With just two weeks to go until our Finale Vote — where you, the fans, will decide on our next Food Network Star — will Justin continue to impress the judges with his outside-the-box food and rebel-rousing ways?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Seven Fan Vote results:

Fan Vote results


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Comments (215)

  1. Sky says:

    OOPS!, My Reply was not ment for CJCAL....It was ment for the " Teen " not, That Loves Justin........
    How my message came to you, I have no clue...Sorry,

  2. Patricia Thomas says:

    Justin is such a ( f t)Sorry I'm sure you can see that!! I wouldn't watch and surely
    won't eat any of his dishes!! What ever happened to clean cut stars. With saying that---Guy is another one that I thought I wouldn't watch but I really like him in DDD. I don't use any of his recipes but he is so good in triple D.

  3. Kris says:

    Has anybody else had this problem when voting for fan favorite? I get 2 or 3 votes in, then I get the message " you can vote 10 more times tomorrow" . I vote for Justin everyday, but wonder how accurate the numbers are. My husband and I would love to see Justin win because he has something different to offer. I love his style & cooking. Can't wait for his first cookbook! If FN really wants to keep people interested they will give Justin his own show. Nobody else has anything new to offer. GO JUSTIN!!

    • **essence** says:

      I am also having problems voting on Fan Vote...and it is always when I vote for Justin. He is having the majority of votes though. I hope they fix this problem?

  4. Harry Potter Freak says:

    Started as an Emily fan, but after she got exd I discovered that she got in the way of me voting for Justin.
    Niki just seemed to harsh and Ippy to relaxed. Martita was a good cook, but there is already Mexican Made Easy on FN. I think Michele yelling at the camera 24/7 would not make a good show but I like her personality. Yvan's pilot was okay but not great. Martie was really similar to Paula Deen, but I still liked her pilot. Justin watching good eats was such a good idea, wonder if he will do that every week if he gets his own show. I really think Justin will win, but the public still has to vote. I really hope nothing fishy is going on with the voting.

  5. Jimmy B says:

    How did Martita get 29%. She is never really relatable and there are Mexican cooking shows on fn. Also, at the very beginning, Martita had like 28%, and Justin had 4%. Justin actually gained fans and earned being fan fav.

  6. Sharee2 says:

    I have to confess that I was very disappointed tonight that Justin won. I am not denying his cooking skills, but he makes weird stuff. I like to watch cooking shows that have things I would cook at home. I really wanted Michelle to win, as I would watch her show. I'm also disappointed that Ippy was cut last week. I'd wach a show with him, too. Not likely to watch Justin's show.

  7. LV Foodie says:

    So GLAD that Justin won. I would have been happy with Michelle too. I would love to learn to cook all that yummy New England food!!