Justin Moves Up: Your Week 5 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 18, 2012

Martita and  Ippy are still your #1 and #2 picks this week, Star fans. But Team Alton's "rebel with a culinary cause," Justin Warner, is making strides. He claims the #3 spot this week with 16% of the vote — up from 13% last week and 9% the week before.

This week, Justin impressed Bob and Susie once again with his unconventional Fritto Misto at the food court, contributing to Team Alton's victory in the challenge. Even when his entire team ended up on the bottom in Episode 5, Justin bounced back with his Spaghetti Midwestern and was immediately declared safe in the pitch room. Will his streak continue? Can he overtake Team Giada's Fan Vote stronghold?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Five Fan Vote results:


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Comments (208)

  1. Sblkml says:

    Enjoying the series. Love the concept, but for the fans having the final say. That just makes it a popularity contest!!

  2. guest says:

    Like Yvan & Emily to host a young, hip and happy entertainment food show. Each of these are equally talented and could easily bring forth surprises and drama with some scripting and direction. I do not believe that anyone on tv is anything but an actor and learns along the way to perfect the craft. Don't like the hystrionics and dry humor in a cooking show. Many of the audience would lose the subtleties and tire pretty quickly...my POV

  3. Shannon Gray says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Chicken Liver Taco's , sounds deeeeelious, definitely going to make with crunchy tacos.

  4. kac says:

    Nikki seems very phony to me. She has mentioned more than once that "what the judges see as scripted, [she] sees as polished." Even that phrase sounds scripted and phony. Even though her food looks good and she's very pretty, I just cringe every time she walks on camera. Justin has a funny dry wit, and he is interesting to watch, but I can't imagine that a show featuring him would be, unless he were under constant challenges like on this show. My vote goes for Emily or Ippy if their show would be a 'stand in the kitchen and cook' type, or Martita if maybe she could do something like Guy's DDD show through Mexico.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Fascinating point on Justin. He does shine brightest when responding to the more offbeat challenges (ie, the purposely crazy ingredients in the Chopped baskets; making a fashion statement out of beef stroganoff), as opposed to 'ok, showcase a bialy' (not that he did poorly, it was just more conventional). If he wins (or is a runner up), I wonder if TPTB could be creative enough to come up with a series' worth of challenges appropos to his strengths...they could call it "Justin Warner's Culinary Curveballs" !

      • Food Fan says:

        That could work for Justin. It would fit him.
        The only problem I see is...remember Tom Pizzica? He had a show where he made unusual stuff like giant hamburgers for 6 people, weird pizza's...and things most people wouldn't even dream up. Justin could do that, too.
        Only problem was...the show didnt last.
        I give him, Justin, that he has creativity. But given Tom's experience with similar off-beat stuff, the burn-out rate is high and the show fizzled out.

        • beachinfrizzy says:

          That's why I said IF the network could come up with a format with enough interesting ideas for Justin to do. As for the comparison to Tom, apples and oranges, to me. Tom was a goofball (remember the oversize oven mitts and the life jacket? "Bombay Dick's?") and I have no idea how he got so far in the competition being that a number of his dishes bombed (that bacon brick thing which Bob declared the 'worst dish" he'd ever had on the show and that waterlogged, soy-sauce-drowned "Thai stir fry" are two that leap immediately to mind). His "Outrageous Food" struck me as nothing more than Guy Fieri's wanna-be copycat brother...going around to greasy spoons, repeating whatever the cook/chef says: "Now I'm going to add 5 pounds of ground beef"... 'FIVE POUNDS OF GROUND BEEF? Wow, man. (Looks at camera) That's FIVE POUNDS of ground beef, people. Five whole pound-a-rooskis, man. Wow." Don't get me wrong, Tom seemed like a sweetheart (not sure about Justin in that regard) but I never saw anything original or that he'd be a particularly inspiring or effective FN Star.

          • Food Fan says:

            Hi! I respect yer opinion.
            I just dont see it so much as apples and oranges, though. They're both oustide-the-box and both on the outrageous side. Close enough.

            Justin & Tom's personalities may be different..i.e...i feel there might be less likelihood of of Justin wearing oversize oven mitts and a life jacket (then again, maybe he would)...but food-wise....i dont think they'd be that much different. They both have the out-there/extreme and uncommon thing going on, in common. just my 2 cents...

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            Nope, not 2 cents at all. You are probably right. (I still think Herb should have been given a show instead of Tom...but maybe he was offered and didn't take it for some reason). TV is all about mass appeal, there's those darn ratings to be considered! Either way, I'd hope they find SOME use for Justin, maybe he and Alton could do a 'mini me' thing?

          • Food Fan says:

            Justin and Alton. Fair enough.

  5. LISN says:

    Can Justin overtake team Giada's stronghold? Yes, he can!

  6. essence says:

    I can imagine Justin addressing the plight of the "Room Mother" in schools. He could give ideas about how to make holiday party foods for kids interesting. Ex. Halloween was my favorite holiday...I would make a punch using dry ice for the scary effect. I would find a great punch recipe and even put plastic vampire teeth and bones in the punch. I only used plastic items. It was scary looking! In all my years as a room mother, I only had one child refuse to drink it. I had a blast doing it! Justin's preparation for Halloween reminded me of those years. Keep up the great work Justin!

  7. Go! Burns and Allen! says:

    What if Justin and Emily had a show together?
    It could be like Burns and Allen, or I love Lucy and Desi
    Their fashion show appearance knocked my socks off.
    That Beef Stroganoff remake was brilliant.
    I would enthusiastically hurry home to watch either of them, running with pencil in hand, unsure of what to expect.
    I do not need to learn how to make a quesadilla or a "Hawaiian" hamburger.
    (however I would have loved to see creative sandwich making from my last years NFNS favorite if FN hadn't buried his show on Sunday mornings. It IS possible to make the ordinary extraordinary.)

  8. Orson says:

    I've been rooting for Justin since Day One. His creativity would keep viewers watching to see what he'll come up with next. Glad to see he has finally topped the fan vote! I was never interested in Martita. Emily is cute, smart, and has an interesting POV so I hope to see more of her too.

  9. Martad says:

    i want to see Justin make his twist on food that is harder to do something with!