Alton’s Post-It Tweets — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, June 27, 2012

We know he’s not exactly your average Star fan, but we just had to give the Fan Post of the Week to none other than Alton Brown himself. This weekend, the leader and namesake of Team Alton took to Twitter — with Post-it notes — to show his support and not-so-subtle competitive spirit for his top three contestants, Martie, Emily and Justin, as they prepared to meet the press. Pictured above is one of Alton’s many Star-related Twitter pictures. “One of these things is not like the others. #winner,” he scrawled on a Post-it which he stuck to his computer screen over an image of himself, Giada and Bobby.

Just as the remaining eight finalists are battling it out to become the winner of the competition, so too are Alton, Bobby and Giada, as the mentor whose contestant becomes a star will produce his or her new show. Alton Tweeted photo messages (pictured below) for rival mentors Bobby and Giada that showcase both his competitive side and sense of humor.

Over Bobby’s face in an image on, he wrote, “#TeamAlton will devour #TeamBobby,” while he created a caption bubble for a photo of Team Giada: “Sorry, but I wish I had #TeamAlton instead of you guys.”

Alton sent a final Tweet (pictured below) to his 300,000-plus followers, “If I were you, I wouldn’t bet against them.” In just a few short weeks, you, the fans, viewers, Alton’s followers and anyone else, will be able to vote for Team Alton’s, Team Bobby’s or Team Giada’s remaining contestants and determine who is named the next Food Network Star.

Despite Alton’s hype going into this week’s episode, his team suffered a loss on Sunday. Retro-rad finalist Emily Ellyn was sent home on account of her on-camera struggles and inability to fully clarify her 1950s-inspired persona and the meaning behind it. Her elimination caught fellow Team Alton finalists Martie and Justin a bit off guard, both noticeably shaken and emotional when Emily told them the news. Alton, too, felt the weight of Emily’s departure, and offered her a somber “I’m sorry” and solid hug before she left. With just two remaining finalists, will Alton’s team be able to live up to his mighty expectations?

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Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day and tune in to this Sunday’s episode at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton#TeamBobby or #TeamGiada goes home next.

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Comments (142)

  1. mainliner says:

    Last week's decision made absolutely no sense when you consider her background as compared to the others. Emily, while not having her best episode it wasn’t as bad as others, did not suffer the same issues that a number of others did which included: •Poor Food Reviews this show and earlier shows; •Dead air space when presenting their food [left 30 seconds of dead air which one of the judges indicated would have gotten them fired if they did that… not to mention what the cost of 30 seconds of air time is – particularly if it is during the Super Bowl]... •Having been up for removal from the show in earlier episodes.
    Combine the above against Emily’s ‘resume’ which includes many aspects that none of the remaining finalists have:
    • Extensive culinary education - Bachelors; 2 Masters Degrees - one in France; PhD in progress – FL • Significant cooking experience nationally/internationally. Food Consultant, Culinary Professor - surely she could figure the camera issue out. •In regards to the contest itself - Good and excellent food reviews every show; not on the ‘chopping block’ until this show which was questionable in itself

  2. Concerned Viewer says:

    I just looked up the lineup for tomorrow on FN: Giada at home twice. Barefoot Contessa three times. The Best Thing I Ever Ate twice, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives NINE times.

    For what seems like a growing network, it looks like they're starved for content...I'll bet we see Emily sooner rather than later!

    She's a personality, and her leaving has sparked several hundred comments.

    I still have trouble swallowing 30 seconds of dead air from a personality they've been "Waiting for seven weeks to show up." Ouch, you guys! Seems like the motivation is to keep the teams closely populated rather than find the best talent.

    • Deanna says:

      Honestly! Does FN stand for Fieri Network?

      • Winnie says:

        I am tired of seeing the line up each nite being the same show over and over again. Restaurant Impossible and DD&D are not what I want to watch each nite. I head on over to the Food Network which has a variety of shows.

  3. FN nerd says:

    I think what happened to Emily this week shows the flaw of this new format. Emily had the weakest performance of her team, but was not necessarily one of the 3 worst overall. As another post commented, the team format has saved some contestants that were less successful than some who were sent home. There are some contestants remaining than in a different format would have already been gone. Justin is our only hope, now, that someone that can bring something fresh to the network. All of the other remaining contestants just seem like more of the same of what's already on FN. Hard to get excited about any of the remaining contestants, other than Justin.

    It does seem a bit odd that the eliminations have come fairly evenly among the 3 teams. I want to believe this is all on the up and up, but then I remember this is the network that wants us to believe that "The Chairman" on Iron Chef is for real.

  4. Sharon says:

    My husband's idea: come up with your sob story before you go join the competition--then you will avoid deeply emotional and personal breakdowns. My addition: Add just enough to give Susie a good cry; then end on a happy note.

  5. **essence** says:

    I finally realized why Marita is neck and neck with Justin. Shucks! It must be fans think this is a beauty contest. Marita is definately lovely, but my favorite is Justing, he is so interesting. You already have beauties with shows. I WANT INTERESTING!

  6. nicole says:

    On this whole team theory of competition i agree with some it is a pattern of keeping them even ; however this kind of involving everyone teaches teamwork . I love Justin he is very entertaining i am not quite sure he can cook though. It is sad they took Emily off and kept Nikki that girl needs to go. I also like Marty she seems very real, funny though Alton I don't know that much about so my judgments are not mentor based .

    • LovesSun says:

      Wow, not sure Justin can cook? Have you been watching him? Things go wrong, he makes last minute corrections and comes up with something fabulous. I think he could cook more in his sleep with his hands tied than any of the other contestants. He does weird stuff and yet it sounds interesting enough to make me want to try it out.

    • Winnie says:

      Justin can't cook????? What have you been watching? Justin can cook circles around all the other contestants. He awakens the desire to try new things and that is what FN needs now. Every other show they have is pretty much the same. I think with Justin FN rating just might go up!

  7. Food_Phantom says:

    They blew it. The great American illustrator Norman Rockwell once said, "I unconsciously decided that, even if it wasn’t an ideal world, it should be and so painted only the ideal aspects of it-pictures in which there are no drunken slatterns or self-centered mothers . Only foxy grandpas who played baseball with the kids and boys who fished from logs and got up circuses in the backyard.” Emily had all that. at a time in this country where a nostalgic food program would have thrived. She was a show waiting to happen. Yes, by all means lets keep the other two contestants that are essentially unwatchable. Out of touch Susie and Bob let yet another winner slip away because they have to be told some "story". Tell us about your family, tell us who you are. Not once have I heard the great Bobby Flay get up there and spout off some sob story. If they quit overdirecting these people they may have a better track record than two success stories (Guy and the Sandwich King). One other comment. Perhaps next year you might look at another way of eliminating contestants. The Phantom is an avid fantasy sports fan and I have some advice from the world of rotisserie baseball- People, you don't release an obvious franchise player because they have one bad game. You look at their previous performances, their potential. You always, ALWAYS, cut your weakest player. Emily should have been there at the end.

  8. @AshKigs says:

    Lets be honest Food network does not need any more shows about grilling or making mexican dishes which is why I don't know why the judges keep saving nikki.Well atleast Martita has a chance but she won't win.Team Alton is going to win since they offer something that none of us have ever seen.And by they I mean Justin.Emily you shall be missed dearly.mwah!!

  9. Barbara says:

    I sum up the remaining contestants this way on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being fabulous and 1 the worst.
    Martita: 1
    Martie: 2
    Nikki: 1
    Michele: 1/2
    Ippy: 5
    Yvan: 5
    Justin: 8
    Malcolm: 1
    Emily would have been a 9. I went to her website and was impressed to see her extensive background and education credentials. I also read some about her family. Mother an artist, father a construction co. owner. The family travelled extensively including abroad when she was growing up. There is a family farm in Ohio I think it is, where she spends a lot of time. There were many pix of her....some in retro outfits but most just like you and me. she is an attractive young woman with gobs of talent and FN is stupid for letting her go. Just my 2 cents people, for whatever it's worth.

    • **essence** says:

      I give Justin a 10. Good insight Barbara. Know Emily's burger was the best.

    • Winnie says:

      I give Justin a 20; he has a dry sense of humour and tremendous cooking skills. He isn't afraid to be inventive; I plan to make several of his recipes.

  10. Jessica says:

    Emily would definitely brought something different & fresh to balance out the current shows. I agree with the earlier comments that we do not need more shows about making tamales or hearing about diners located in cities I will never visit. Nikki & Marty & Martita have had problems practically every week, yet they stay while judges at the same time are talking about consistency? Unless they are looking for consistently bad!? I'm still upset that the contestants who wanted to do healthier fare are long gone... Meat consumption in this country is declining, the network would do well to take the lead on that. I'm off to bake vegan cookies....