Poll: Who’s On Thin Ice?

by in Food Network Star, June 14, 2012

Week after week Star hopefuls are sent to the pitch room, and one by one they are eliminated while others remain. The pardoned finalists have survived to cook another day, but how long will they remain safe? Whether it’s because the clock has been on their side, their teammates have brought them success or they've enjoyed simple luck, some lasting finalists may be just barely hanging on as the competition reaches its halfway point.

Of the remaining 10 finalists, who's on thin ice?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.


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Comments (135)

  1. bweav says:

    Sorry, I think Nikki seems fake. A green blended drink for kids? She had the right idea about nutrition, but what's wrong with some some yogurt or juice and someffruit like bananas, watermelon, strawberries, etc.. That has nutrition and eye appeal as well as sweeter taste kids might find likeable. If I put that green drink in front of my daughter she would sit there until she was starving and not take one sip. Nikki also seems very rehearsed. I just can't get into her f personality for some reason.

    Ippy is laid back. So what? Why not have someone who isn't all amped and super-hyped who can cook and be themselves and just enjoy it all? I wish they would let people be themselves and not force them into a "box". Emily is great, too. She's a character and a good onek. Besides, I am betting they're looking for younger demographic this time around, which doesn't explain Martie, bless her heart, but enough coaching already, and her food isn't that good, the mushrooms sounded unedible to me. It will be interesting to see....

  2. Ash says:

    Nikki is superficial and annoying. Although I know she's recently executed the challenges, I find her unrelatable and lacking personally. Who wants to watch that?

  3. Hannah says:

    For what it's worth, I love Justin. He's my favorite so far perhaps becasue he IS such a freak and so unorthodox. I would definitely watch a TV cooking show with him as host! I do concur with most everyone here...Martie is on her way home. Sad, because she's so likeable, but she really doesn't strike me as FN star material.

  4. Wayne says:

    Dear FN ----Speaking of who should be on thin ice, please......put that dopey new show, "Baron Ambrosia", or whatever his name is on thin ice! What a dumb show! Can't stand the stupid previews much less watch that imbecilic show! Whose idea was that? Yank it! The previews aren't funny...the guy isn't funny...it's just annoying. Weird how you have contestants that are sent home which are talented and then this weird show with this weird guy has his show.

    Yeah I know...then don't watch it. I don't. I just hate to have to even see the previews. You have so many more talented things that can be on...don't you?

    • Jerilee says:

      I said that too. I actuall watched the show, out of curiosity, and because I have an open mind to give a show a fighting chance. The basic idea of the show is OK. The host, Baron Ambrosia, however is not good. He is goofy, has odd expressions, and is just strange. The show might be OK but with a "normal" host, not a character from someone's imagination. Kinda off track for this thread, and just my opinion.

      • Wayne says:

        Yeah I know its off track. Just hoped FN occassionally peruses these blogs and sees how some of us feel which in turn might have an effect on their programming choices. But then again probably not because Diners Dive Ins and Dives would not be on so frequently if they really listened to bloggers opinions.

        A little venting on my behalf. Goes a long way. For me. Got it off my chest.

      • JLF says:

        Kind of makes FN look foolish to have such a goofy character start up a new show right at the same time they have Bob and Susie beating FN Star contestants over the head with "Just be yourself" and "I don't know if you're real or just playing a character".

      • Kaye says:

        Speaking of "normal" hosts - I caught a show (may have been on the cooking channel)hosted by Nadia G???? That had to be the most annoying show ever. Has anyone seen her?

        • Athena says:

          Yes. It's called Bitchin' Kitchen. I watched it last night and I still don't know what I think about it. The premise of the show was different than what I am used to, but the food she made was not anything I would try at home.

  5. Wayne says:

    I agree with you Guest about Malcolm.
    Malcolm I think is under some inclination that as long as he cooks great, he can have a show....he doesn't want to play the Bob & Susie game with the POV mess. He doesn't understand yet. If you wanna play with the other kids toys, they make the rules. If you're in somebody elses house, you have to abide by their rules. Or you can get put out fast. Don't matter what somebody in the White House said about you. You're in Bob & Susies house now bub!

  6. Food Fan says:

    Note the Picture at the top/beginning of this thread.
    Does it look to you, like Bobby is either giving Malcolm a thumbs-up or just gave him a hi-five? Maybe Bobby;s team will have a "hot" night and someone will go home on one of the other teams...? But thats just a guess based on the Pic...

    • Jerilee says:

      Looks like he's giving hi-five to all three of his team members.

      • Food Fan says:

        That could be it, too.
        Its just that he's facing Malcom, so I thought maybe he had a really good night.

        • Food Fan says:

          ps....have you checked out "Bobby" singing in a rock band? See the end of the Star commentary thread. The guy in the band looks kinda like him.

  7. JamesJr says:

    When Nikki yelled, "Are you ready for some girl on grill action?!" you could hear Michele scream YEAH! Then say, "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you said girl on girl action." Seriously, would you watch Michele? She is way too butch and I think Food Network is looking for that person who will bring in the viewers.

    • Gussie's Mom says:

      Well said JamesJr. I couldn't agree more! Michele was kicked off "Chopped" and will be kicked off "Star" too if the judges have any brains. She looks like a blond rooster and had the gall to ask Guy is he was her brother? Yuk!

    • kathy says:

      Yes i would watch michele. So she doesn't go all girly. She can cook seafood, has a good personality and don't judge a book by it's cover. Give the girl a chance.....

  8. Donna says:

    Martie Duncan may be great for hospitality and food, but lacks star quality, at least for TV. I believe she can shine behind the scenes, it's just as rewarding. The whole process, is too much for too long.

  9. JamesJr says:

    As far as the team leaders go I dislike Giada the most. Giada seems too controlling and domineering, Bobby does not seem warm or caring, Alton I believe is the best leader. He seems to really care about his team and really tries to help them become better but without the my way or highway style of Giada. When Giada's team finished their gameday presentation(by the way how does Giada get such easy assignments?)she sounded like she was having an orgasm which I thought was a bit over the top.

  10. Sharron says:

    I thought the judges were unfair in their pick - Martie Duncan should have gone home before now. What is up with this selection. Who wants to see Martie or the cook who made the fish bones. This is a favoratism thing. I am very disappointed.