Team Alton’s Rebel Takes the Lead: Your Week 6 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 25, 2012

For the first time all season, Team Giada has been bumped from the first-place spot in our weekly Fan Vote. Team Alton's "rebel with a culinary cause," Justin Warner, leads the remaining finalists with 23% of the vote. Martita Jara is on his tail at 21%, followed closely by Ippy Aiona at 20%.

Justin gave another solid performance this week, opening up to a media panel about the rebellious roots he inherited from his late dad. Bob Tuschman called Justin's bizarre-sounding dish of stuffed dates with peanut butter, duck and bonito flakes a "perfect bite."

Will Justin keep his momentum rolling as the finalists head to South Beach?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day. In just three weeks, fans like you will pick the next Food Network Star in our Finale Vote.

Check out the complete list of Week Six Fan Vote results:

Fan Vote Week 6


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Comments (195)

  1. Patrick says:

    Martita must have a lot of friends to be in 2nd place, but I'm sorry she is no star. Marti and Michelle are more worthy to 2nd place. The Next Food Network Star....Justin without a doubt.

  2. NotRetroRadEmily says:

    I Love Justin. Period

  3. teresa:) says:

    GO JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE HE WINS!!!!!!!!!!! HES SOOOOO CREATIVE AND LIKE A FRIKIN MAD SCIENTIST!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :):)

  4. Trish says:

    I agree that Marty has a very irritating Southern drawl. She talks way too much and really is boring to watch because of it. I, too, am from the "south" but I don't know anyone, including family and friends that talk that way. Certainly sounds "put on" to us, which is a BIG "TURN OFF"!! I just don't see Justin holding an audience for long, as his "bit" gets tedious . What exactly is a POV??? We watch all the cooking shows and great chefs, Iron Chefs, Food Network cooking shows, and not one of the great Iron Chefs ever talk about their POV!! Have you ever heard of Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Simon, Mario Batalli (all of whom I consider the BEST and sexy), discuss their POV!! Sorry you lose me on that one. I also agree that the losing team(s) chef to be eliminated is based on ratings, otherwise, why isn't one team ever down to 0 or 1 chef?? May I also re-iterate, PLEASE, don't pick Michelle for the next FN Star. None of us will ever watch she or Nikki. Just our POV!!!