Caption It: Put Up Your Dukes

by in Food Network Star, June 15, 2012

This week marks the midpoint of the competition and the remaining 10 finalists are under more pressure than ever as they look toward the second half of the season. On Sunday night’s episode, the newest Iron Chef, Geoffrey Zakarian, surprises the contestants with a doozy of a curveball, one that just might drive some to their breaking points. Is Team Alton’s retro and rad Star hopeful Emily Ellyn turning to physical blows to cope with the midterm stress? Is she preparing to fight – literally – to keep her place in the competition? Who is her Star rival in this culinary mashup?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this dueling moment in the comments below.


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Comments (76)

  1. TheCrunkPanda says:


  2. Hal says:

    Emily: Stand back, Justin... If I have to, I'm gonna win this competition with a Retro-Rad Knuckle Sandwich!

  3. Surgical Observer says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning of the 8th season. My overall thoughts are that this is obviously an entertaining show but I thought the personalities in Worst Cooks in America were overall better to a person. No Exceptions. I agree with Alton. The goal should be to find a personality who has the ability to convey "How To", to enhance the viewers abilities to cook in their own homes. One of my powers and strengths is the ability to teach while I treat a patient and make that seamless. None of the individuals/finalists have exhibited anything to me approaching the skill level and personality needed to win this contest. I think they need to learn from their mentors who all appear very competent and entertaining. Perhaps a behind the scenes coach regarding presentation and teaching is needed.

  4. Realistic viewer says:

    Well Surgical Observer, since you're dissecting the show apart lol and you're getting an entertaining vibe then obviously something is working for you. Keep watching, I imagine things will begin to pick-up speed before long. The show is going reality t.v (good or bad remains to be seen.) I do understand what you're saying but I think some of what's going on is just for drama. Yes, we need someone with strong cooking skills and an engaging personality - hope that happens. Whether the winning contestant will be a success or not will be determined by future viewership ultimately as you know. I'm sure more mentoring would be a good thing. Hang in there, hopefully things will begin to come together before long. By the way, I like your name. Going to watch the show soon...hope you can join in the blog after the show. You're a well thought-out person.

  5. Simms says:

    Retro-Rad meets Metro-Mad meets Talker-Bad.

  6. grandmasage says:

    I don't think any of the participants are worthwhile for Food Network Star. Haven't seen any strength in anyone.

    • Lilah says:

      Justin Warner anyone? He's good... he's ...real. He has a temper ( which a lot of people have, and people criticize him... yet they probably have the same thing! It makes it hilarious sometimes!) and he talks and knows stuff thats actually from the 21st century!

  7. Melinda Cadwallader says:

    Food network, do you really pay attention? Really? Let me tell you, I'm not sure. The last Food Network Star, Jeff Morrow (sp) is the worst choice you could have picked. Really? Do you have your heads in the sand? Getting rid of Linkey? Really? Over Girl meets Grill? I think I may have to stop watching this show. It's making me sick. I'm a fan of food network, but your choices are really making me change that fan status. Are your egos so huge that you can't see the forest through the trees? I vote for Ippy now to win.

  8. V. Buldak says:

    I dont want Marita (spanish speaking woman) to win, the network already has several Mexican cooking shows. I would like to see the retro girl with the cool glasses or the big loveable hawaiian to win. The retro cook can show us how to use those appliances we grew up with in new ways, like using the waffle iron as a panini press. The hawaiian can not only show us local recipes, but how about also showing the people and the islands along the way. The "young alton" as I call him might also bring a good show to the network. So I feel the geek cook, the retro cook and the hawaiian cook should be the 3 finalists! And by the way, how about some kitchen cleanliness, washing hands, cleaning work area, wear gloves as the dice or peel foods??

  9. LLM says:

    "Whattaya mean you retrogurgitated my food?"

  10. Fireflightrocks says:

    Hey Geoffry... eat this retro rad knuckle sandwich