Team Alton: Three Remain

by in Food Network Star, June 12, 2012

When Bob and Susie declared that Team Bobby and Team Giada were both winners of the Guy Fieri live show challenge, it was bad news for Team Alton. All four members faced the Producers' Challenge and the pitch room, where no matter what happened, one teammate would be going home. Alton went to bat for all of his finalists: "Every one of these people is going to make your brain tie up in knots. You're not going to be able to let one of them go," he told Bob and Susie.

But they had to pick someone, and in the end, Judson Allen bid farewell to the team. Judson had recently turned a corner with his new POV, focusing on healthy food and his personal weight-loss journey, but he continued to struggle with his authenticity on camera.

Before heading home, Judson reflected on the experience of working with Alton: "I don't think words can sum up how much I have valued his mentorship."

Bob and Susie also share their take on Alton as team leader: "He's getting so attached to his team. When they suffer, he suffers. I don't think people see that side of Alton," says Bob.

Hear more from Alton, Bob, Susie and Judson in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was his time to go home?

Flip through Judson’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Five.


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Comments (184)

  1. Rebecca says:

    I was sorry to see Judson go. He really started to intrigue me during those final moments. I would love to have heard how he lost so much weight. That's really a point of view you don't have on the network. Bobby Dean does healthier food, but from not from the perspective of someone who ever had serious weight to loose. And there really is a difference between those who need to loose 10 lbs and those who need to loose 100+ lbs.

  2. brit06 says:

    Im So upset the set Judson home. He deserved to stay! Im discusted to watch this episode

  3. Again says:

    Martie better go next or I don't think I can handle watching one more episode of this show. Linkie is annoying also as well as that girl on Bobby's team .... Can't remember name. Dark hair...... Blender mishap nikki? But Martie the worst she is SO annoying and needs to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guy even told her she was done at least twice and she cut him off and kept going. Alton's warned her she should have been immediate cut messing up Emily Martue is a complete idiot. If she's not gone Alton's entire team will be gone cuz she brings them down every week

  4. joan says:

    Big mistake getting rid of Judson, chatty Kathy should of gone, He had so much to offer.she is worthless

  5. Guest says:

    I've never understood the criticism of contestants as sounding "rehearsed." I thought Judson sounded "prepared' and "professional." Judson spoke well. He should have stayed. As he grew into the role, he would have relaxed a little.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      What they mean is, they want someone who can talk to the cameras like they were talking to you right there in the same room. More personable and less as if they were talking to an auditorium of people. They want the connection with individuals & Judson was not selling it. I agree....and as much as one may dislike people like Guy and others....they have that. Its natural for them.

  6. Mona says:

    Martie should definately have gone before Judson, she screwed Emily out of her time because she can't SHUT her mouth, her comment about Pennsylvania was offensive! she hasn't made anything that looked appetizing at all and she is just plain annoying! Judson was going to go eventually, he doesn't have the personality for a show.

  7. S.J. says:

    Whoa, looking at the comments on these past few pages makes me think there's some kind of tug-of-war going on about......Martita? Deanna, I watched Martita and she is not what you say she's like. I actually want her to win. Go Martita! (And don't even think about saying anything mean about me please just because I want a girl to win.)

  8. fromeverydaytogourmet says:

    I'm so disappointed in Susie and Bob for not sending Martie home. First of all, her POV is boring and frankly, I don't believe she is an expert on throwing parties. But second, I think more importantly, she has been unable to take Bob, Susie and AB's direction on not talking too much and hogging the time during team challenges. Her selfishness is constantly causing issues for her teammates. And poor Judson. He finally was able to find his voice and a great POV and he gets eliminated. Such a disappointment.

  9. Maggie says:

    This show went from horrible to a train wreak! This new format makes no sense. This is just a personality contest. And Alton is really coming off as a jerk! Too bad because I seems so nice on Good Eats

  10. suzie says:

    Not on board at all with all the Martie hate. I like her a lot and think the party POV isgreat. She does have trouble reining herself in, but i learning. That' might be why they showed her rehearsal tapes and not the others. You're silly if you think she is the only contestant who had to do several rehearsals.
    I think Emily is very phony - talk about rehearsed. At least they called her on it last time, finally.

    • j -- says:

      I don't know about "phony," but I'd like to know what's behind Emily Ellyn's love for all things retro.