Justin Moves Up: Your Week 5 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 18, 2012

Martita and  Ippy are still your #1 and #2 picks this week, Star fans. But Team Alton's "rebel with a culinary cause," Justin Warner, is making strides. He claims the #3 spot this week with 16% of the vote — up from 13% last week and 9% the week before.

This week, Justin impressed Bob and Susie once again with his unconventional Fritto Misto at the food court, contributing to Team Alton's victory in the challenge. Even when his entire team ended up on the bottom in Episode 5, Justin bounced back with his Spaghetti Midwestern and was immediately declared safe in the pitch room. Will his streak continue? Can he overtake Team Giada's Fan Vote stronghold?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Five Fan Vote results:


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  1. Sandy says:

    Arghhhhhhhhhhh Enough of Justin. I wouln't watch any show he was on and don't know why everyone keeps pushing him. He is way too arrogant and I haven't seen anything he's made that I would want to try. The judges have picked their favorites and I don't think they care what the viewers say. Enough of Justin and Martita!! There is already a show about Mexican cooking. Martita is ok but I am tired of Giada pushing her.

    • Judi Mc says:

      I'm with you, Sandy....enough of Justin. I'm sure that his cooking is good (although the Fashion Week Beef Stroganoff was just too strange-looking for me...I would never eat it in a restaurant), but he is"too out there" for mainstream America. A Justin FN show will not be watched by anyone outside of NY!

      Oh, and yes, I'm a New Yorker.

    • Adam says:

      I agree with u.

    • paige says:

      I also can't stand Justin, and I don't understand the judges' weird obsession with him. Not only is his "style" trying WAY to hard to be a "hipster," but he is just generally really creepy. He makes my skin crawl, and he seems too much a product of trying to be something he's not, with no real personality. If he's full of himself, it's because every judge inexplicably loves him. I may have to temporarily boycott all of Food Network if he wins, hahaha ;p

    • Jerome says:

      I agree with you Sandy. I feel like the judges are really partil to him, and I don't think Justin could have a program that I would be interested in watching.

    • allison says:

      I would watch him, and I live on the Mexican border in south Texas--quite, quite far from New York. I hope he wins--we have enough bubbly mainstream-types to fill a lifetime of viewing for those who don't favor him and prefer the usual bread and butter... yawn. Meanwhile, for those of us who want someone interesting and different, GO JUSTIN!

    • Julie says:

      I am so with you Sandy...I wouldn't watch any show with Justin either, he may be a very good cook, but star quality, I don't see it, all I see is someone who irritates me and all the friends and family that watch it feel the same way.as well. Exactly my thoughts on Martita as well. What I want is a new show, not the same warmed over kind of host...I am really interested in seeing a 50's retro type of show with Emily. What a cool kitchen set they could make for her! She is real, she is great on camera..LOVE her outfits..it would be something new and fresh for Food Network and not the same old, same old.

    • FanFare57 says:

      Well, I respectfully disagree with you, Sandy. First and foremost, these eps are taped weeks in advance of air time. Therefore, the judges had no idea who the public would favor. Next, you state Justin is being "pushed" onto the viewers. In actuality, he is doing well and sometimes wins challenges. That's why we see him a bit more focus on him when he performs well. Finally, you find him arrogant. OK - that's a fair assessment. I think he's confident. Tomato - ToMAHto. I like his persona and find his perspective to be cerebral and unique.

  2. Alana says:

    Just casted my votes! There are several competitors that I've taken a liking to. All very skilled and progressing in front of the camera each week. Congrats and Good Luck to those remaining!

    To my personal favorite... Ippy,
    Without a doubt, your genuine kindness and passion shine through. Keep flashing that smile, it lights up a room.

  3. Food Fan says:

    Justin: I see he's up in the fan vote---but that seems odd to me.
    Back at the chopped challenge (or was it even before?), I mentioned that he needs to SMILE.
    Then later last week, he still wasnt--and his eyes just stare ahead with a dead look to them. And his voice is monotone.That was still last week.
    For those of you who are rooting for him, go back and watch last nights episode and then tell me I'm not being accurate. I dont see how you can. Its there for all to see.
    Now, after last night, he STILL isnt smiling and still has dead-lloking eyes that just stare and he still sounds monotone, and he's up in the fan vote!?? (sigh). Go figure!!
    If you like his creativity, I would say Emily is creative (I'm thinking last weeks Ham n Pineapple with the cute hats) without being too out there.
    Remember Tom Pizzica from last season? He had a show for awhile making unusual, odd stuff. (I dont think that show is still on). Justin reminds me of that.
    I grant that Justin thinks outside the box. I expect that his restaurant serves quality food. But he's just not mainstream enough. Unique is good, but I just feel he goes too far. (Emily is better in that regard). And then there's the monotone. Sorry, just cant get into it.

    • markohio says:

      In rading your comment here, and in other ones, I think you have the impression these shows are taped very recently. I am not sure, but I think all of the shows we have seen so far have been taped months ago. No one is reading these comments and adjusting how they appear (i.e., Justin). Perhaps the only show that may be more recent will be the grand finale; even then, I am not sure how they will take our votes into consideration, as they have implied in the ads. They may just use all these fan votes here to decide; if that is the case, you can see who is on, or near the top. I would think that his mentor would have told him to smile more.

      • Food Fan says:

        I am aware of this.
        It doesnt matter when the shows are taped.
        I simply write my comments after I see what gets aired on TV (as hundreds of us do, whether anyone will adjust now, or not).
        Your post doesnt offend/bother/rile me at all. Yer fine.

        But, we might just as easily say, that since the shows are already done and we are writing 'after the fact", that its all useless, and all of us should just stop talking and not bother to post anything, since its already happened and none of our comments will change it. But--here we are. Lots of us have a Blast speculating, sharing opinions, and seeing how perceptions change as it all unfolds. If nothing else, all of our feedback/comments are useful audience-reaction/input and are useful for next season and future shows. Yours, mine, most everyone's. Think of us as the people who *do* bother to fill out the comment-cards on the food & service in a restaurant. It helps management do a better job of serving its audience/customers.
        I'm sure the Mentors are telling them what they need, but we all like to share our feelings here, too.

    • **essence** says:

      Giggles like Paula...isn't for me at all. Justin appears to be a "straight shooter". Justin reminds me of a person that when something happens funny he laughs. He is teaching people to think. I can't connect Emily's Rad with food. If she uses this approach, she will burnout. The only time I wear my food it was an accident. I am tired of mainstream, personally.

    • Danielle says:

      I like that he doesn't smile like everyone else. I'm so sick of fake smiles all over TV and magazines. That's what I find creepy. You know who looks dead to me? Paula D.

      • Food Fan says:

        I dont want *anyone* to look Fake at all.
        But I do like it when they at least look happy-to-be-here....and not an unblinking stare like they're almost in a trance.

    • Julie says:

      Absolutely, Justin just makes me uneasy and gives me the creeps too! What is it with the judges?????
      I too, love Emily, she is fun without being over the top and obnoxious..hoping judges come to their senses.

  4. bennie f crocker says:

    I've watched NFNS for the last 4 yrs, and I have to say this is getting old, no one in this group has shown me anything, It doesn't matter who wins, I doubt if I'll ever watch their show.

    • Adam says:

      heres the thing. this show is such high expectations of the next food tv start. they are looking for culinary skills, expertise, looks (although they would not admit this), personality, on-camera appearance, etc. as they should, HOWEVVER, excuse but there are a few already existing food tv stars that dont meet up to these high expectations! so that is just unfair. u actually think that black couple (nelly) has all of these?

  5. hipster says:

    justin is awesome! people just do not get dry humor. come on now, "littler italy, literally". genius! he is the polar opposite of guy fieri but both are great personalities.

  6. GeofreyD says:

    Its good to see that Justin is up in the vote! Martita just doesn't seem new and interesting and Ippy sometimes falls flat. Even though most of his recipes include components that I have never been interested in, I would definitely try the food Justin makes. He makes something surprising every week.

    • Wayne says:

      I wouldn't dare try to make anything Justin made, but I'd watch him just to see what's next. Very unconventional. But I agree that Ippy can cook really well, and has a quick nice smile but sometimes seems flat. Its who he is. And like he said, he'll be true to himself, & to his culture.

  7. markohio says:

    In reagards to this year's show format, now that we have seen a few episodes, I prefer the formats more in prior years. In past years, if teams (or pairs) were needed for competition, they were thrown together with different people all the time. In this format, they are basically limited to interacting with just the few (now down to 3) on each team. They really do not interact much with the other teams. I am also seeing too much of the mentors on TV, and I would rather see more of the contestants. It also wonder if the mentors are giving equal time and effort to each of their team members. I still maintain I would like to see the mentors spend more of their time helping the contestants with their on-screen presentations, and not as much with their food decisions and preparations. The more time we see the mentors, the less time we get to see the competitors in action.

    Also, as many of us in here have stated, it appears their is an emphasis when there is an elimination, to keep the teams at equal strength as much as possible, which allows some (think Martie) who are still on the show due to being on a team that is immune for the week, compared to some who have been eliminated for being on a losing team (remember Eric?).

    While I still enjoy watching the show, I find I do not enjoy it quite as much as in past years. Yes, it is good to mix up the formats, and I hope when they do the format for next year, they will read some of the feedback from the bogs, and get other ideas to keep the show fresh; fair, and entertaining, while still delivering a legitimate food network star competition.

    • Maryland says:

      I agree with your comment about them eliminating the person that will keep the teams equal. You just knew going into this week that the person eliminated would be from Giada's team.

      We already have several shows about Mexican cooking, and I'm not impressed with Martita anyway. I would very much like to learn more about cooking from Hawaii, and Ippy has the genuine personality that I would like to watch.

      • AJS says:

        I agree--we are seeing too much of the mentors, not enough of the competitors! Unlike most people of this blog, I do like Martie Duncan.

  8. Foodie says:

    I would watch Justins show and i dont live in New York. I feel like he reads a lot like Alton Brown to me or like Geoff from Ace of Cakes (in the humor but also incredibly talented way). I think the thing that really hits me and makes me like him is the fact that hes tried so hard to get where he is. He is a pretty young guy and never had trained experience through courses besides what he has picked up at the restaurants he worked at and now the one he owns. I might not be willing to eat everything that he makes but as he said one time in an interview, he is trying to teach creativity in food as well as great tasting dishes. He takes challenges as they are given to him and doesnt complain or roll their eyes like some of the other chefs on this show.

    Like the judges have said though, either you are going to like him or you arent but Food Network is filled with people like that. I dont watch Bobby Flay, I dont watch Giada or Guy. I watched Duff when his show was on and I watch Paula Deen. A bunch of them are either you like them or you dont personalities as well.

    • Wayne says:

      Yeah I didn't get tuschman's statement about either you like him or you don't. I feel that way about all of them on FN. Either I like them and watch them or I don't. This doesn't just hold true for Justin.

    • paige says:

      yeah, it really is a "love him or hate him" kind of thing. i personally can't stand Justin, and i REALLY can't stand Geoff. that type of fabricated high-end homelessness, condescension, and humblebragging just really gets on my nerves. i actually really like Bobby Flay, i adore Geoffrey Zakarian, and love Robert Irvine--all of whom are polar opposites to the type of guys i call "wilted flowers"--like Justin and Geoff. there is probably a place on FN for Justin, but i will be avoiding that place like the plague.

      • Foodie says:

        And thats fine. Its the great thing about food network, they have people for everyone. I personally cant stand most of the over the top loud individuals (excluding paula deen. I like her). To me they read borderline aggressive and annoying only because thats not the type of individual i like to place myself around in real life and therefore dont like to watch that type of person either.

        I just dont get all these people that say that he cant be on the food network because so many people dont like him. The food network is full of people that you either like or dont like. Actually, tv is full of people/things you either like or dont like.

  9. cjcal says:

    Justin's perspective is so different, he's worth my time. He is not the take-charge personality like Michele (who thankfully grabbed the reins of Team Bobby this week). Remember, Justin virtually deferred to Guy Fieri at the start of a previous challenge. On the other hand Justin demonstrates amazing creativity. Whether he wins this show, FN would be smart to find a place for him. Same with Emily and her pressure cooker. (lol)

    What's the burnout rate on TV cooks? Maybe FN Star is one of those "be careful what you wish for" things. Lots of travel, grueling schedules, etc.? Maybe Justin will be happier as a runner-up. By the way, will FN produce its own version of ABC's "The Chew"?

  10. markohio says:

    I am not sure if any one else has noticed this, but most of the times when the contestants enter a room, Nikki is the first one to enter teh room of the contestants. It is not every time, but most of the time. I guess to me, that strikes me a bit as being kind of over-assured. Has anyone else noticed this, and wondered about it?

    • JLF says:

      I wouldn't read too much into it. Bobby's team is always first in and lines up on the left, followed by Giada's team and Alton's team.