Poll: Which Burger Would You Order?

by in Food Network Star, June 28, 2012

Last Sunday's Producers' Challenge was a battle of burgers. Emily, Nikki and Martita each presented a version of this all-American classic that embodied their POV: Emily went '50s diner-style, Nikki headed straight for the grill and Martita made a Mexican-inspired torta.

See all three burgers up close, along with top burger recipes from mentors Bobby, Giada and Alton and past Star winners Guy, Jeff, Aarti and Melissa in our hunger-inducing burger gallery. The humble hamburger is a great vehicle for any POV: Each of these all-star recipes has one, from Giada's prosciutto-wrapped patties topped with tomato and basil to Aarti's Indian-spiced condiments.

Although someone had to go home last Sunday, all three ladies served up tasty burgers with a solid helping of POV. If you could order up a burger from the Producers' Challenge, whose would you pick?


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Comments (65)

  1. Denise says:

    Love Emily , and her Burger looked and sounded delicious . Upset to have to see her go !!!!

  2. Dale says:

    Makes you want to ask...what were the judges thinking? A clear majority have voted for Emily's burger, but yet that is who was sent home.

    I would not touch Nikki's or Martita's burgers. Nothing with chorizo or chipotle unless you want me to have an upset tummy for a couple days. Don't care for the idea of the fried sweet pickles either, but at least those can be removed.

  3. Joe says:


  4. Jenny Garcia says:

    I liked Martita's Style, she does likes to keep her Lati-Mexi flavor and that is something I would look forward if she wins! I think Ippie should have gone home not Emily!!!

  5. Foodiemom says:

    I would have chosen Emily's burger no question. I think it was a huge mistake to send home Emily this past week. She has been consistently smart with her choices on dishes and has had excellent camera time too. If someone had to leave, it should have been Nikki. She is far too put on and says whatever people want to hear, there is no real pov with her. She changes it constantly and then when it's time to work, she isn't producing a product. I thought maybe I was the only person who was sad to see Emily go but when I read through comments, it looks like many people would have chosen Emily to stay and one of the others to leave. So far, I think Bob and Suzie have been right on with who they have let go each week, but this past week I think they really messed up letting Emily go. I hope to see Nikki go tonight, there is something about her that just screams desparate. My favorite is Michelle so I am hoping she goes all the way.

  6. Clara Walters says:

    Was sad to see Emily go. She brought back wonderful memories for me and I actually tried some of her "retro/rad" ideas. Really a creative person. Don't like the new format. I've watched every season but am thinking not to bother next season if they don't go back to the original format.

  7. Gypsy says:

    Emily and Justin are the only interesting people on show. The others are not unique and don't even hold my attention in these competitions. I would NEVER watch any of their shows.

  8. logic says:

    If you look on http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/10-star-burgers/... They have Emily's burger up there on photo 8/11, with the following description:

    "Emily's All-American Burger With Fried Sweet Pickles

    Season 8's burger challenge in Episode 7 ended up being Emily Ellyn's last, but it wasn't her '50s diner-style burger that sent her home. The judges proclaimed it delicious, but Emily's camera presentations didn't match up to the level of her food."

    Was it really necessary to mention that you guys thought her camera presentations didn't match her food? Obviously you liked the burger enough to put it up there, but why slam her presentation. You could have just left that part out. It was not necessary and was snarky. You eliminated her; why pile on with the backhanded complement?

    Not a class act, FN!

  9. Monte says:

    As soon as I found out Emily's burger recipe was on the FN website, I snagged it, and will be making it in the near future. A "retro" 50's diner burger with a "rad" modern twist? Sounds good to me. Sign me up...

  10. Whining FN fan says:

    I would take all 3 burgers because no contestant should ever be sent home. I want everyone to win! It's just too sad when someone gets eliminated! Stop it, Food Network! Stop breaking our hearts by sending someone home every week! I'll never watch again!