Alton’s Post-It Tweets — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, June 27, 2012

We know he’s not exactly your average Star fan, but we just had to give the Fan Post of the Week to none other than Alton Brown himself. This weekend, the leader and namesake of Team Alton took to Twitter — with Post-it notes — to show his support and not-so-subtle competitive spirit for his top three contestants, Martie, Emily and Justin, as they prepared to meet the press. Pictured above is one of Alton’s many Star-related Twitter pictures. “One of these things is not like the others. #winner,” he scrawled on a Post-it which he stuck to his computer screen over an image of himself, Giada and Bobby.

Just as the remaining eight finalists are battling it out to become the winner of the competition, so too are Alton, Bobby and Giada, as the mentor whose contestant becomes a star will produce his or her new show. Alton Tweeted photo messages (pictured below) for rival mentors Bobby and Giada that showcase both his competitive side and sense of humor.

Over Bobby’s face in an image on, he wrote, “#TeamAlton will devour #TeamBobby,” while he created a caption bubble for a photo of Team Giada: “Sorry, but I wish I had #TeamAlton instead of you guys.”

Alton sent a final Tweet (pictured below) to his 300,000-plus followers, “If I were you, I wouldn’t bet against them.” In just a few short weeks, you, the fans, viewers, Alton’s followers and anyone else, will be able to vote for Team Alton’s, Team Bobby’s or Team Giada’s remaining contestants and determine who is named the next Food Network Star.

Despite Alton’s hype going into this week’s episode, his team suffered a loss on Sunday. Retro-rad finalist Emily Ellyn was sent home on account of her on-camera struggles and inability to fully clarify her 1950s-inspired persona and the meaning behind it. Her elimination caught fellow Team Alton finalists Martie and Justin a bit off guard, both noticeably shaken and emotional when Emily told them the news. Alton, too, felt the weight of Emily’s departure, and offered her a somber “I’m sorry” and solid hug before she left. With just two remaining finalists, will Alton’s team be able to live up to his mighty expectations?

Join the #Star conversation on Twitter and Facebook and your comments may be featured in our weekly roundup of Fan Chatter. 

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day and tune in to this Sunday’s episode at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton#TeamBobby or #TeamGiada goes home next.

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Comments (142)

  1. Guest says:

    My favorite already left--Emily was so fun to watch and had so much promise. How could you keep someone who stared at the camera for 30 seconds and was told she could have been fired, or how could you keep someone who is so abrasive? Emily could have hosted a fun show--this was her first slip-up and you threw her out, while you kept others who continue to irritate and not impress your viewers.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Quit crying. Emily was repetitively awkward on camera. Her leaving was not a shocker. Martie staying on the other hand......that is odd.

      • Juli says:

        Martie somehow gets lucky enough to be able to pull it off at the end, and then be able to talk about her food after the fact. But what until she has to talk and cook at the same time - that's a disaster waiting to happen.

      • Guest says:

        I am not crying, just stating the facts. That is my opinion, as you have yours.

    • Marie says:

      i agree makes me sick one of them third time not fair

    • Linda says:

      I agree. Too much emphasis on a 'personal story'. I watch for the cooking. Why must these people be forced to spill their guts? Emily was fun and interesting without having to have a deep, dark secret regarding her fondness for the past. What is this a contest for.....the next Dr. Phil?

    • LovesSun says:

      Emily was great but she really did have a bad time with the camera. However, Martina's 30 seconds of dead air was far worse and she should have been out of there. Marti is friendly and a pest, wish she'd been taken out already. Why does FN think personal story and 'energy' is so great? Seriously, would they ever have hired someone like Julia Child? I watch to learn to cook and I don't give a flying fig why you have a show or how dysfunctional your family was when you grew up (in fact, I would probably stop watching if the show went off the cooking tangent too often.)
      Anyway, rooting for Justin all the way. That boy is fabulous!

  2. Reuben says:

    I have been Team Alton all the way. I loved, loved, loved Emily. Now I am rooting for Justin and casting all ten of my dail votes for Team Justin. Love you too Alton Brown!

    • Guest says:

      I just figured out that you could vote more than 10 times a day by using different devices. I'm sure this is what is making an impact on the vote. Just a thought!

      • "Fixing" the Voting says:

        It's wrong that people can "game" the system by voting more than 10 times a day. This would explain how Martita keeps getting all of the votes. Food Network-- if you are truly going to pick a winner through online votes, it's pretty ridiculous to have such an easily hacked system.

        • Sharon says:

          So true. Why not a prize for the Fan Fave and the show for the person hired through this series of ridiculous events?

    • Kerry says:

      I must agree with you. I was very sorry to see Emily go.

      I too am casting votes for Justin. The very appealing thing about Justin is I could see myself watching his show every week and not getting bored. His food and cooking tips/ideas are fresh and varied. An example of how I think about this is, I love Mexican food, but would I watch a show every week just based around that theme ... not for very long.

    • Winnie says:

      My vote has been for Justin from the beginning. He is exciting and full of unusual, but usable, ideas for food. His perspective on food is absolutely astounding me each week. He has camera presence and is warm, sweet and believable.

  3. quest says:

    Alton please produce a cooking show with Emily in prime time- break out of the box FN and give us something interesting to watch in the PM- a show with Emily would be great with your continued mentoring

    • Sharon says:

      I think Emily would wear thin--she is too high concept and very high strung. I like them all--but there can only be one winner and nothing guarantees that we all get TV shows.

    • Kirk Griffin says:

      I agree that would be awesome even to see her on good eats __

  4. Frank Demeo says:

    Martita all the way!!

    • Frank Demeo says:

      #TeamGiada owns Alton's face!

    • Not BuyingIt says:

      Here you go again. Frank, we all know you're in love with Martita, so don't wear it out. Most of the rest of us find her shallow and not at all star material. What other twit would have stared into the camera for 30 seconds with a stupid smile on her face??????????? Get a life!

      • Sharon says:


      • guest says:

        Amen! Her lazy eye combined with her blank stares and empty words make her look like "the light's on but no one's home", so to speak.

      • Guest says:

        And how does that 30 seconds translate to being able to do a taped show? They just fill the time with edits. Those 30 seconds would only relate to a "Live" show, which is something the Next Food Network Star (whomever it is eventually) won't have to worry about. Again, it's not the crime you people make it out to be.

  5. Suspicious says:

    Martita - owns a fake face as does much of this show. Anybody who believes this is all real just has to look at Giada to know it isn't all real!!!!

  6. Bill says:


  7. Food Fan says:

    Even though Emily is gone, I think it would be crazy for Food Network to lose contact with her of let one of their competitors snatch her up---and they will. Why wouldnt they?
    She's Outgoing.
    Bubbly with a sense of humor.
    Knows a pressure-cooker when many others dont.
    Made yummy dishes---and with a cute-n-creative twist, too.
    And she has a clear voice, explains well, and I pay attention when she talks.
    As far as nervousness, who wouldnt be?--baring one's soul to the entire country. HA! There's plenty of other shows where that wont even be an issue! Who else--gets over 900 posts?
    Who else gets +117 on favorable posts? That, tells that plenty of people would tune-in. Better get her before she gets away. :)

    One more thing. If, some pf the others, were to be gone tomorrow.....would they get the overwhelming support after they're gone that Emily has got? I hope we havent seen the last of her, or Linkie.

    • Reuben says:

      Amazing post!!! Would give you more thumbs up if I could. I just went back and watched her casting video and bio video and I don't now what Suzie and Bob did to Emily, but from those videos until this week - they crushed Emily Ellen. Gourmet donuts - yummmmmmm. She is extremely well educated culinary wise. She is currently working on her phD hospitality instructor and her POV was different from anyone else, involving our relationship to food and how that develops relationships around the table. Very interesting lady! Hope to see more of her too. And Linkie too. I know there were quite a few comments from people who would love tips on baking and decorating cakes. Would love to see Emily and Linkie again!

      • Food Fan says:

        Thank you, Reuben!

        • Guest says:

          Food Fan, you are always on point, and your description above of Emily is excellent. You are right--I don't think anyone else who is left would get the same reaction (except Justin, perhaps) that Emily has gotten. So there is something to all of the blogs, and I just hope that FN is reading the blogs, noting the activity, keeping tabs on the comments, and really thinking about all of this reaction. Why would we spend our time blogging (I've got enough going on in my life right now), if we did not care?????

          • Food Fan says:

            Thank you, guest! I appreciate it.
            And you are right---why would people spend time on this Blog posting if they didnt care?

            This Blog, is some of the best possible feedback and insights that the Network could get. The people on thias Blog aren't just pushing a like-dislike button. We hear, we see, we watch the show and are informed. I really hope Bob & Susie--and the exec's above them, go through and read the posts (especially the Aartis theread about Emily with over 950 posts! Lots of different people are agreeing. And the Exec's will note repeated themes:
            1. people are tired of all the "stories". We dont need them so often.
            2. people feel its wrong to let someone go who has one-bad-nite, when others screw-up more often and more severely.
            3. Sending the wrong people home just to keep the teams even, is wrong.
            The outcry is loud n clear. I hope they listen to all of us.

            For those who would look at all this and then say: yeah, but this Blog is only a small fraction of the national audience, I would counter with: C'moonnn, what do they say in the Restaurant business? If a few complain, you can bet there are others, also unhappy, who didnt, and bad news gets spread. Likewise--if people are taking the time to write and post here, abd we keep hearing alot of the same things, the network can bet there are many, many more who didnt bother to write, who feel exactly the same way!

      • LovesSun says:

        If Emily had a show I'd look forward to every episode. She had an off day this week but it should not have taken her out of the running, especially when you consider who she was up against. She is exactly what I want in a cooking show chef: knows what she's doing, doesn't waste time on personal garbage - just gets right down to the cooking and gives a ton of information. Makes it look like great fun. How could they not love her?

    • Luna says:

      I agree, Emily showed a lot of potential and tons of us are going to miss that fun, quirky, retro-rad girl. She's really talented and even though she won't be this seasons Star, FN should not miss out on someone like her. I also miss Linkie and some of the other competitors who have been eliminated.

    • Bev says:

      Hope we haven't seen the last of Eric either. Got to throw him in the mix. They've had several likable contestants this time with interesting POVs. Sure there's some rough edges here and there, but nothing that can't be easily fixed.

  8. SKBL says:

    Why are all the other blogs listed dead? Why no words from Bob or Susie? Maybe they don't want to get clobbered by all the responses?

    I read through all the posts (as of this morning) about Emily Ellyn over under Aarti's blog. Over 900 comments. I, too, would LOVE to watch a show by her - I know I could learn a lot. After that - Justin, mainly for entertainment (wouldn't want to make his food, but he's fun to watch!). No one else makes me want to even DVR to watch later....

    • Winnie says:

      I would definitely make Justin's food. His Cesar sald with the aspic was absolutely stunning and easy to make. I am making it tonite for dinner. I could watch Justin EVERY DAY!

  9. Lee says:

    Emily rocks, she's a wonderful personality, she's bright, she conveys her enthusiasm. She was removed because she wasn't on Food Network's 'Schedule'. Well, screw their schedule, Emily is amazing and she will find a way, I believe that. Susie and whats-his-name (sorry execs, I am bad at remembering names, I only remember Susie because she looks so much like Claudia Christiansen (Susan Ivanova) and my husband is a major B5 fan)

    Martita has a beautiful on-camera presence, but her delivery hasn't followed up on the looks and at this point, I kinda doubt that's going to change. Nikki.... Nikki is abrasive and comes on way too strong, she should, imo, have been eliminated. Nikki, nothing personal, I find Bobby abrasive and too strong as well and you are a lot like him. Ippy has a great personality and he's very relaxing.. unfortunately it's TOO relaxing... =) Michelle has great potential but also needs to get comfortable with the camera. The others are all good, but they haven't really stood out.

    My pick to go all the way is surprisingly, Justin. At first I thought he was too young and needed some time to mature into his style, but he's creative with food, he cooks well, and is the only one I've seen so far who can take a zing tossed at him and run with it! The camera doesn't intimidate him in any obvious fashion and he has a charming spontaneity. I think he's got what it takes in spite of his youth.

    • Food Fan says:

      Speaking of camera....
      But what about the dead-eyed staring into the camera?
      What about a monotone voice? Dont those bother you at all?
      What kinds of posts do you think we'd find on this Blog
      if anyone else looked and sounded like that? Do you think people would just ignore it?

      • Lee says:

        I was referring to her physical appearance on camera, in that regard she ranks very high. I said her delivery did not follow up immediately following that. Please read the whole thing and not one sentence before you respond.

        • JLF says:

          If I can presume to be interpreter here, Lee I think Food Fan's reference to monotone voice and staring at the camera was about Justin, not Emily. I've seen enough of FF's entries to know that he has voiced that concern about Justin before. It just may have been a little out of context in this entry. Food Fan, if I am wrong about your intent then I apologize for speaking out of turn.

        • Food Fan says:

          My fault. I meant JUSTIN's dead-eyed stare, usually, when he looks into the camera, and his monotone. If it was anybody else, they'd be all over that person for those things.

          • Wayne says:

            I wouldnt necessarily be all over someone else that had those characteristics. I think it would depend if those traits fitted that person. I mean, Altons voice is kinda nerdy sounding but I like it because it fits him. Apparently, those of us that like Justin & would like him to win are aware of the issues you bring up, but it doesnt bother us. THAT is a part of his appeal. It fits him. Its a part of the package. If he were putting it on, maybe it would annoy me. But it is who he is. I mean, he did a little dance last week so hes not always deadpan. But you are definitely entitled to your opinion just as I am stating mine.

          • Food Fan says:

            Fair enough.
            Far be it from me to ever deny anyone their right to their opinion, or express it. :) If it doesnt bother you, then it doesnt.

            But---would it also not bother you, if another contestant did it? or would you turn around and use it against them because they are not "the one" you were rooting for? Perhaps you, personally, wouldnt. Good for you. I would hope not. But I suspect there are quite a few who would.
            I think we can make a distinction, though, between personality traits, and performance (although there can be some overlap).

            To put it yet another way, in all fairness, if we say 30 seconds of dead air with Martita should send her home, then we should be consistent and also say 30 seconds of dead air should send anybody else home, too. Even if its our favorite person. Or my favorite person.
            I'm not wild about Justin's monotone and staring (well, most of the time, anyway) into the camera. BUT---at least I would also say its bad if someone else did it too, and wouldnt let it slide just because its a different person. (I'm trying to be even-handed). But some people let "loyalty" for their favorite over-ride impartiality.
            I'm not accusing you of that but I also believe such fans like that do exist. I may like someone quite a bit, but I can also admit (and post) when they disappoint me.
            Let the opinions continue!

          • Wayne says:

            In all honest Food Fan, I really don't think Martita should go home from 30 seconds dead air even tho I dont care for her. But a compilation of her not bringing it...(whatever IT is) and her not ever shining (my opinion again), should place her in the punishment room in addition to the 30 secs fiasco, & then when she competed against someone that had been there 3 times, I feel the one that had been there 3 times should have gone irregardless of how great Susies perception of Nikki was. If Justin ever stares at the camera, he'd deserve to go to the pit room to fight for another chance but if he got there 3 times, I'd feel it was time for him to find the Exit door. As Snagglepuss used to say...Exit...Stage Left! I too am for fairness. I agree with you.
            I get your drift. Understand your point and definitely concur. You're speaking of those with such stars in their eyes for some of their faves that they feel those contestants are always in the right or excusable if wrong. So nice to talk with someone that doesnt fly off the handle if we disagree on points...although we really don't. You are shooting for fairness, and that is good and admirable.

  10. wendyBloom says:

    i love alton!

    emily was great and i like her but i'm a big martita and giada fan! i just can't believe some of the comments here so bigoted and full of hate! its just not worth commenting most of the time with all the over the top insults. so martita screwed up her timing. big deal. there have been other mistaked on the show far worse than simple timing ones. and what is with the giada hate? did it ever occur to some of you that giada is a successful woman because she is good at what she does and because people like her? same goes for martita. i bet most people are like me. i didnt know these blogs were here until yesterday but one quick read of the comments and i just closed my browser and didnt bother.

    my pick is martita and i will support anyone on giada's team!

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Welcome to the internet. I like you wendy, but t's far worse on most other websites., I agree though....people are crazy 'round these here parts.

      Go Martita!

      • Wayne says:

        crazy..???......look whos talkin'!

        Well Frank, it's nice that you DO like at least one other person besides Martita.

        And I just wonder if your liking of Wendy has to do with her choice of Martita for the winner.

        • Wayne says:

          Having said that Frank, are you one of those who would not continue to watch the show if Martita is sent home?

          If Justin gets sent packing his bags, I'd still watch. Wouldnt like it, but I'd watch it to the finish.

          Its just a tv show. I have my faves but I wish 'em all the best for all they've endured and for exposing themselves on national tv & being cruelly commented on via blogs occassionally as well as admired & cheered on.

    • cheryl plato says:

      okay, so if we liked Emily better and didn't care for Martita, all hundred-plus of us are bigoted and full of hate? hmm

      • Luna says:

        I don't think that's what Wendy meant. She's just saying that some people hate Giadas team because their mentor is Giada. I like Emily and Martita and other competitors too, from all of the teams but just because others might like one team doesn't mean they are full of hate. Shes just saying people that say "I hate Giada" or whatever should lighten up and look more at the team. Plus, Giada has feelings too.

    • Deanna says:

      because we don't need or want another Mexican show, we're bigots? That is a ridiculous assertion.