Bob and Susie Are Listening!

by in Food Network Star, June 29, 2012

With just three weeks to go until a Star winner is crowned, Bob and Susie have some big decisions ahead — but they also want to know what YOU think. After all, they want the new Star to be someone who you're eager to watch every week, someone whose stories draw you in and whose recipes you can't wait to give a try. That's why you, the fans, will be determining this year's Star winner in our Finale Vote.

In the comments, let Bob and Susie know what you think about who went home and who's still in. They're all ears.


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  1. Trisha says:

    Really tired of seeing Giada and her horse mouth smile on the show. Please don't bring her back next season. As for the competitors, I really like Justin and his odd spin on foods. Martie has some great food but as another viewer said, no more Paula Deen. Oh wait, replace Martie with Paula as Paula cackles way to much. I can't watch her anymore as she is way to annoying, just like Giada.

  2. Isba says:

    Best decision ever!!! Martie and Justin in the final!!!! Alton is the best mentor! You can see what a great bond he has with Martie and Justin. Wish they could both get a show.

  3. **essence** says:

    The show tonight was amazing!
    Bob and Susie,
    I am so tired of reruns of chop and diners, drive-ins and dives...Why doesn't foodnetwork have all these finalists have a show. I absolutely love Justin Warner and his pilot! Martie is teaching me things also. Ivan has a lot to share with us. Michelle is introducing me to New England style food. I love clam chowder! I am sure Michelle makes it better than can stuff! I live in the South and never have cooked New England stuff before. Think about it???? New shows on foodnetwork are so needed.

  4. Sharee2 says:

    Although I think the 4 finalists who were chosen tonight were all good, I really wanted Ippy to be one of those selected. I used to live in Hawaii and I think a show on Hawaiian cooking would be awesome. I could never understand why they kept telling him he was too laid back. He was from Hawaii, for heaven's sake. Everyone in Hawaii is laid back. If you're going to have a show on Hawaiian food, you're going to get a laid back chef. Sorry, Bob & Susie, but you really messed up on that one. Of those remaining, if either Michelle or Justin win, I would likely watch. Probably would not watch Martie or Yvan. Of course, we do have to remember that just because someone doesn't win, that doesn't mean they don't get a show. Look at Kelsey Nixon. I love her show on the Cooking Channel. So, Food Network, even though you sent Ippy home, you might want to consider giving him a show on the Cooking Channel.

  5. I think you made a grave choice when you kicked Emily off. Marti & Nikki should have gone long before Emily did. Her personality was supoerb and I would watch her long before either of the others. Your last choice of teh Sandwich King was also a bad choice. We in the West, Californai do not go for the New York style of chefs. We want laid back and good food chefs.

  6. pat says:

    I loved Ippy! I would watch him anytime! I am so dissapointed!

  7. CookinColorado says:

    Bob and Susie,

    I was disappointed that Ippy didn't make the final cut, I think the FN missed an opportunity to branch out by introducing Hawaiian fusion cuisine to a lot of viewers. Maybe they can do a special series about the food of Hawaii and the South Pacific with Ippy as the guide. Or he can work with Giada on creative ways to fuse Italian and Hawaiin food. Although a lot of people on this blog apparently hate Giada, I like her, her show, and I love her food.

    Although I liked Justin from the start I voted for Michelle based on the food they prepared for the pilots. I thought Justin's modern Caesar Salad was too contrived and was a goopy, unappealing mess. Maybe he can find a spot as Alton's sidekick, a mini-me Alton.

    In contrast to Justin's concoction, Michelle's dish was fresh and bright and I bet super delicious with all those great ingredients and I liked that she finally introduced something ethnic into her classic New England fare. If she wins, I hope she stops by "What Not To Wear" so Stacie and Clinton can teach her how to keep her funky look without being a slob. Maybe they can figure out the story behind the clash of her goofy cowlick and impish grin with her tough-girl piercings and tattoos. Who is the real Michelle?

    As for the others, Yvan is immensely personable and genuine and sweet and I loved his family. But creamed corn macaroni and cheese? Yuk! And Martie--does the FN need another Southern chef cooking up Southern food? NO!

    From CookinColorado

  8. susanjane54 says:

    Hi Bob and Susie:

    Both Martie and Justin are wonderful. Can't they both have foodnetwork shows? I promise I'd wathc them both!

  9. Marsha Zech says:

    While I enjoy watching the next food star, I have an issue with letting the public select the winner. Unfortunately, most of us, the watchers, tend to voty with their hearts instead of with their "brains". Unfortunately, also sometimes the previous winners aren't, in my opinion, the ones that should have won and these are selected by the judges. In my opinion, there are only two contestants (in all seasons) that are worthy of winning. Of course, one is my favorite winner, Guy, and his "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and the other one I really enjoy watching was Adam Gertler and his "Will Work For Food and Kid In A Candy Store. I have watched all the other "winners" and can honestly say that I do not watch any of their shows. Some of the previous winners come across (at least to me) as trying to be something that aren't.

    I think that letting the TV audience pick the winner is something along the lines of Dancing With The Stars" that is shown on ABC. The dancers that should have been picked off at the first three to four episodes go on to almost the end before they are picked off.

    In any case, this just my opinion. Hopefully, may the public pick the one food star this season that really comes across as the winner (either one of the young men but NOT the women).

    Thanks for listening to just one person but I really feel like the judges, for the most part, are much better at picking winners instead of the general public.

  10. Murphy says:

    I think you need to concentrate more on the Star showing us how to really cook, rather than just making them a Star with a story about their life that really gets in the way of learning cooking from them. When the Star is too involved with other stuff other than just teaching the public how to cook, I quickly loose interest in that show. I have tried hundreds of your recipies by the better know chefs that are on FN.