Team Alton: Three Remain

by in Food Network Star, June 12, 2012

When Bob and Susie declared that Team Bobby and Team Giada were both winners of the Guy Fieri live show challenge, it was bad news for Team Alton. All four members faced the Producers' Challenge and the pitch room, where no matter what happened, one teammate would be going home. Alton went to bat for all of his finalists: "Every one of these people is going to make your brain tie up in knots. You're not going to be able to let one of them go," he told Bob and Susie.

But they had to pick someone, and in the end, Judson Allen bid farewell to the team. Judson had recently turned a corner with his new POV, focusing on healthy food and his personal weight-loss journey, but he continued to struggle with his authenticity on camera.

Before heading home, Judson reflected on the experience of working with Alton: "I don't think words can sum up how much I have valued his mentorship."

Bob and Susie also share their take on Alton as team leader: "He's getting so attached to his team. When they suffer, he suffers. I don't think people see that side of Alton," says Bob.

Hear more from Alton, Bob, Susie and Judson in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was his time to go home?

Flip through Judson’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Five.


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  1. Luna says:

    I feel really bad for Judson. Being in there twice must be scary and plus the other time when he thought he was going to be in there. Judson's a cool guy but Martie loses my interest. Clearly, Judson wanted it and with his dream crushed, he's depressed. I hope he knows that there are many more oppurtunities for him and that he should keep trying. After hearing all these comments, maybe the judges will realize that they should've kept Judson.
    I agree with Deanna. A lot of us like Ippy being laid back. We all know it's not that he doesn't want it. It's just that he wants to be the person he left Hawaii as. I'm sure that tons of us like Ippy for the way he is.
    Also, I hear a lot of people saying that it's not fair that Team Bobby got "cooking for kids". I know people that are 6-8 and will eat anything, and I'm not that picky though I'm a few years older. Plus, Team Bobby wasn't at the bottom so clearly "cooking for kids" wasn't that big of a problem.
    That aside, these are my top from each team.
    Team Giada: Martita
    Team Alton: Either Justin or Emily
    Team Bobby: Michele

  2. Frank Demeo says:

    How many of you DON'T think the next cut will be on Giada's team? ;-) I don't think they will let teams get too uneven. I would be very impressed if they do. I am rooting for Martita. But even if we look at everyone else on Giada's team, none should go home before Martie or Nikki. Ippy ain't the most exciting...but him before Martie? I don't think so. Yvan? Still not as weak as Martie. Linkie? Yeah, I know the dessert thing is making us all wonder but, she certainly has shown more chops than Martie.

    Has anyone else noticed how quiet things are when it comes to Malcolm? Could it be because he isn't that controversial?

    • Marsha says:

      What is Malcolm's point of view again? I don't remember.

      • markohio says:

        He does not have a POV, nor does he feel he needs one (well, that is what he stated in the last show). Personally, I think that is going to cost him in the future.

  3. Stu says:

    I love Judson and I am GREATLY enjoying his tweets on Twitter. I WAS THE MOST BUMMED TO SEE HIM GO HOME. Its sometimes tough to watch Food Network as an athlete. I think it would be nice to see a Healthy Show on the channel. Judson is the man for that!

    • Rueben says:

      I am enjoying Judson's tweets on Twitter as well. Josh Lyons also tweets. Emily and Justin as well tweet. Mysteriously the only two that are not tweeting are the two of the front runners - Martita and Ippy.

  4. Tammi says:

    Hey, Deanna, you just need to chill and relax. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. So is everybody else's. you don't need to swear and curse at people and call them stupid (see previous pages) You don't need to force your opinion. I'm not trying to force mine. I just think that the blog would be a nicer place if you kept it swear/curse free and be nice to people. So, if you need to blow off steam, go throw a 20-pound weight at a empty garbage can or something. I throw pillows (among other things) when I get REALLY mad. Besides, about the Mexican show thing, how many Mexican show are there? The only one I've heard of is the Marcella lady. That's the only Mexican show on the FN channel. There's the Cooking channel, but I RARELY watch that, if at all.

  5. Guest says:

    I'm reading a lot of comments in which fans expressed dissatisfaction with Alton Brown. I suppose that I'm biased (I'm a sucker for nerds), but can any of you folks elaborate on the reasons behind said displeasure? I'm just curious. Thanks.

    • Rueben says:

      I love Alton! Love, love, love Good Eats! It's a classic show. I always loved with Shirley Corrier made an appearance. Lobster man.....the lawyers....etc. al.

      • michaelene says:

        Alton: people who dislike him is because of his ATTITUDE....real or perceived.
        He seems persnickety, pompous etc. I'm amazed he hasn't had those on his team tell us everything about what they are doing via the metric system...which Alton does on HIS snooty show!

        Those on his team are intimidated just because he is THERE!!!

    • smd says:

      I’ve always been kind of neutral I guess but I wasn’t interested in his show at all. But I think he is a good mentor for his team and feels bad, seems sincere, when they get the boot. I did not like when he yelled at Martie when he said if she couldn’t talk and cook to shut up and cook… last week? It was tough love and she took it well, but he dimmed a little in my eyes even if what he said was true. And I know it’s all about the editing to get the promo to get people to watch. I like him better than I have before so that’s a start. I think he is a good foil for the other two as he is so different.

      • joyce says:

        I agree. Although Alton seems to want to put on the facade of an hypo-emotional professor, he actually seems to have more emotional investment in his team than do Bobby or Giada.

  6. Lauren says:

    Why didn't Martie get sent home? She is annoying and she insulted all of us who are from Pennsylvania. She has done horribly since the beginning. SEND HER HOME NOW!!!!!!!!!

  7. smdr23 says:

    Martie should have gone home. She drives me nuts. Just the fact that we had to see her rehearse and no one else says it all. I wouldn't watch hershow her rambling voice is annoying.

    • slk says:

      I think the fact that we saw only her rehearsals was probably due to the editors' decision to attempt to build tension/drama. They gave her the "loser edit," probably to shock the audience at the end when she was not eliminated from the competition.

  8. PAG says:

    Very upset about Judson leaving. Not surprised though, it appears the quirkier you are the better chance you have of winning. You can almost see the writing on the wall that Justin or the beautiful Martita is going to win. I won't be watching the show as much based upon the way things are going. It's pretty obbious who the favorites are

  9. Frank Demeo says:

    Watching the episode again (They aired it twice tonight) and Judson's catfish actually looked pretty good. His video presentation was god awful but, I like how he breaded and baked that fish in the oven. It definitely looked tastier than that ugly mushroom UFO Martie plated. That thing looked unappetizing.

    • Guest says:

      I don't think they even aired the judges' responses to the contestants' food. Maybe because, if they had, viewers would be even more upset with Judson's elimination than they already are. Judson's catfish looked much tastier than Martie's cream cheese-filled mushrooms.

  10. Jen says:

    I hate this new format....who ever thought Alton would be down right RUDE to his team! For someone who does his show in Alpharetta, Ga - he has NO MANNERS!!!! what happen to southern charm, manners, in fact just being a decent person. Alton you're becoming an €<~|~ Let's face it - Plain and simple - the "witch" n "leprechaun" will pick WHO THEY LIKE BEST!!!! For this picking of a new star show has and is rigged... for the last 2 stars should have never been picked -

    • michaelene says:

      Ya got that right about Alton. I've felt that way since his own first show. He makes everything so DIFFICULT!
      And...his expressions when his "team members" are doing their thing is as if to say," you dummies".
      NO to Alton