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by in Food Network Star, June 20, 2012

In cooking for this week’s Star Challenge, Team Bobby’s Michele Ragussis was not exactly happy as a clam. She decided to create New England clam chowder as part of her team’s American-inspired seafood spread, and was banking on picking up a few bags of chopped clams — those that have already been cleaned, shucked and diced. However, as Star luck would have it, the market only had fresh clams in stock, forcing Michele to accept the trouble and time of prepping them herself.

On top of that, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian stopped by with a mid-challenge secret-ingredient surprise, and asked that one finalist from each team work chicken livers into his or her dish. Michele took one for Team Bobby and accepted that task, choosing to adorn her chowder with a chicken liver toast. A bit overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done, Michele said, “I get stuck with chicken livers and I still have to shuck my own clams, so it’s just gonna take me forever.”

Though time-consuming and perhaps even downright annoying to use in a two-hour challenge, the fresh clams may have been Michele’s chowder’s best feature. The judges appreciated the natural flavors of the shellfish and complimented her use of such fresh ingredients. In fact, Susie Fogelson called the dish “one of the best chowders I’ve had.” She praised its texture and taste, saying, “I love the use of the clams. I love the creaminess of it. It’s got tremendous flavor.”

Star viewer Michelle Dee earned our Fan Post of the Week with her comment on Food Network’s Facebook page. She predicted that the fresh clams were indeed the best clams for Michele to use, even remembering that judges prefer fresh ingredients above all else. After all, no one wants to relive Orchid Paulmeier’s canned-oyster fiasco from last season of Star.

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Comments (145)

  1. Barbara says:

    Emily chokes once and they send her home. Nikki has been in the pitch room for the 3rd or 4th time now and they keep her. Go figure.

  2. erdocmom says:

    Martita leaves 30 sec. of dead air while she rocks back and forth, Nikki refers to herself as a grill, and they get riid of Emily???? Sorry, but I would watch Emily any day of the week over the other two.

  3. Kevin says:

    They should rename this show to "Tell us about your mother".

  4. Hoops says:

    Ippy is my favorite! He consistently cooks great food and his smile fills up a room :) If you MUST have high energy to be a Food Network do you explain Ina Garten???

  5. D. MacW. says:

    I liked Emily, and thought her pov was interesting. I thought she would win the contest. But part of being a Food Network Star is to be able to share about yourself. She didn't want to do this and said so. Martita was the same way about speakiing personally. Both are wonderful cooks and just need to find an outlet where they won't have to do that. FNS may not be for them, but there is somewhere else that is.

  6. Scookie says:

    Emily gone? What a crock. Now we have to watch more weeks of questionable food and poor on-screen performances from the other two, not to mention 3 or 4 others who caught a bye this week. I'm starting to get the feeling I'm being played. The show just lost half its 'must-see' status.

  7. JanCol says:

    Poor judging! They sent my favorite home, Emily. I love her retro look and her cooking! I won't be watching this program anymore since they sent her packing.

  8. MaryG says:

    I guess I'm still an Yvan fan because he's just plain nice, easy to watch, and wears well, week in and week out. But I keep thinking - WHO would I want to watch every week? Honestly, no one in this season's crop is all that impressive or someone you could "live with" as a FN regular. Too many of them just simply bring nothing new or distinctive to the table. Emily's "retro-rad" shtick - seriously, what could you realistically do with that week-after-week? Nicki brings nothing to the table - I find her on-camera personality and attitude unpleasant and Bobby Flay already gives us plenty about grilling. Justin is just WAY too arrogant and as for his lipstick and pompadour - his affectations are genuinely off-putting. Martie talks too much and her voice is grating as can be. Ippy is cute as can be but - there's almost nothing there! And yes, as BorninMissouri points out, you already have two spiky blonds on this network, and - please - a LITTLE of Guy Fieri goes a VERY long way (Ay-yi-yi...)!

  9. Kay says:

    We just watched this week's show on DVR and can't believe you eliminated Emily. What were you thinking? She sparkled nearly every week, had originality and cooking chops. Not the same old, same old. I don't really care that someone casually mentions their sister, or that they cooked burgers with their dad as a kid. Big deal. We would have loved to take that retro journey thing with Emily, and discover more about her, her cooking, and her favorite era as we went along. MUCH more interesting than most of your other typical contestants and show hosts. You choose to eliminate Emily over one who grates to boot. We're very disappointed with your decision. Bad, Bob, bad.

  10. retiredvermonter says:

    Do you REALLY think our "votes" mean anything?