Poll: Which Burger Would You Order?

by in Food Network Star, June 28, 2012

Last Sunday's Producers' Challenge was a battle of burgers. Emily, Nikki and Martita each presented a version of this all-American classic that embodied their POV: Emily went '50s diner-style, Nikki headed straight for the grill and Martita made a Mexican-inspired torta.

See all three burgers up close, along with top burger recipes from mentors Bobby, Giada and Alton and past Star winners Guy, Jeff, Aarti and Melissa in our hunger-inducing burger gallery. The humble hamburger is a great vehicle for any POV: Each of these all-star recipes has one, from Giada's prosciutto-wrapped patties topped with tomato and basil to Aarti's Indian-spiced condiments.

Although someone had to go home last Sunday, all three ladies served up tasty burgers with a solid helping of POV. If you could order up a burger from the Producers' Challenge, whose would you pick?


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Comments (65)

  1. blueskyjane says:

    Emily - ’50s diner-style – Pure comfort food, although a few too many pickles for my taste.

    Nikki - straight for the grill – Average, but could be satisfying as well as a little sloppy. Would I eat it? Yes, but I wouldn’t crave it.

    Martita - Mexican-inspired torta – has potential, but could the burger be any smaller? I’m on the fence with this one. In the end… needs more meat to be a burger. That’s a dealbreaker for me.

    Bottom line – Does the viewer have to choose one of the three burgers above? If so, I’ll probably go with Emily’s and remove a few pickles. But I would rather have Bobby Flay's Cedar Planked Burger - mouthwatering, tantalizing, dream inspiring. Yum on a plate!!

    Darn you Food Network… How am I supposed to get through the rest of my morning with thoughts of Bobby’s burger sizzling through my imagination?

  2. Food Fan says:

    I'm going with Nikki's Burger.
    The 1st thing I did (since I cant taste any of them), is to look at a picture of all 3 burgers.
    Martita's was kinda small and looked a little "crumbly" to me.
    Emily's had cheese that was too melted and I dont care for pickles.
    Nikki's has was Grilled (which for a burger is always a good flavor), has thousand island dressing, cheese, onion and the meat-patty is on the bottom so when I bite into it, I taste the meat first. I'll take that one!

    One more thing: the question is, which burger would you order?, not which person do you like best or worst. Nikki may be down in the fan vote, but good food is good food.
    I figure, if I had the three different burgers set in front of me all at once, and had no idea who made what, (and that would probably make it more fair and unbiased, wouldn't it?)and someone said: "Here. You can have one of these. Which one do you want?" I'd pick Nikki's.

  3. Frank Demeo says:

    It's hard to screw up a burger so, I'd order one from each!...Oh, and some beer to wash them down with! Rawr!

  4. wendyBloom says:

    I would eat Nikki and Martita's fer sure. :-( Okay, now I'm hungry!

  5. Guest says:

    Emily's burger for the win! :9

  6. nicole says:

    Martitas! :) that sounded BOMB maybe I guess a little less choriso... but hey ya cant make it PERFECT im sure every time especially under those crazy circumstances

  7. Jerilee says:

    I would pick Emily's. Not because it was Emily's, but because I'm a sucker for a good old fashion burger. I'd remove the sweet pickles and replace them with dill (my preference). I'd also add a side of fries and a frosty Sam Adams. My second choice would be Nikki's, meat on bottom, and grilled. Never thought to put chipotle in TI dressing-I'm gonna try it!! I would try Martita's but I prefer my chorizo with eggs, potato, and salsa in a tortilla, and I'm not that fond of veal...not enough flavor, IMO.

  8. No Veal says:

    I refuse to eat veal; the calves used to make it are kept immobile in boxes until they are slaughtered. That being said, I would not touch Martita's burger with a ten foot pole.

  9. Barbara says:

    I really hate the way they are doing Next food network star this time. Go back to the old way. This way is not even interesting.

  10. Guest says:

    Nikki's burger looks like a hot mess! Her burger to bun ratio is way off and she has loaded too much crap on it. Give me Emily's burger anyday.