Caption It: Call Me Maybe

by in Food Network Star, June 22, 2012

Just when they are thinking that Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson are their toughest critics, the remaining finalists meet a new team of evaluators this week: the press. This group of media professionals can potentially make or break a Star’s public image, so it is especially important for the contestants to wow them with their unique culinary points of view, engaging personas and stellar stage presences. Last week, Martita struggled to tout herself as “Mama Mexico” when Team Giada was gifted a Mexican-themed challenge, one in which she should have starred. Going forward, will Martita be able to embrace that individuality in front of the press? Is she hoping to phone a friend to save her from the challenge?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this call-worthy moment in the comments below.

Relive last week's highlights and catch a preview of this Sunday's episode:


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Comments (127)

  1. Joyce says:

    Are you kidding me??? Someone leaves 30 seconds of blank airtime and they get a walk to next week.......

    • guest says:

      Exactly! AND her dish in the producer's challenge was ill-conceived! Like the guest judge said, if she left 30 seconds of dead air time - with NO INTENTION of trying to fill it any other way than getting by on looks - she'd be fired! I would MUCH rather have someone who can talk intelligently and clearly with something interesting to say instead of these inane, forced 'family' stories. Okay, we get it - the competitors have families for whom and with whom they cook. But to me, in my living room, that's not going to inspire me or motivate me to watch this program.

    • Guest says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!
      Not just the 30 seconds, but her chorizo ruined her burger! She did not "show up" for weeks on end, gets one fortunate taping and moves on????
      I will never watch a show she hosts, and will never give her my fan vote.
      Food Network lost a guaranteed gem with Emily Ellyn tonight.

      • LISN says:

        I forgot about her burger fiasco. Martita must have the hidden immunity idol.

        • Reuben says:

          Hidden immunity idol indeed! I agree! Her presentation was too short! 30 seconds dead air time and I think her food suffered in both challenges. Poor Emily! I could tell her confidence was starting to suffer last week. Don't know what goes on in-between tapings, but Alton must have been telling her all along she was going to have to tell a "real" story. If that is what it take to become The Next Food Network Star that stucks (misspelled on purpose). I hope Ippy stays true to himself just as Nikki said she was going to do. I like him and I like Justin. If either Ippy or Justin go out next I'm out. Won't be watching the rest of the fakeness.

  2. Heck says:

    Still can't stand Marti. There is no way she can be given a spot on the food network with a POV and show that seems to be copied straight from Aarti Party (the champion from two seasons ago). No other contestant seems to have as many technical blunders week after week that almost cause her dish to be disastrous.

    • Guest says:

      I like watching Marti for the same reason I suspect that many people like watching Nascar - the anticipation of the wreck you're sure is going to happen! If I had to watch an entire program of it, though, that would be another story

  3. Lisa says:

    I wish Emily the Rad Retro had stayed--good old fashioned 50's food is soooo good. Martita just doesn't have it. I watch shows that are new to the station not ones that have the same shows already.

    • another Lisa says:

      Way to say it Lisa! I'm so tired of the snobbery in food. I can't STAND food that's overly spiced, or dishes that are composed of such exotic and hard-to-find items that I can't even HOPE to be able to recreate them. Martita seems more like a Univision spokesmodel than anything else - besides, the network is going to have to put in English sub-titles if she has a show that's more than 3 minutes long. And heaven forbid if they can't use some form of chile pepper (which every person in her family has a different 'favorite pepper' variety - can you imagine the relish tray at THAT Thanksgiving dinner?) in their dish, because then Martita won't have a clue what to do.

      I LOVE Emily's point of view - and I loved it before I knew what inspired her to promote Retro Rad. This point of view is so current, so edgy, and yet, so easily embraceable as a point of view that we don't NEED to be grafted into her family in order to 'get' her. And I don't even care if it is a 'character' - I watch many other tv programs because of the character portrayed, not because of the family or history of the actors/actresses.

  4. JLF says:

    DAMN IT!!! This obsessive madness about "the STORY" has got to end!!! It has thrown some of the best contestants for a loop, ironically NOT allowing them to be who they are. Ippy insisting that he will not be forced to abandon who he is. Yvan feeling stripped naked was not more appealing to me as a cook tonite than before. I felt his discomfort, and frankly I don't want to watch that discomfort on a FN show. And Emily, my favorite from the beginning, losing her focus because she did not want to strip herself naked for the camera - she just wants to share good food. I know she did not present well tonite. It was painfully clear that in the final challenge she was at a disadvantage emotionally. Nikki and Martita have cracked the code - I'll just do whatever it takes to be who the judges want and I'll stay in the battle. How Ironic - the "just be who you are" judges are succeding in molding "who you are" into "what we say".

    • LISN says:

      I agree with you. This ep felt extremely uncomfortable to watch. It was like being in a Skinner Box. Tuschy and Fogey are not professional shrinks. Yet , they expect these cooks to lay bare their inner emotions. As a potential viewer to a new show, I say, "No, Thanks!" I just want some new cooking tips.

    • retro-sad says:

      Preach it brother! May the truly unique and talented chefs (Ippy, Yvan, Emily you mentioned - two others: Justin and Michelle also have points of view that are much more interesting than the 'story' in my opinion) stay strong and true to themselves!

      With the elimination of Emily Ellyn, the next Food Network Star has been dimmed.

      Springboarding off of your comment about individuality versus malleability, it seems to me that some of the contestants can be described only in terms of current FN stars. For example, Martita=mexicana Giada DiLaurentiis; Nikki=female Bobby Flay; Malcolm=braided Neeleys; Marti=wannabe Paula Deen. Perhaps they need to rename the show yet again: The Next Food Network CLONE

      • Food Fan says:

        As I write this, its 8:50pm...Pacific Time Zone. Show starts soon and some of you have already seen it.
        Say it aint so!! Emily goes home?? NO WAY!
        I GOTTA see THIS!
        Im VERY curious to see/hear just what the reasons/rationale will be behind this.
        Her presentations were always clear. She even had a pleasant-sounding clear voice. Her dishes were ceative and good-tasting. Did she just somehow totally "bomb" tonight? Didnt *anyone* do worse?? I gotta see this.....

        On another Note: I have written several posts already about this....and I see JLF and LISA feel the same way....Enough with all the relentless stories already! I think Susie F. is behind that. What else would she talk about if not that? Its just badly over-emphasized. And I see I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  5. stella says:

    I am really annoyed that FN doesn't have the blog READY immediately after each show on sundays. Now we have to post re who was eliminated in the blog about CAPTIONS!!!!. THE WEBMASTER ABSOLUTELY SUCKS.

  6. guest says:

    "Hello, producers? Can we have even MORE Mexi-centric themes, please? These talented chefs are making it tough for the judges to keep picking us clones, and to keep eliminating those with a truly UNIQUE POV!"

  7. Visitor says:

    Bob & Susie, your challenge is to make a dish with razzberries. Phbbbbbbbbbbbbt! on you both for eliminating the fresh breath of air that was Queen Retro Rad, Emily Ellyn

  8. Hilsh says:

    I know! I can't believe I'm still here either!

  9. KD says:

    So we have someone who canned applesauce on TV, yes CANNED food on TV (my hero!!!!), had one misstep and bam.... gone. Yet 30 seconds of clueless DEAD AIR gets a pass. Sex on the grill gets yet another pass..............

    Way to go FN. You are loosing you viewers by getting rid of actual cooks and hiring actors in their place. I'd much rather learn something new about food than learn how a 'cook' idolizes their mom/grandma/uncle/stepsister's pet goat...........
    Emily would have been watched by me.

  10. Cam says:

    Caption: "Do you think this is phony?"