Poll: Who’s On Thin Ice?

by in Food Network Star, June 14, 2012

Week after week Star hopefuls are sent to the pitch room, and one by one they are eliminated while others remain. The pardoned finalists have survived to cook another day, but how long will they remain safe? Whether it’s because the clock has been on their side, their teammates have brought them success or they've enjoyed simple luck, some lasting finalists may be just barely hanging on as the competition reaches its halfway point.

Of the remaining 10 finalists, who's on thin ice?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.


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Comments (135)

  1. Jolene Hunt says:

    bye ,bye Martie I* like either ippy or Emily if by some mircle Martie wins this I will not watch her show as she should have been gone long ago it was especially bad when she was over Judson I have no ideawhat the judges where thinking but I hope they come to there sinces

  2. dessertgirl says:

    Martie has to GO! She is annoying. I wouldn't go to any party that she planned. Sick of her drawl and inability to listen to criticism. I don't understand Bob T's fascination with inept women. He loved Melissa D'Arabian who is the worst chef on tv. When will they realize that she constantly rips off other people's ideas and changes the names or an ingredient. She is NOT Ina even though she rips Ina off all the time. I would watch someone like Emily but the rest of them are terrible. Why is Alton selecting and mentoring contestants. He is weird and annoying and I just can't seem to like him no matter how much information he has.

  3. Mariajain says:

    Martie should have been released from the show, I am sure she is nice, but not charismatic enough for a food show on her own.

  4. WillChef1950 says:

    This is an interesting season ( and I have watched all), as everyone is in the business - we have no amateurs here this year. Martie is definitely weak - she is way too chatty and has nothing to offer. Malcolm with his statement that he didnt' need a POV -- that will get him nowhere on this show, he isn;t gonna make it on his looks, thats for sure. I liked Emily initially, but if she says "retro and rad" one more time, then I will just turn the show off!!! She is not wearing well. I'm pretty much of the opinion of previous comments - it will be either Justin or Martita. I like both, but I am not sure Justin will cut it - he might be a bit too quirky. But you never know, FN fell in a hole and came up smelling like a rose with Guy Fieri - and that blond spikey hair is definitely quirky. But he is most assuredly a standout star!! I'm leaning toward Martita.

  5. WillChef1950 says:

    Martie is histiry - horrible. Malcolm wont last with his "I dont need a POV" that line will certainly get him out the door. I happen to like Justin - he is quirky, bold, brash, adventuresome. I totally like his red galoshes. And yes, he admitted early on that he used lip balm.

  6. Food Fan says:

    Speaking of thin ice....
    Any predictions? Who--do you think will be the bottom two people that will be, that go into "the Pitch Room" tonight? If yer thinking Martie, who else besides her? What if its two others and not her at all? Suppose it was Malcolm and Yvan....?

  7. cjcal says:

    Wow! Saw the episode where Judson was voted out, and yes it should have been Martie. I would watch a healthy-food show from Judson before I'd watch ANYTHING from Martie. Martie is no Paula Deen or Rachael Ray (I say this as a 59-year-old). Where a judge accused Judson of BS, I think one can make the same claim of Ms. Deen (pushing rich food despite her diabetes). Judson overcame the BS thing this week, and Alton was such a hero in explaining the issue, too. Truly, Martie was so exasperating I think Alton was kind of hoping she'd get the boot. I agree Yvan may go this week - this late in the game, they won't do back-to-back eliminations on Alton.

  8. retiredvermonter says:

    Paula Deen and Rachael Ray? Guy Fieri? Giada is tiring, too. We are sick and tired of MANY of these "personalities"! Even Ina is wearing thin, because she screws up so much on her shows (and gets away with it -- why?), and that nervous, silly laugh gets to you after a while!

  9. Food Fan says:

    Anticipation. 3:14pm. After tonights show, I wonder....will tonight be more about:
    who went home...or...
    who really rocked it?
    Always fun to see how the comments go. Most of you will see it before I do, as I'm on the west coast.

  10. WillChef1950 says:

    Martiie is dreadful - Michele wont last - she is just not going to cut it with mainstream viewers - Malcolm wont last with no POV. I totally like Justin - he is cute, quirky, brash, baudacious, edgy, a great chef, innovative, And I do like his hot lips. In the end - I think it will be Martita - attractive Latina woman (although they already have that on FN a couple of times on FN). Rest assured, FN will not let some oddball n'er do well win. And btw, you know the winner only gets a contract for either 6 or 7 shows