Guy’s Words of Wisdom

by in Food Network Star, June 13, 2012

Last Sunday, Season 2 winner Guy Fieri stopped by the Star set and challenged the finalists to put on live specials before an audience. Many of them were less intimidated by the spectators than by Guy himself. Despite his warmth and friendliness, it's hard to stand beside that kind of mega star power and measure up.

In this exclusive video, Guy talks about how the show has changed since he competed back in its early days: "With Giada, Bobby and Alton giving them constant mentoring through the entire season? I would have loved to do this. I would love to be a mentor!" He reflects on his own Star mentor and shares words of advice for the finalists, who would be wise to listen up. This Guy knows what he's talking about.


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Comments (24)

  1. Tammi says:

    I have a question.....I know that Justin wears lipstick, but does he ALSO wear blush? He looks like he does.

  2. FNfan says:

    maybe if you had a mentor, they would tell you not to wear sunglasses on the back of your head

    • Wayne says:


    • Rachel says:

      Funny! I have tried to not like GF, but I live in Sonoma and ran into him at Safeway a few weeks back. Little girls and mid-life gentlemen alike were going nuts. I have to give it to him, he was totally patient and stood still while everyone took their photos of him. I still won't watch his shows, they grate on one's nerves.

  3. Rueben says:

    I think Guy would make a good mentor. I wish FN would replay Guy's season. Missed out on that when there was actually a host. Really like Marc Summers and Unwrapped.

  4. Jen says:

    I have NEVER placed a comment on any "reality show" I have watched, until tonight. I CANNOT believe that Judson was let go...I totally think it should have been Martie! I am totally a talker like her, but she doesn't know when to stop, especially tonight when it jeopardized Emily's take. She never once apologized to her or her team, and I really don't think that she thinks she's wrong anyway. I have been rooting for Judson as being one of the finalists, if not the winner! Wrong decision Susie and Bob!

  5. Lorie says:

    I really think the FoodNetwrok Needs Hawaii!!!! I beleive Ippy can do it...He may be laid back, but that is Another different food that the Foodnetwork have not Seen!!! The foodnetwork has the BBQ, Sanchwiches, Asian, India, Homemade, but I have not REALLY seen the Pacific!!! I beleive Ippy can put the SPAM in The CAN too rest!!! I would love too see bananas leaves, pits, pineapple stuff in pork, or whatever in Hawaii style!!!

  6. Frank Demeo says:

    I know Guy's style/attire doesn't sit well with a lo of you but, I don't get the hate. I saw the frosted tips a long time ago and I too judged him before actually watching his show...then I tuned in and he is a natural in front of cameras. He has a confidence when talking to people that doesn't sound rehearsed and that's something some of this season's contestant's lack.

    My current top choices:

    1. Martita - Confident, good food and a natural in this environment. Girl was born to do this. There are still episodes left but, so far....she seems like the one who just shines and acts like she's in control.

    2. Justin - Justin is a food ninja. I like where his mind goes sometimes. His fashion week plate looked awesome...but for me, looked extremely undercooked. But yeah, the guy doesn't hold back when it comes to ideas. He needs to really really work on his on camera stuff though. He's like a robot.

    3. Linkie - So far she's done a lot of desserts & gets negative comments here for that but, if you look up her BIO, she's got plenty culinary experience and she's got the chops. On camera however, she can be really natural one moment (On camera comments between challenges) and then completely out of place and lost the next. The thing is, she's likable, not over-the-top...not too laid back...and she's got an interesting accent. She also seems more than willing to take advice and apply it. THAT IS IMPORTANT in television.

    Good luck Martita!

    • Guest says:

      I thought the same thing about Justin's fashion plate, but thought it was just me, because I don't care for my meat pink! lol I've also noticed the same thing about Linkie, and I wonder if she's just more relaxed when the pressure of the competition is not there?

      • Dolly says:

        I love Martita, would like to see Ippy win and I like Linkie but i want to see more of what she can do ON this show. we don t want to google and have to go look up waht these guys can do. we need to see the chops on the show. if your pov is that food is art we need to see how to turn food into art too. not just desserts. giada lookes scepticel about the cooke she made but she adored it. lets see giada diversify and tell linkie to make other stuff too. the pot pie was not art enough for me. as far as stuttering on camera she sseems intimidatad by the camera and famous folks like guy. and it looks like she is tryiong too hard. the inbetween takes are better because the pressure is off. i think she has some tough comptetion.

  7. Linkie's mom says:

    Since this blog is all about mentoring and wisdom, I thought this quote, I believe to Michele from Bobby is appropriate to highlight at this stage:

    "People that come out into the game really fast, fade really quickly" I thought that was the biggest lesson in this program this far.

    Stars do not just fall out of the sky, they practice to become attempt to wisdom...............

    • Nugget says:

      Right you are. But if you compare the show to other reality shows like American Idol, the front runners usually remain. Look at Phillip Phillips that won this season.He was strong from day 1 and remained so till the end. At this point in FNS, to me at least, the same is true. Michelle faded because she is not a true star. True stars are born, not made. You can see it right from the start. They just continue to shine brighter and brighter as time goes on and become more refined. You can't turn something that is not coal into a diamond. Just my opinion and perhaps my attempt at wisdom.

  8. Food Fan says:

    My 4 favorites are: (no particular order here)

    Ippy: Watch his viedo. He showed some spark and passion when gave a challenge of his own back to the Food Network: "if you will send this Island-boy to your big city, I will perform beyond all your expectations!"(very close quote). His food has always had great flavors! He would bring something new.

    Linkie: Check her Bio & peofile. Skilled in the kitchen. (Have you seen her work?) There is a news-clip where she did use "real food" and compete against other non-pastry Chefs and she held her own very well. So, she can do more than just dessert. Linkie would also bring something new! Her dishes taste good. She isnt fake. Isnt loud. Learns from her Mentors. Great smile.

    Martita: Confident lady. At ease on camera. Also makes good dishes. Leading in fan vote and seems to have alot of people behind her. Good energy.

    Emily: Easy to listen to when she explains/presents. Creative without being toooo out-there. Her Ham/Pineapple with the little "hat" went over very well.

    As it looks now, I could be happy with any of these 4.
    But who knows what will happen with the rest of the challenges?

    • Tamrin says:

      FoodFan do you have a tiny crush on Linkie maybe. Blush blush...

      • Food Fan says:

        Then you'd have to say that anytime i said anything good about any female.

        I have also complimented:
        ...and even Nikki even when she is rated on the bottom of the fan vote.

  9. Sanita says:

    Guy would be a great mentor. What I would like to know is why does everyone have to be a speed freak? I don't think Ippy is laid back. He is just cool and calm. I would watch his show. Why does the "Food Network" want people to change who they are? Is any one else offended how much everyone is reminded that their talent is a BRAND? I know money is the name of the game, but give it a rest. I watch "Food Network" to get great idea's and tips. I'm just saying.......................