Caption It: Put Up Your Dukes

by in Food Network Star, June 15, 2012

This week marks the midpoint of the competition and the remaining 10 finalists are under more pressure than ever as they look toward the second half of the season. On Sunday night’s episode, the newest Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, surprises the contestants with a doozy of a curveball, one that just might drive some to their breaking points. Is Team Alton’s retro and rad Star hopeful Emily Ellyn turning to physical blows to cope with the midterm stress? Is she preparing to fight – literally – to keep her place in the competition? Who is her Star rival in this culinary mashup?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this dueling moment in the comments below.


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Comments (76)

  1. Frank Demeo says:

    Emily: "Hey gus, ever wonder what 'retro-rad' smelled like?" *~makes fists & pushes~* "umphhhh"....*~fart sound~*

  2. markohio says:

    Emily says "So what? My team can out-cook (Justin), outtalk (Martie) , and beat up (Emily) YOUR team!"

    • Lilah says:

      That is so true! Honestly... I'd like to see Emily and Justin go head to head... they're both equally talented in their own unique ways... They are the best cooks in the entire cast and there personalities are the best to... I'd like to see them duke it out....

    • Gish says:

      Sorry but I don't get this one. Am I missing something here? Doesn't make sense.

  3. FanFare57 says:

    Emily says, "I'll save you, Martie!"
    Martie says, "Thanks, I know I shouldn't ramble and I'm going to try to stop rambling as soon as I finish making a party platter for my guests to my house and then I'll try to stop rambling and talking about nothing and then I"ll find out where Pennsylvania is and then I'll get over being the oldest FN Star finalist in the history of the show and then...."
    Justin says, "Um, can I be put on another team?"

    • Molly- Muu muu says:

      I agree!

    • Wayne says:

      That was superb FanFare!

    • Jerilee says:

      Nice....just about sums it up, except she thinks Philadelphia Cream Cheese is from Philadelphia.

    • Robert Ostrowski says:

      FanFare57 - I LOVED your clever, HILARIOUS way of summing it all up in a nutshell about Martie. If the FN wants to take her seriously, they should consider coming up with a plot for a show entitled "Entertaining AND RAMBLING 101 with Martie the Rambler". On that day, I'll die all the way to the funny farm! As for Justin, my reply to his "Um" question is YES, but even more so on the idea of lettiing him have his "Rebel Cooking with a Cause" show for REAL!

  4. Molly-Muu-muu says:

    Emily- I'll knock the stuffin out of 'em! Justin- <eye rolling>yeh you go do that. Martie- let momma bring you a bandaid for your boo-boo.

  5. guest says:

    All games aside, any other "fans" do the math and find that the poll adds up anywhere from 100% to 101% to 102%. Who's on first, who'se on second, and who'se on third? Network, start steeping up to the plate and fix your problems on this site. Not a nice way to run a national network.

    • guest says:

      errors in spellig intentional....

    • Frank Demeo says:

      They're rounding up is all. If someone is 21.5%, they are listing it as 22%. I don't agree with it...but I bet 100% (Oh snap, see what I did thur) that is what they're doing.

  6. Foodie5 says:

    What do you mean, you don't like my retro-glasses? Who are you, the Fashion Police?

  7. Armando says:

    I like to dance the Twist while waiting for the water to boil.

  8. Allen says:

    Star Rival: Michael Symon vs. Emily Ellyn...Battle Bacon.

  9. Bethany says:

    Emily, you must remove your glasses for this challenge.

    • Jerilee says:

      Emily: why? You don't really think I'll actually get hit, do you?

      • Bethany says:

        Actually, I think they'd better watch out for her. She's a fighter in the culinary sense...whether her glasses are on or off.

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