Poll: Which Food-Court Kiosk Would You Line Up For?

by in Food Network Star, June 21, 2012

Food courts: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we’ve all been there. Some stands are more inviting than others, offering fresh, cooked-on-site dishes served by friendly clerks, while many leave something — OK, plenty — to be desired.

On last Sunday’s episode, Star finalists on Team Alton, Team Bobby and Team Giada opened their own versions of food-court kiosks at Lower Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. Challenging them to cook for and serve hundreds of passersby, the remaining contestants were forced to bring their culinary and social A games.

Team Giada’s Martita, Yvan, Ippy and Linkie opened Besa Me (pictured above), a Mexican-inspired pop-up serving tortilla soup, carne asada tacos, chipotle chili and churros. Yvan incorporated the secret-ingredient chicken livers into his dish and they won rave reviews from the judges. Bob Tuschman exclaimed, “I could never imagine myself saying ‘I can’t wait for my next chicken-liver taco,’ but I can’t wait for my next chicken-liver taco!”

Seafood was on the menu at Team Bobby’s kiosk, American Sandbar (pictured above). Michele prepared bowls of traditional New England clam chowder, topped with a chicken-liver crouton, and Malcolm and Nikki offered Maryland-style crab cakes and fish tacos, respectively. Susie Fogelson wished that Nikki’s tacos had more of a spicy kick, while Bob Tuschman appreciated that Malcolm’s crab cake featured more crab than cake.

Team Alton’s trio of finalists opened Littler Italy (pictured above), serving Justin’s fritto misto with fried chicken livers, Martie’s Southern-style arancini and Emily’s sweet, fruity panini. Their Italian-style spread wowed the judges and earned each of them immunity from this week’s elimination.

Tell us: If you were at South Street Seaport, which of the Star food-court kiosks would you line up for?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (36)

  1. Food Fan says:

    Here's an idea:
    If each of the contenders could pick their own theme song for their show if they win, what might they pick?

    • PhilR says:

      Party on the Patio by ZZ Top for Nikki's grilling show....

    • Athena says:

      "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and the Comets for Emily! :D

    • Jerilee says:

      What would you pick, Food Fan??? Ippy; Don Ho, or Iz, Martita, La Cucaracha, Justin, something from Jimmy Hendrix or Janis Joplin, Emily, anything 50's...Martie who knows, Nikki, something from her movie, Malcom, hip hop, Yvan something not sure, Michele something like hip 70s, Martie something blues or blue grass, Just wild guesses. Haven't thought about theam music and show.

      • Food Fan says:

        Many possibilities!
        For Ippy, I was thinking of a Surfin' Guitar kind of music. Either Hawaii- Five-O by The Ventures or maybe "Pipeline" (also by The Ventures. )
        For Emily, a Ricky Nelson tune, probably "Mighty Good" (as in the food). Going to commercial breaks they could play a few seconds of James Burton's guitar solo in that song and fade-in or out.
        All these are on YOUTUBE.com
        I'm just havin' fun brainstorming out loud. I'm sure there are lots of possibilities for all of the candidates this season.
        Other songs coming to mind (I'm not sure why, or for who):
        I Fought the Law---(Bobby Fuller Four)
        All Right Now---(Free)
        Let's Go---the Ventures
        Daddy Sang Bass---(Johnny Cash)
        Tequila--the Ventures
        Cinnamon & Cloves---(Zoot Sims)
        ....YOUTUBE.com probably has most of these.
        Probably best to have each contender pick their own tune...but its fun to think about. :)

  2. C.Cook says:

    So Sorry to see Linke go over Nikki...Loved Linke -find Nikki very abrasive- would never watch a show
    that she is the hosting. But Over-all I LOVE Michelle & Emily-love their cooking choices,love their personality......would watch them in a heartbeat.

    • Melin says:

      Agree about Nikki....was trapped at home the last day or so due to weather and ran through the earlier shows. Nikki was NOT nice. I think she was referring to Linke when she said something like Pastry chefs never survive in cooking competitions so she should just stick to her fondants, etc....granted, that is not a direct quote but the sentiment is there. The tone, etc., was demeaning to her competitor(s) and I thought totally unnecessary. She is the only one I dislike of those left. Marti irritates me a bit and I have fallen off the Ippy bandwagon some until he manages to show he is worthy of a show...nice guy for sure. Getting warmer toward Malcom and Elaine....fun group overall.

  3. Wayne says:

    In answer to the admin's question as to which kiosk I would line up at...

    I'd have walked around and looked at the food & maybe passed all of them. None of that stuff sounded appetizing to me.

    Maybe...just maybe I would've went to Altons to get Emilys little dish & chat with her...she seems to be genuinely bubbly & I like that. Think she'd be fun to talk to whether the camera was filming her at the moment or not. And I'd have went by Justin & see what funny thing he had to say at the moment, if anything.
    But I can't say I'd be racing to eat any of the items that any of the contestants chose to fix for that day, much less stand in a long line for it.

  4. angelia says:

    Im a serious bobby flay fan I would watch a cat bathe themself if hes involved but his team is disappointing this season.i like ippy.

  5. Debra Hume says:

    PLEASE -Martita is dute but such a whinner

  6. dave says:

    the selection of food themes for the respective teams somewhat implies that the network dictates who will move forward. in last week's food court episode, assigning mexican food to team giada put linkie in a no-win situation. how would linkie know what mexican desserts are and how to make them? she was set up to fail from the get-go. make the choices random and fair for everyone. since the winner will be voted on by the public, let that be the means of attrition for all that remain.

  7. Diane says:

    I would not watch a show with Nikki ... grill next door is a great concept, but she is not IT! Grill next door is a play on "girl next door" ... Girl next door signifies femininity, not feminist. There is nothing feminine about Nikki. She might as well be Bobby in a dress and, to me, that does not get women uncomfortable with grilling to watch her and feel like they, too, can grill. I love grilling and would NOT watch her.
    So, the challenge ...wasn't Bobby's team supposed to do DELI?? Yes, you can have seafood at a deli, but only the Clam chowder "fit" a deli menu. How do you criticize one team a few episodes back about "not following" the challenge and then let Tacos and Crab cakes "fit" a Deli theme? Seems like the whole thing is rigged???

  8. d2min8r says:

    Why is it so important for contestants to bare their souls? Emily was unwilling which eliminated a very colorful, enjoyable, educated chef. I don't recall Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Jacques Pepin or Jacques Torres reciting their painful memories to the TV audience. Sure I love to know all about them, but I don't need the information front and center - I want their expertise and personality.

    Ippy is adorable and I LOVE The laid-back attitude. I wish the judges would stop harping on that. It's different and relaxing to watch. Yvan is talented and you want to hug him, and not a bit dull. Justin IS the epitome of interesting and fun and watchability. My husband hates food/cooking shows and even he can't wait to see what Justin invents next.

    Judges, get a grip.

  9. jrkassie15 says:

    Team ALTON all the way:)
    Justin Warner<3 is on his way to VICTORY!
    Mr. Warner has my heart<3

    The judges should just stop harping on Ippy for being so laid-back. HAWAIIANS are LAID-BACK!!!

  10. Carol Penrod says:

    I find Michell too cocky and full of herself and I would never watch a show with her in it, she makes me go to the kitchen for a drink or snack while she's on. I thought they lost a good pick when they eliminated Emily, she was fun to watch, now my favorites are Ippy and Justin. I've been to Hawaii and they are laid back, the judges seem to want Ippy to be something he's not, let him be himself, he's more likable that way!!