Farewell to Retro-Rad

by in Food Network Star, June 26, 2012

Emily Ellyn and Alton

Team Alton will bring only two finalists to Miami after saying goodbye to Emily Ellyn in last Sunday's episode. Emily embodied her "retro-rad" POV to a T, but after seven weeks she was still unable to open up and get comfortable on camera. After her presentation to the media panel, "awkward" was the word Jess Cagle from Entertainment Weekly used to describe her. "That's a word you never want to hear about someone in front of a camera," said Bob Tuschman.

Alton saw great potential in Emily: "She was a ready-made package. You could look at her and know what she was about. Retro-rad was great. She lives it. When she wasn't on camera, she was on the side crocheting. She was the real thing!"

Through "happy tears," Emily reflects on the Star experience and working with Alton: "There's no way to even prepare for something like this. The whole thing was awesome. I gave it my best, and I made great food. I was more upset when I was voted off that I let Alton down. He was there for us 5,000 percent."

Hear more from Alton, Bob and Emily in her exclusive exit interview. Did you want to see more retro-rad, or do you think it was Emily's time to go home?

Flip through Emily’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Seven.


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Comments (333)

  1. Teri Simpkins says:

    First of all, the change of format in the show makes it less enjoyable for me but that's just my personal opinion. But if you read all the comments, you'll see it's not just my opinion that the wrong person was let go. How about clearing it up for us, Bob and Suzie? How about telling us how you make the decision to let someone go? Do you do it solely on the presentation in the Producer's Challenge? Is it an overall performance so far? Is it based on the performance of the single episode? Because no matter how I look at it, Emily should never have been let go. Nicki can't perform except under pressure in those challenges. Martita is just more of the same ol' same ol' in the Mexican food style games. You want something new, Emily was it. Or is it that all the shows have to be the same, just different hosts? I'm ready to stop watching the network totally, it's so much of the same stuff. Please, Bob and Suzie..do your job and start listening to the viewers.

  2. AltonFlay says:

    They cut Emily and kept Martita? What the $#@$ are they smoking? I wouldn't watch Niki or Martita, but I would definitely watch Emily.I really don't get it. Then again these are the same people that put that annoying sweet genius clown on tv too. I want to throw my remote at the television everytime I see his face.

  3. Christina says:

    I was super sad to see Retro-rad cut. Emily was fantastic and I loved the concept, sad that see won't be on the air anymore.

  4. JGuss says:

    Emily was my favorite. I would love to see her Retro Rad show. NFNS is kind of boring now, with Emily gone. I really looked forward to her slightly wacky take on things each week, and without it, am just not as interested or excited about the show. Bad call for the network.

  5. Kelsey says:

    I was SOOOOOO sad that Emily left!!! PLEASE produce "Retro Rad" this would have been one of the most fun & unique shows ever to watch & cook with! It was like being transported to the golden age with spunk with her. She is one of the best you have ever had on this show-----do whatever you can to get Retro Rad back!!!!!!

  6. Joyce says:

    They let Emily go because she could not open up? How about that person who gave 30 seconds of dead air time just staring at the camera? THAT was uncomfortable. But they kept her.

    That's it for me, I'm not watching Next Foodnetwork Star anymore. I was really voting for Emily, thought she was really the only one who might produce a "new" show. I'm done with you guys....

  7. Louisa says:

    Martita? Words fail.

    Also would like to share that Ippy hosted a VERY sucessful cook-off challenge on July 4th at a big resort in Waikoloa. The largest event (most attendance) they've ever had - and it was well attended with trillions of tourists and locals all happy to see Ippy IN PERSON!!
    The beneficiary of the event was the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation and Hawai'i's Food Basket.

    Ippy is steady, humble, grateful and charming in his laid back manner. What's not to like? With that brilliant smile and happy personality. He's viewed as a real TEAM PLAYER....Hawai'i families raise their kids that way. Oh sure, unfortunately a few slip through the "cracks" (no pun intended) but for the most part our Hawaiian people are very kind hearted and generous,and can be proud of their good parenting!

    Oh, BTW (as if you couldn't tell) I am from Hawai'i - Ippy's town. If Ippy doesn't win, don't worry, people like Emily and Ippy already have their future carved out for them!!

  8. gabougo says:

    I'm still trying to get over and figure out how Emily could have gone home. She was truly a breath of fresh air unlike anyone else who has ever ventured onto Food Network. She was a gem, perhaps rough around the edges but her bright smile and enthusiasm more than made up for what she may have currently lacked in camera skills.
    I would have absolutely loved for her to share more retro with us, taking us back to a time when meals were carefully made with love and common everyday ingredients. She was good old American food at it's best served with 50s style and grace. What an amazing idea for a food show that would have been. I would have faithfully watched her wanting to learn more about classic American home cooking.
    FN really blew it this time. I hope Justin can pull through and not meet the same fate as Emily.

  9. Doreen says:

    I cried when Emily left - she showed real talent and brought an unique POV to FN! sometimes you can not discuss your family or memories due to respect and honor for others -- not fair

    • Doreen says:

      I do like the way Alton handled it and did not pressure her into doing anything that she did not want to do. <3 Alton Brown and his team!

    • Sumay says:

      Some people need to realize that not everyone growing up in America has sunny rosy memories in their lives. Some of them can be painful. For some reason - Emily did not feel comfortable sharing - for whatever reason - and we should respect that. Her POV was solid - she cooked awesome food - and she was a delight to watch and learn from. Knowing why she chose that POV does not really matter - I'm just glad she did.

  10. debra santavicca says:

    I do not think it was time for retro-rad to go. She had more spark and more natural talent than anyone I have seen on
    next food network star.