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by in Food Network Star, June 13, 2012

Perhaps cooking for a wake would have been easier after all.

On Sunday night's episode, Team Bobby drew what was arguably the short straw of the live television themes. Guy gave them the challenge of Cooking for Kids, while Team Alton and Team Giada enjoyed Halloween and Game Day themes, respectively.

Team Bobby's Michele was a little irked: “Seriously? It’s Halloween every day with Team Alton. Have you seen them?” She adds of her other competition, “This is like a gift to Team Giada. Game Day — who can’t win? Cooking for Kids — now that’s a challenge.”

Nikki, Malcolm and Michele decided to present their dishes under the umbrella of “mindful meals," even though Bobby warned, "For the kids, it’s gotta be fun and playful. They have to be totally into it.” And while the team's live demo and individual dishes proved to be hits with the judges — and earned them immunity from this week’s elimination — Nikki’s kale-banana smoothie was a miss with the children. "I love the green smoothie," said Bob Tuschman, "but I'm not four years old."

During the episode, the fan chatter on Food Network’s Facebook and Twitter pages turned to Nikki’s green drink. Food Network Star viewers wondered if young eaters would buy into the healthful smoothie, made with potentially bitter raw kale. One fan, Debbie Bookstaber @buzzmommy, summed up much of the online conversation, which earns her our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (43)

  1. Guest says:

    I have a problem with the tactless way Giada puts down the contestants on Bobby and Alton's teams. Bobby and Alton sit there quietly and respect the other contestants, and when Giada sees another contestant doing a good job, she interjects something negative. Anything to win I guess. It's obvious she thinks this is her own competition and her teletubbies are just a means to an end, while Bobby and Alton are interested in finding the best person for the job. She needs to just keep her mouth shut and let the contestants do their thing. Coaching is not dictating.

  2. Food Fan says:

    Just for fun & humor....

    Besides beinbg an Iron Chef, who knew that Bobby was a also a talented Rocker?
    Check out this Youtube clip. Note the lead singer with the Harmonica. Do you see any resemblance? This might have been Bobby 15 years ago. (grin). What a guy!
    Bobby, if yer readin' this...all in fun. :)

  3. Mariajain says:

    I would watch Ippy or Emily, I did like Judson, too bad he went home. Ippy and Emily are good with the camera, the remaining contestants are either too aloof or just not made for TV.

  4. kelleyaynn says:

    It seems like they are trying to keep the three teams relatively even. I thought it was clear that Giada's team won. Not both Bobby and Giada's teams. I suspect that the final episode will have one person from each team, regardless of who actually deserves to be there. And I think that's a real shame.

  5. guest says:

    i don't think the drink really suited the "kids" theme. going for sweet fruit would have been more appealing to the kids.

  6. Disappointed says:

    Sad to see Linkie go- it appears Bob and Susie are keeping some of the worst to keep the drama going. Think it will come down to Justin (don't really want to watch him long term), Emily (would watch her), Ivan (would watch him), Martita (already sick of her) and Michelle (ditto- she can cook but tired of her personality already). When Bob and Susie are trying to pick who they think will sell and have appeal- just who are they trying to market a new food network show to? Who is the market they are trying to capture? They've got to have something to run besides Triple D night and after night 3 shows in a row. C'mon! Show us some cooking at night! Put The Sandwich King on or Throwdowns with Bobby Flay, oldies but goodies- just give us a break from Guy Fierri. The station overexposes some of their top personalities and the audience tires of them.

  7. ofelia odon says:

    I am from Venezuela, Sout America and I like your program very much. I tried to vote for Ivan Lemoine in the morning, afternoon and nigh, but at this hour 11:51 my vote hadnt been counted yet. I want to know if you are making fun of the fans????- Thank you