Poll: Who’s On Thin Ice?

by in Food Network Star, June 14, 2012

Week after week Star hopefuls are sent to the pitch room, and one by one they are eliminated while others remain. The pardoned finalists have survived to cook another day, but how long will they remain safe? Whether it’s because the clock has been on their side, their teammates have brought them success or they've enjoyed simple luck, some lasting finalists may be just barely hanging on as the competition reaches its halfway point.

Of the remaining 10 finalists, who's on thin ice?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.


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Comments (135)

  1. WillChef1950 says:

    And I totally like cjcal's comment. Paula Deen is so two faced. On the one hand she sells her southern fried style - dip it in concrete and fry the heck out of it ( and yes I have seen her do fried macaroni and cheese)- on the other hand - she is diabetic and is a spokesperson for a drug company that markets drugs for diabetics. How does that make sense? Other than making money for Paula Deen Enterprises. And yes that is her company name.

  2. WillChef1950 says:

    And if Emily says "retro and rad" one more time I will jump out of my skin. It was cute the first time - but after saying it four or five times - its boring and trite.

  3. Tammi says:

    Fried macaroni + cheese? EEWW! (off topic, but) GO MARTITA!!

  4. Patti Hammack says:

    Nikki has been so hateful since this started. Hope she doesn't make it.

  5. Tucker says:

    I am completely over Emily's "retro/rad" POV. She's more of a character than a personality, much like that ridiculous woman on cooking channel's "Bitchin' Kitchen". Emily reminds me of the old Carol Burnett character Stella Toddler. Any minute I keep expecting (hoping) her to get beamed off the head with a frying pan!

  6. Phar says:

    Of the remaining 10 finalists, who’s on thin ice? Part 1
    I am posting my comment after the most recent episode, and now there are only nine finalists. After this episode, I definitely think that Martita should be on thin ice with all of her fans. Her lack of respect for and cooperation with Linkie illustrates a lack of character. Before I go over my reasons, I want to say that Linkie lost because of Linkie. She went as far as she could go, but the lack of a clear vision or POV* and clarity under pressure were faults that she could not move beyond.

    • Phar says:

      Of the remaining 10 finalists, who’s on thin ice? Part 2
      For my reasons as to why Martita should be on thin ice, she threw Linkie under the bus. Team Giada was given a topic that was custom made for Martita, the executives even told her as much. She could have stepped up and shone like a STAR as the team’s leader. Instead, she appeared to want to shine above the others of her team. Martita appeared frustrated that she had to describe a churro, let alone how to make one. A fried doughnut with cinnamon and sugar? That was less than helpful. This episode was a team competition; it is still a little early to work against your teammates. Maybe Martita and Linkie did not get along behind the camera, and that was the reason for the impatience and lack of cooperation.

    • Phar says:

      Of the remaining 10 finalists, who’s on thin ice? Part 3
      Martita threw this perfect opportunity away on many different levels. One, she could have risen as a real leader and culinary expert. Instead, she hides within the group expecting them to carry her. Two, another opportunity to be the culinary expert especially of her own POV: Mexican / Latin cuisine. Another fail, she could not (or did not want to) describe a churro, and could not empathize with another immigrant whose knowledge was incomplete. Three, Martita appeared frustrated that someone did not know what a churro was (or how to spell ‘guacamole’). Maybe Team Giada will get the opportunity to make some South African cuisine next week. Four, Martita’s comments about ‘not carrying the team all of the time,’ and ‘cannot do everything for the team’ (guacamole comments) showcase a lack of leadership and teaching abilities. If she had her own FN show, how does Martita expect her audience to learn? K.I.S.S. And five, Martita failed under the pressure when the FN executives visited their fast food kiosk.

    • Phar says:

      Of the remaining 10 finalists, who’s on thin ice? Part 4
      Should Martita wish to recover fan respect, I feel that she needs to bring forth the leader and teacher aspects of her personality. With the stakes high (FN cable show, possible product sponsors), culinary prowess will not go far if the package is incomplete, just ask Eric, Judson or Linkie. Ante up or fold, Martita.

      *Most of this seasons contestants lack a POV. We are only seeing snippets into the days of the contests and challenges, but it seems like they are clueless as to what is expected of them. After each episode, I get the feeling that their producers (Bobby, Giada, Alton) are failing to provide them sufficient direction and preparation. Granted, we see very little of what actually is happening, but parts we do see gives the audience the feel what is happening when the cameras are off.

  7. Bette says:

    Martie. She talks toooo much. If she had a brain she would be dangerous. Stick to answering the questions, and not giving a history of it.

  8. Barbara says:

    Martie talks too much. How many times does she need to be told to keep it brief. I can't imagine watching her show. I get sick of listening to her stories in just a couple of minutes much less 1/2 hour.