Farewell to Retro-Rad

by in Food Network Star, June 26, 2012

Emily Ellyn and Alton

Team Alton will bring only two finalists to Miami after saying goodbye to Emily Ellyn in last Sunday's episode. Emily embodied her "retro-rad" POV to a T, but after seven weeks she was still unable to open up and get comfortable on camera. After her presentation to the media panel, "awkward" was the word Jess Cagle from Entertainment Weekly used to describe her. "That's a word you never want to hear about someone in front of a camera," said Bob Tuschman.

Alton saw great potential in Emily: "She was a ready-made package. You could look at her and know what she was about. Retro-rad was great. She lives it. When she wasn't on camera, she was on the side crocheting. She was the real thing!"

Through "happy tears," Emily reflects on the Star experience and working with Alton: "There's no way to even prepare for something like this. The whole thing was awesome. I gave it my best, and I made great food. I was more upset when I was voted off that I let Alton down. He was there for us 5,000 percent."

Hear more from Alton, Bob and Emily in her exclusive exit interview. Did you want to see more retro-rad, or do you think it was Emily's time to go home?

Flip through Emily’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Seven.


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Comments (333)

  1. Bobbie says:

    Emily was the person I would really watch. It's a same she's gone.
    The food network really goofed this time.

  2. breezyjeezy says:

    Im super super sad Emily is gone she was one of my favorites, I loved watching the joy on face, she made me want to smile and her food looked delicious. They have to find someone "likeable" and she certainly was, I hope the show brings her back for another chance! Please send home Nikki, shes not 'likeable", she seems cold and mean looking, who wants that when it comes to food and cooking?!

  3. Emmie says:

    Retro Rad was an amazing concept. Emily was lively & witty & creative & FUN! As others have said - the rest of them are poor imitations of other FN stars. Matrita = Mexican Giana. Grill chick = female Bobby with more bad attitude. Marty-Party is watered down Paula Deen. Ippy is forgetable.

    Justin & Emily are unique! They should have a show together. She could bring the retro - he could bring the rad. :)

  4. pattistarz says:

    Altho I like Emily...I wanted her to really define "retro-rad". It was a time in history where family, neighbor and simple living occured. I guess if one goes with a "fad" it re-defines the era. People then, cooked with what they could afford, what was there and of course recipes learned from Mom,grandma and the dads grilling...all made from scratch...and the kitchen sink. Family sat down at the table and enjoyed the time with conversation...catching up on the day, food was an expression of love, commitment and appreciation, not so much retro, rad, fad... it was a life style.

  5. Questioning Fan says:

    Emily's on-camera style woud have developed as she refined her approach. Unfortunate it was cut short.

    Like so many others, I question why Emily was chosen to leave and not some of the others that lacked her technical skill, uniqueness and charm.

    How much do we know about Bobby and Alton? It's nice for a host to connect with the audience, but not everyone who does must bare his or her soul! Wrong focus!

    I think the elimination is probably a function of the "Team structure." What would happen if all of one team was eliminated? Unlikely, but could happen. The decision seemed one more focused on keeping things even than discovering the best talent / future star.

  6. jonidee says:

    Just watched "Next Foodnetwork Star" episode where Emily Ellen/"Retro Rad" contestant got the boot. I think this was a bad move, or actually, a missed opportunity for a terrifically different show that focuses on retro-style food. People these days are "hungry" for nostalgia, simpler times and comfort. This show could send ratings through the roof! One of my fav blogs is a retro-style baking blog where the blogger finds old handwritten recipes at estate and garage sales and bakes them. I have made the best gingerbread I ever tasted from her blog, and I previously didn't even like gingerbread! - and it was from one of these old handwritten recipe cards she found. Re-think this move - and read all the positive comments!

  7. Laura H says:

    Disappointing decision sending Emily home! I really enjoyed watching her.
    Her food was fun and quirky, just like her.
    I am tired of Nikki! I find her abrasive and condescending. I will certainly not watch her show.
    Is Nikki "The Grill Next Door" or is it the show?

  8. HappyPath says:

    I agree. We did not need to delve into Emily's psyche to love her food and her personality. This is FN not the O Network. I don't get it. She was my favourite. Fun, fascinating to watch, and ever since she brought out the pressure cooker, I've been reminded that I always wanted to know how to use it. If someone, anyone, gives her a show, I'll watch it.

  9. KKg says:

    As a busy woman, I often have to record all my favorite FN shows and watch them at night. Normally, I am not one to take time out of my life to comment on something that I don't really believe anyone is listening to, BUT.... FN, Bob, Susie, Alton... if you are listening (reading) you should seriously rethink Emily's place on Food Network. 1. She brought ideas that were fresh and different, remaking stale and dull staples of American cuisine that were new and engaging. 2. She is a lovely, engaging, sweet, sincere young lady who makes me want to watch more FN! 3. Nicki, please... Rehearsed, insincere, fake. There has not been one thing she has made that has catapulted me to the kitchen (or to the TV for that matter). I could think of a million show topics Emily could do and pull off with a flair to reach a HUGE demographic. Isn't that what this is about?!

    • Stephen says:

      I agree with you KKg. I haven't commented until now. The absence of Emily one week following her elimination is a huge hole that none of the other stars could fill. The producer's challenge might have picked out the worst performance of that moment, but it failed to sum up all the positives Emily had compared to the others in that elimination round. The fact that Emily didn't open her whole life in front of us only made me more curious about her. She obviously was not prepared to do so, and probably created a few awkward moments I wonder if she would grow after a few seasons on FN. Hope FN can invent a way for such talent to come back.

  10. gerriej says:

    We just loved Emily right from the start. I usually pick the finalists and she was certainly one. Martita thinks she can just stand and smile for 30 seconds...what a joke. I can't believe she is still competing. Big mistake to let Emily go. What an interesting POV she has....retro.....love it.

    • Stephen says:

      My wife and I agree. The Producer's Challenge format neglects to take into account other factors. What one candidate said negative things about her team? That's right, the same one who created 30 seconds of dead air! She could not lead her team in her area of "expertise." Her moment to shine was a big yawn in the food court and I predict that will the her ratings if she should win. The way she complained about her team members depending on her to carry the team spoke volumes about her lack of character, negative energy, and cutthroat mentality. NOT a star.