Bob and Susie Are Listening!

by in Food Network Star, June 29, 2012

With just three weeks to go until a Star winner is crowned, Bob and Susie have some big decisions ahead — but they also want to know what YOU think. After all, they want the new Star to be someone who you're eager to watch every week, someone whose stories draw you in and whose recipes you can't wait to give a try. That's why you, the fans, will be determining this year's Star winner in our Finale Vote.

In the comments, let Bob and Susie know what you think about who went home and who's still in. They're all ears.


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Comments (1,747)

  1. **essence** says:

    I am so happy Justin Warner won! I know Alton Brown will produce an amazing show with Justin. I can't wait for its showing. I think Marty, Michelle, Yvan could also have interesting shows on Foodnetwork. Please consider it?

  2. Larry says:

    So far the eliminations have been fair however I do believe that a few of the contestants should have gone home sooner. I think the pieman will go next. It's not because his pies aren't good it's just that making pies every week limits his range.
    I am envious of the contestants because they get to throw their hats into the ring. I have created 3 cooking shows but since networks (include TFNW) will not accept unsolicited material I can only hope that Bob and Suzie create a show where the contestants create their own in-house pilot for a new Food Network game show.