Caption It: Shopping Woes

by in Food Network Star, June 29, 2012

On Sunday night the eight remaining finalists leave their home-away-from-home in the Big Apple and head south for the sunny skies of Miami. This trip, however, won’t exactly be a tropical vacation — they’re challenged to cook for and present in front of Food Network superstar Paula Deen and her son Bobby Deen.

Team Bobby’s Nikki was among the bottom three last week, having failed to impress the press with her uncharacteristic “delicate and sophisticated” POV and dish of grilled scallops, which Bob Tuschman called “sour and bitter.” She did manage to redeem herself, though, in the Producers’ Challenge with a solid camera presentation and tasty classic burger. Will the “Grill Next Door” have what it takes to withstand the heat of South Beach, or will she melt under the pressure of paradise?

In this sneak-peek shot, Nikki’s patience seems to be tested as she indulges in a little retail therapy at Target. Is she ready to scream into a pillow or will she be able to keep her composure in the housewares aisle?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this meltdown moment in the comments below.


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Comments (97)

  1. Nadia says:

    Where's all the grill-inspired decor? I need it!

  2. Guest says:

    "All of the Emily whiners on the blogs are giving me a headache!"

  3. Guest says:

    "I've had it! I'm running away to the Florida Keys for some R and R!".

  4. Shadylady says:

    As long as Martie or Martita don't win, I'll be happy. I'm so sick of Martie and her unoriginal POV. Does she even know there's already show call Artie Party? Do we need another southern-inspired party food show hosted by a no-talent rambler? I really hope not! That's one party I'm absolutely going to pass on. And Martita! Do we actually need another mexican food show? Between Food Network and Cooking Channel I think mexican food is covered. At every given opportunity Martita does nothing. The woman is literally vacant. I would never watch her, you can tell she's nuts - she has crazy-psycho eyes and nothing to say. As for the other contestants I can't decide who I like more! I would sooo watch Justin, Ippy, Michelle, or even Nicky.

    • Guest says:

      Perhaps you should look up the concept of "captioning".

    • Frank Demeo says:

      I think the only crazy obsessed one here is you. You know, posting this rant in a blog that is asking you to caption the photo.

      You simpleton.

      Oh, and P.S...Just voted for Martita 10 times!!

      • Jorge says:

        Frank, you know that Shadylady is the same person who used to go by the name "Deanna", right? She has about 40 user names on these blogs and she is pretty easy to recognize. One thing, you can tell by her use of small-case for the word "mexican" and her contractions. Also the overuse of punctuation marks. The dead giveaway is her venom for Martita, which stems from jealousy over her own shortcomings. This is an example of a sad and lonely person who has too much time and too much hate.

        • guest says:

          wow, jorge, you have waaay too much time on your hands if you recognize who people are based on their "use of small-case for the word 'mexican' and [her] contractions".

          get a life. you could use one too, frank.

          • Jorge says:

            Let's just say with a little attention to detail, I can spot a phony.

          • LISN says:

            From your own description of "Shadylady's" M.O., you are utilizing more than a "little attention". It's more like deep immersion into these threads. Well, if that's how you want to spend your time...

        • guest says:

          So, you think there's only one person out there using punctuation? And that only one person hates Martita? That's so sad. I just started following after Emily was cut and it seems that you're the only one with too much time...........................mexican.

        • FNS Editor says:

          Youre funny.

      • Priya says:

        I also voted for Martita 10 times-I hope she wins.

      • Monte says:

        I have three computers at my house. I voted for Justin 30 times.

    • Horatio says:

      I just voted for Martie 10 times! Ha!

    • FanFare57 says:

      I agree with you on all points. Martie's party is one I would skip. Martita's Mexican food is hackneyed and she's not all that exciting. Adios, Amiga.

    • Denise says:

      I am totally with you on this. Please, please do not keep either of them. Martie is so very annoying with her mindless, endless prattle. Martita has not delivered anything except her beauty each week. She is stunning but this is not Miss America so time to move on. I love Justin and Ippy and Ivon.

  5. Katy says:

    Wait, which teamn's turn is it to be eliminated? Not another producer's challenge.

  6. FN fan says:

    "1% in the fan vote??!?! I thought the fans would fall in love with my arrogant personality!"

    • Frank Demeo says:

      lol...that's messed up. Actually, a friend of mine in hollywood knows Nikki (I don't, so I can't say for sure) and he says she's pretty nice and laid back. Nothing like the editing makes her out to be on the show. I feel bad for her.

      I bet we get a VERY distorted view of all of the contestants.

      • Deanna says:

        If she brought her eyebrows down a notch, and laid off the HEAVY blush and lipstick, her face would look so much softer. it would be easier to buy a softer image for her if she looked the part. Right now, she looks like a Joan Crawford something or other, and she's intimidating. Plush she shouts like a cheerleader. "Are you ready for some girl on grill ACTION?!". Really, I save that kind of energy up for football. just Sayin'.

        • Guest says:

          She actually was a national champion cheerleader, so you are not far off base with your comment :)

      • reba says:

        wow and you "corrected" shadylady cuz of wrong blog?

  7. HHH says:

    If I only had a brain!

  8. Christine says:

    OMG...They didn't tell me this was an HGTV challenge, too...

    (sorry, exclamation point is not working for some reason on my computer. The dots are supposed to be exclamation points )

  9. cjcal says:

    "Let's see, where did I leave my 'Extreme Makeover: Grill Edition' autograph for that cutiepie-guy Bobby Deen to sign?"

  10. cjcal says:

    Oops, that's supposed to be "autograph book"