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by in Food Network Star, June 13, 2012

Perhaps cooking for a wake would have been easier after all.

On Sunday night's episode, Team Bobby drew what was arguably the short straw of the live television themes. Guy gave them the challenge of Cooking for Kids, while Team Alton and Team Giada enjoyed Halloween and Game Day themes, respectively.

Team Bobby's Michele was a little irked: “Seriously? It’s Halloween every day with Team Alton. Have you seen them?” She adds of her other competition, “This is like a gift to Team Giada. Game Day — who can’t win? Cooking for Kids — now that’s a challenge.”

Nikki, Malcolm and Michele decided to present their dishes under the umbrella of “mindful meals," even though Bobby warned, "For the kids, it’s gotta be fun and playful. They have to be totally into it.” And while the team's live demo and individual dishes proved to be hits with the judges — and earned them immunity from this week’s elimination — Nikki’s kale-banana smoothie was a miss with the children. "I love the green smoothie," said Bob Tuschman, "but I'm not four years old."

During the episode, the fan chatter on Food Network’s Facebook and Twitter pages turned to Nikki’s green drink. Food Network Star viewers wondered if young eaters would buy into the healthful smoothie, made with potentially bitter raw kale. One fan, Debbie Bookstaber @buzzmommy, summed up much of the online conversation, which earns her our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (43)

  1. Guest says:

    I question the reasoning behind the dual win in this episode. From the way that the episode was edited, it seemed that Team Giada should have won, and Teams Bobby and Alton should have been in the bottom. I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a secondary motivation to keep each team's numbers relatively similar. Had a contestant from Team Bobby been eliminated in this episode, the team would have been left with a mere two members. Thus, Team Bobby was not called out for its [understandable] missteps.

    • Wayne says:

      Sooo right! Twas foul play.

      And if they remove one of Giadas next week, we'll know for sure, they're trying to keep the numbers equal across the board. Unless one of Giada's IS really the absolute worse of all the teams...though it seems Martie can be counted on to mess up somehow each week.

      • MomfromTX says:

        I agree. I find Marti so annoying. Her brain does not slow down enough and she seems total unaware of those around her. After she ran into Emily's time- gee what a surprise there- she did not care she went on and on talking. She makes way too many excuses . Please vote her off. Why is she even still on.

        • FunSized says:

          Yeah Marty should have definatley gone home!! And I am pretty sure they are just trying to even numbers because it has stayed relatively similiar and a team has not lost a finalist 2 weeks in a row yet.

  2. markohio says:

    As viewers, we really have no way of knowing how each team was given its assignment, but perhaps on the show, they shuold have each team draw for its challenge. I also questioned a few days ago how they could have called it a tie between Bobby and Giada's team, based on what was shown, and also suspected it was a way to ensure that the Alton's team would lose someone, since his team appeared to have two of the weakest contestants on it (Judson and Martie). As I mentioned in another blog in here, I recommend that FN revert back to 3 judges; almost any other competition where there is judging there are three judges. I am sure there have been, and will in the future be times where Bob and Susie do not intially agree on who should leave. It would be good to have a third voice (maybe a guest judge each week if they can not procure a permanent judge). They could even have a contest to let certain fans be a guest judge once in a while (they would have to prescreen them to ensure they have the chops to do it, but it would make for a more interesting show, and fans could become more involved).

  3. Marsha says:

    Actually, they can do whatever they want. It's their show! If they put too many rules in place, they might have to follow them and pick someone they don't want to pick. I think FN has set it up exactly like they want.

  4. Athena says:

    There's too much flip flopping around with the rules on the show this year. Two teams win the challenge and the entire losing team has to compete in the producer's challenge?! Come on!

  5. Tammi says:

    Judson shouldn't have gone home. He was nice and he had a good POV, when he finally found it. Giada was HILARIOUS after her team did their presentation. She was screaming, literally. I nearly was too, though.

    • JLF says:

      I thought she was over the top.

      • Tom says:

        I did too. She is as fake as they come and I find it quite vulgar when she acts so overly enthused.

        • Christine says:

          I agree with you, Tom. They have absolutely saturated the Food Network with Rachael Ray,
          Giada DeLaurentiis, and Bobby Flay. I am sick of all of them. There is nothing genuine about any of those three.

          • momfromtx says:

            I agree with you you both.It is so annyoing and fake how Giada smiles all of the time and it is not even a real smile on her show. It has started to put me off . Who does that

          • FunSized says:

            I can't believe Ippy always says stuff like, "she's like a mom" and stuff like that.....i dont understand her team.....i like them but definatley not her.....

    • MoHub says:

      Giada was an embarrassment to her team with all that adolescent screaming. If I'd been in her group, I'd have been looking for a place to hide under the presentation counter.

  6. Eden says:

    I doubted the authenticity of her enthusiasm. Thought there was a little BS artist in her.

  7. FNfan says:

    pretty boring post of the week if you ask me

  8. Hans says:

    After meeting Sandwich King Jeff Mauro in Miami this year I must say the shows producers know what they are doing. I didn't think he had what it took, but Jeff's charisma in person changed my mind about watching the show on television and meeting the live person.

  9. Rueben says:

    You know I always thought Michele would have fit right in with Team Alton. If she would just lose the nose ring...... It looks like the Sandwich King will be competing on Chopped! Looking forward to that! Let's see if King Jeff has what it takes.

  10. Makemyown says:

    OK. I'm still not sold on any of them. Some are likeable; some are not. But I still don't think I'd watch any of them

    Justin: He's fun. He's different. But I really have no clue as to what kind of show he'd have. Beef Strogonoff represented as cubes of beef and gravy gel ?? That just doesn't grab me.

    Emily: Yes quirky. Re-making 'old' recipes? I don't know. I like meatloaf with gravy and mashed potatoes, just the way it is...I add salsa, different spices and herbs, sauces..which make it different but still meatloaf.

    Martie: Ehhh. Don't feel one way or the other. "Entertaining" recipes ? Not really different. And her rambling....Stories are great but they need a point.

    Judson: Too bad he left. He might have had something to help all of us who want/need to lose weight and how to go about it with flavor !

    Nikki: Who is she ? I haven't a clue. She looks/sounds plastic. Don't get anything from her on camera. I don't get a POV.

    Michelle: Interesting. Different look. Don't know if it will work, week after week... New England cooking...seafood ???

    Malcolm. Kinda of like him. If he can do things for kids - make it fun - family stuff (not like Melissa-UGH). As a Dad he can appeal to all those single dads who actually watch FoodNetwork

    Ippy: Like the laid back but he does need a shot of spark. Hawaiian ....yes. love to know more. Maybe he can do it.

    Linkie: Like her. Needs confidence. Desserts could work because I'm always looking for different ideas.

    Maritita: really like her energy. Mexican....see alot of it on different shows..But authentic for those of us who are not Mexican would be great !! Unfortunately, cilantro and I don't agree.

    Yvan: Like his approach. Upbeat..Great smile...not clear what his POV is.

    Jury's still out. No one has really stepped out and said 'Look at me'. Wait and see.

    And FN....schedule the shows from the winner at a time when they can get an audience. Not Sunday morning. Do we have to choose...going to church or watching FN ?? Give them a fighting chance... Maybe prime time....OMG that's a great idea !!!!!

    • Frank Demeo says:

      No kidding @ the time slot winners get for their shows. Everyone's hung over on Sunday morning...who's gonna wake up that early thinking about cooking? No good.

    • FunSized says:

      I would like to disagree with you Makemyown. I think Justin is quirky and fun and interesting. Emily COULD be really interesting but she needs to stop using such hollow words like "retro" and "rad". I do not like Marty. AT ALL. I felt so sad for Justin when Susie said, " you have a little BS artist in you" what does that even mean!!??? Poor Judson....right when he was geting good :'(. Don"t think anyone on Giadas team could win. Michelle could win but not Malcolm or Nikki. Nikki is just a Barbie and Malcolm is so boring.