Bob and Susie Are Listening!

by in Food Network Star, June 29, 2012

With just three weeks to go until a Star winner is crowned, Bob and Susie have some big decisions ahead — but they also want to know what YOU think. After all, they want the new Star to be someone who you're eager to watch every week, someone whose stories draw you in and whose recipes you can't wait to give a try. That's why you, the fans, will be determining this year's Star winner in our Finale Vote.

In the comments, let Bob and Susie know what you think about who went home and who's still in. They're all ears.


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  1. gouda19 says:

    I wouldn't say there is one person in this lineup that really just grabs my attention. I absolutely would not watch a show that featured Justin. It takes more than good food to make a show interesting & his personality makes him seem arrogant & unfriendly. His comment about being "all over it" when Paula Deen was on seemed disrespectful. When Alton was trying to give him guidance before the live demo show, he seemed to be brushing Alton off - again, disrespectful. He does not look healthy to me. Marty is too chatty & Nikki is just completely uninteresting. My favorite is Michele. I like to watch her, listen to her & I like her food. They have all made some mistakes & I imagine being able to cook good food is what got them in the contest in the first place. The only other person I just could not watch at all is gone - Emily. For me, the only person in this lineup that I would probably watch is Michele.

    • gouda19 says:

      & if Michele goes, I'll vote for Ippy.

    • Guest says:

      Here is my opinion on the remaining contestants: Note: For me I like to learn when I watch the Food Network so that's a big criteria for me, at the same time I want the "teacher" to be likeable.
      NIkki: Knowledgeable but unfortunately her personality appears cold through the camera.
      MIchelle: Should have been sent home instead of Malcolm. She served food unsafe to eat, a big no no.
      Ivan- Improving, likeable, would give his show a try.
      Ippi - I think I would learn from him, he seems the most knowledgeable of the remaining contestants and the fact that he is layed back does NOT bother me at all! Look at Ina the Barefoot Contessa, she too is layed back and quiet, and yet, she is a fantastic teacher!
      Marty - Funny and easygoing, not sure if she could teach me something new but would give her show a chance.
      Justin - Would like to see his creations, I think his show could be interesting, he just needs to show to the public a little less arrogance even if he calls himself a "rebel"
      PS. I too liked Emily and was sad to see her go. She seemed knowledgeable.

  2. Mom's Apple Pie says:

    And the fan vote for Nikki has never reached past 1% and she made it to the final...I think there's always one contestant who is a conversation starter and is kept to stir the brew. Kinda like Penny last season...Nikki has more warmth and respect for other contestants though. For that I think she's a little more deserving of moving forward.

  3. costas says:


  4. quest says:

    I am just not as into it as Emily is gone- really don't care who wins.

  5. Bridget says:

    Dear Bob and Susie,
    Emily was unique and I hated to see her go so abruptly. Justin, Alton's mini me, would certainly bring a freshness to FN, definitely fun and interesting to watch. Unfortunately, Nikki is flat, dull and not the least bit inspiring. You couldn't pay me to watch her show. As to all of the personal stories, that is getting a bit old. How much to we actually know about your STARS? Certainly what we do know is gleaned from other sources!

  6. FLfoodlover says:

    What's with the contestant calling herself the "Grill Next Door". Sure I get it, but how ridiculous. The girl with a grill makes more sense. If this was a decorating show, would she be the "chair next door"? She's a lady with a passion for cooking on the grill, not an inanimate object.

    • Mom's Apple Pie says:

      Didn't Chef Flay have a show called 'Boy meets Grill'? I like her show's name and get it, but the two sound similar. Also would she demonstrate to viewers how to grill indoors? I like this option because not everyone enjoys the smell of charcoal or the sight of ash embers whirling all around. There's an episode where Nikki used an indoor grill and one judge commented the food tasted like it was grilled outdoors. Chef Flay nodded, as though she was onto something. She never mentions if she's going to grill all outdoors or not, but the indoor grill concept is cool. I'd love to learn to grill and the indoor idea sounds a little safer and good for wana be grillers.

  7. YAW says:

    Hi Bob and Susie,

    I think you made the right decision in sending Martita home. Week after week you kept telling her that you wanted to hear stories, and she just kept ignoring your suggestions. Also, her "I'm Martita" and the kiss at the end of her spiel was annoying.

    The only one that looks genuine is Marty. I would definitely watch her. Yvan leaves too many spaces between words and I have no choice but to fill them in. I would not want to watch Ippy....too much hair, too laid back. Everyone else is too uptight.

    This is just my two cents. Our family truly enjoys watching the show. Thanks.

  8. Maggie says:

    Alton, be nice.

  9. **essence** says:

    Martie, Bless Her Soul, is so much like Paula Dean. I think we have enough of Southern Cooking with Paula. I am from the South and we all don't talk like that. Martie is very pretty and nice. I do hope she gets a chance to cook with Mrs. Deen on her daytime show. Those two would have so much fun cooking together. I just really want someone different.

  10. Evelyn says:

    I'm just wondering...Are you all really listening? I've never seen something like the outpouring to get Emily back...will you respond to this mass grass-roots request? I hope so. The show became lackluster once she left. We love her.