Midterms: Mentors Weigh In

by in Food Network Star, June 19, 2012

The competition has reached its halfway point. Just five weeks from now, one of the nine remaining finalists will have his or her own Food Network show. In this exclusive video, we checked in with Giada, Bobby and Alton to see how they're feeling about their respective top three finalists. Are they surprised at who's made it this far, or were these their top contenders from day one?

They also size up the competition. Who's the team to beat at this juncture? And who's the most competitive mentor? Bob and Susie reveal which Food Network icon "does not want to lose, ever."

Do you agree with the mentors? Midway through the season, which team do you see as the front-runner?

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Comments (40)

  1. Food Fan says:

    How Interesting!
    I watched this clip 3 times. Start-to-finish.

    The Philosophy and strategy of each mentor has its validity and strengths.
    Bobby has some good cooks. But as Alton points out, can they get the personality?
    Giada has people who are more likable and also make good dishes but some of them seem less consistent to me.
    Alton has people who seem to me to be somewhat more consistent and but run the risk of being too quirky.
    Hm. Advantages & disadvantages.
    The Cooking has to be there (Bobby).
    But you gotta have the audience liking you (Giada).
    But even if you have both, you need to be interesting and able to teach (Alton).
    As I've written before, one characteristic or strength by itself wont do it.
    Its fascinating---the mentor-styles and the contenders, both.
    Which candidates will come closest to doing it all? I'll be watching. :)

    • Sue Rogers says:

      I go by who I would like to watch. I find Justin the most entertaining since Guy Fieri appeared on the scene. I also find his recipes intriguing and easy to prepare.

  2. JLF says:

    From the beginning I thought that each team would take on the personality of the coach, and I think that has happened.
    I agree that Bobby's team may have the toughest time overcoming the personality issue. All three of his team can cook, but none of them has wowed us with personality. He placed the emphasis on cooking with the goal of teaching them presentation. Good goal, but they haven't responded as well to the camera training as I think Bobby expected.

    At the other end of the spectrum, Giada's team has been coached to bring image over food, with mixed results. I keep remembering her screaming at Ippy to "make it Fun Fun Fun!" And this video reruns her screaming and cheering in last week's challenge - very hard to watch.

    I think that Alton has found the right middle ground with his team - and I think he chose his team members well. My early favorite, Emily, has held up well and is IMO gaining strength. Justin is one of the fan favorites, and even Marti has shown improvement in the nurturing environment of that team.
    We'll see what the future episode have to offer.

  3. Athena says:

    It's Team Bobby's turn to lose someone. I predict Malcolm for the simple fact that he is getting very little air time or Nikki.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree that Malcolm will be going. Not Nikki though becuz I personally feel she is Bobby's preferred choice of her team.

  4. grace b says:

    I like Team Giada...especially Ippy!

  5. nicole says:

    I like team Alton go Justin!

    • Sandy says:

      I can't stand Justin and would never, never watch him. He has a touch of arrogance that is real turn off. Bob and Susie gush over him too much and are losing their ability to look for a true star and are going for some stupid gimick or quirky host. Get back to the point and choose someone that can cook and doesn't emulate one of the mentors.The last few "new stars" don't bring anything to the table to me and I think the network is really losing it's draw with the choices they have made with some of the newer shows they keep trying to promote. I want some good, honest cooking shows and not some "personality" that Susie and Bob think are fun. Re-evaluate your shows and stop trying to create a food reality show personality.

  6. JLF says:

    In the video Bob hits the nail on the head when he says all of the mentors want to win, but Giada is the one that least wants to lose - she REALLY doesn't want to lose. Her behavior has proved that. She has made this competition more about herself than about her team. In her portion of the video she talks all about how tough she is and it would be a mistake to underestimate her. She has aimed jabs at the other mentors and at the other teams - some may call it kidding around but on camera it looks mean spirited. Misplaced priorities - not very appealing, not good sportsmanship.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Apparently she's learned a lot about 'sportsmanship' from Anne Burrell. For that reason alone I'd be ok with Malcom or Michele from Bobby's team winning (I do like them both, but at this point it looks unlikely...maybe things will change.). I felt really bad for Bobby during "Worst Cooks" with all of Anne's "YEAH BABY!!! in yo FACE!!" shenanigans, and he just took the high road like the grown up that he is.

      • JLF says:

        I was really hoping that Bobby would have had a stronger team because I really like him and I agree with his priority of making the cooking first and personality second. Unfortunately his team hasn't picked up the presentation skills as quickly as I would have hoped, and one (Nikki) has torpedoed her own image possibly beyond salvaging. I wish for his sake that he could hope for a better outcome. He's the mentor I would most want.
        Re: the Ann Burrell connection - I had been a fan of hers up until the season of Worst Cooks against Bobby. You're so right about her unsportsmanlike behavior - I hadn't thought of her and Giada as being alike, but I think you're onto something.

    • Sandy says:

      I don't like Giada's attitude, smirks, and condescending looks she gives to the other judges and contestants. This isn't about her. She should be professional and not show her childlike disappointment when it isn't focused on her. She has made some really the bad faces and comments that make her less pleasant to me. It's ok to want your team to win but someone in her league should be more supportive oaf all of the contestants since they are fighting for their dreams, Bobby and Alton are focused on helping their team where Giada is too worried about having the attention on her.

  7. cjcal says:

    I like the analysis here. This may mean Michele is the winner on Bobby's team (and I have yet to be convinced he's all that into her), and Ippy wins on Giada's team. What will happen between Emily and Justin? I'm a bit wary of what the show's producers may be cooking up for team Alton.

    While Bobby and Giada may have some coaching skill deficits, all three mentors deserve kudos for giving their time to this project.

  8. Reuben says:

    I disagree with Alton. Martie should have gone before Judson. Justin and Emily are both strong competitors. I don't think anyone on Bobby's team has a chance of being The Next Food Network Star. Giada has Ippy and it wouldn't surprise me if he wins!

  9. Hollywood says:

    i was a bit scared of where i thought our mentors were going (us maybe not seeing their better sides!), but then i forgot - it's tv! here to entertain. the bottom line will come down to justin with emily edging him out by a whatever is skinny and relates to cooking!

  10. cjcal says:

    What if there was more to Judson's situation than what we were shown? Heaven knows what it could be, because I did not think he was a terrible candidate. And I swear I saw a facial expression from judge Susie in the pitch room that went beyond a basic "I don't particularly like people who BS". I mean, she really did not want Judson in the mix and there was no way he was going to get beyond her. So is there more to his story?

    I thought Judson did well that week and that Martie would go. After all, it looked like Alton was almost at the end of his rope in coaching her.

    Note to FN: Judson's focus on healthy eating is something most of us should take to heart, IMO.