Team Alton: Three Remain

by in Food Network Star, June 12, 2012

When Bob and Susie declared that Team Bobby and Team Giada were both winners of the Guy Fieri live show challenge, it was bad news for Team Alton. All four members faced the Producers' Challenge and the pitch room, where no matter what happened, one teammate would be going home. Alton went to bat for all of his finalists: "Every one of these people is going to make your brain tie up in knots. You're not going to be able to let one of them go," he told Bob and Susie.

But they had to pick someone, and in the end, Judson Allen bid farewell to the team. Judson had recently turned a corner with his new POV, focusing on healthy food and his personal weight-loss journey, but he continued to struggle with his authenticity on camera.

Before heading home, Judson reflected on the experience of working with Alton: "I don't think words can sum up how much I have valued his mentorship."

Bob and Susie also share their take on Alton as team leader: "He's getting so attached to his team. When they suffer, he suffers. I don't think people see that side of Alton," says Bob.

Hear more from Alton, Bob, Susie and Judson in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was his time to go home?

Flip through Judson’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Five.


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Comments (184)

  1. LCRoy says:

    I wish Martie had gone home. Judson has some real problems but Martie is just so annoying and doesn't seem very bright or innovative. Would not watch her if she became a Food Network Star.

    • Sean says:

      I agree 100%. She is like a broken record.

    • Tempie says:

      i wish Giada would go home...she is totally annoying.

      • Vordulin says:

        Agreed as well, my skin crawls when she is on the screen. I actually have difficulty watching the show at all due to her. She is so creepy looking I can barely stomach it. Then you get to her personality and she is intelligent and knows what she's doing, but very annoying about it.

    • Marsha says:

      I like Martie. jmo

    • Vordulin says:

      I agree completely as well. Martie is so completely dumb I get agitated when she is on and talking. I had mixed feelings on Judson, though I was looking forward to seeing the possibility of him transforming.

    • Sunflower17 says:

      You are sooo right!! Martie HAS TO GO!!! She has nothing to share with us and I would never watch her. Paint drying would be more interesting. Judson does have his problems but I definately think FN made a HUGE mistake when they sent Judson home. He had so much more to give and was just finding his POV. FN think about a way to bring him back. Please.

    • Viv Honicutt says:

      This is the first time the Judges made a HUGE mistake!!! Judson when we found out he had lost ALL that weight he became A LOT more interesting, He had so much MORE to give!!! Martie ALWAYS had some problem, and wasn't as informative as Judson! BRING HIM BACK, and maybe for the first time give him an other chance! To see what he has acomplished, even befor he got there, gave us with extra pounds HOPE! I tried his dish and it was delishious and was easy and the whole family liked it, it gave us ideas fo a unique flavor instead of the so o'thing! He was really working at it, Martie just didn't have the push, and the "gut want" to win! I hope it isn't to late to give us someone who can teach us what we are needing today, as most of us have to many pounds! He's the winner last week!!!!

  2. Ozone says:

    Team Bobby should have been the bottom team - only Michele had a good presentation. Malcolm completely forgot to say he's a dad and Nikki was just out of her element - anyone with kids knows that her green shake was a bad idea. The challenges are meant to prove that the finalists can thrive no matter what situation they find themselves in, and Nikki and Malcolm failed. The star element just isn't there.

    • JLF says:

      I don't care if Malcome says he a dad. That is secondary to whether he understood the concept of making food for kids - he showed he did when he said "let them play with their food". Just one more example of how the judges think we want an entire back story on all of food show hosts.

    • Liz says:

      Agree. Should have been Nikki from Team Bobby and either Judson or Martie from Team Alton.

  3. Frank Demeo says:

    Regardless, ...whether it was this time or at a later time...Judson was not gonna win. So I feel for his supporters but the guy had a target painted on him and he was going home anyway. Oh and don't worr, Martie will eventually get the proverbial hook as well.

    • ilovecheese says:

      I think Judson could of eventually been a real success but I agree they wanted to get rid of him.

  4. Deanna says:

    I get tired of the Network saying Ippy is "too laid back". Then when he tries to kick it up a notch, they say it's "forced". I want to learn about island cooking AND island time. I could use a little laid back and relaaaxxxx in my life. Lu's food I've never had the opportunity to learn about. Do you want them to be "real"? Then stop trying to force them.

    • Sean says:

      I am getting tired of the spiked hair, in your face direction the network is going. They need an Ippy with a laid back, relaxed, cooking-is-fun show.

    • Liz says:

      Right, Ippy has a fresh and unique perspective, he doesn't need to fit some existing mold.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. I would like to learn more about island cooking and i would like to learn how to be more relaxed in the kitchen.

    • LHSSC says:

      I like Ippy, but I've not seen anything he cooked yet, that I found inspiring. I know a little bit about Island food, but not as much as I would like. I don't see any indication that Ippy is going to teach me much more than the meager amount I already know
      If that changes I'll be a fan. Otherwise, he is just a pleasant part of the scenery

    • ilovecheese says:

      I agree completely! They keep griping about how they have to bring their self to the table yet they want Ippy to be some energizer bunny! I can't stand it. I think he makes very interesting and unique dishes and his calming and soothing communication would make an enjoyable food show.

    • Kimberly says:

      I so agree with you! I love Ippy and his laid back personality! I laugh about them complaining about people forcing their enthusiasm or being a salesman personality (Judson)but yet they still buy into Rachel Ray! There's a fake upbeat personality if I ever saw one! :)

  5. Deanna says:

    Also. Not Lu's. CURSE YOU iPAD! Lol!

  6. Deanna says:

    watching this epi on demand again. LINKIE has GOT to go!

    • MoHub says:

      If I'd had my druthers, I'd have had Eric and Linkie in the bottom two a week ago, with Eric staying and Linkie going home. Ippy did not belong there, as Linkie flubbed both her presentation and her recipe.

  7. Deanna says:

    I call shenanigans. Guy came into Team Giada's party and said "what do we got going here?". he said BUT NOTHING to Team Alton. Niiiice, FN.

    • JLF says:

      It did feel like AB's team was set up. Surely Guy could have figured out that Justin was waiting for him to start and could have jumped in long before the crickets started chirping. I think it was rude.

    • Vordulin says:

      On a side note related to this, I've lost all faith in Guy when I went to three different places he showcased on 3D's & all of them where horrible food. After eating at these places due to him, I watched him closely with opened eyes on his show. He is completely full of it on 3D. He says everything is awesome and the best.

  8. JLF says:

    Someone else already said this but I can't find it now - it was ridiculous that 2 teams got fun events to plan their food around, but Bobby's team got stuck with cooking for kids. Really - couldn't they have thought of even one more fun event: a picnic, a romantic first date, anything?? In every competition I've seen, cooking for kids is ALWAYS the most brutal. Kids are picky and they don't respond well to unfamiliar foods. You have to keep it relatively simple, so it doesn't allow the cooks to really show off creative ideas and skills, so how impressive can they be for the judges? If you don't make it "healthy" or in this case "mindful", then you get criticised for feeding them junk. WIth the exception of the green smoothie, I think Team Bobby did a pretty good job with a really lousy assignment.

    • Nikki says:

      Thanks JLF. Haha. We could have done a better job cooking for that wake! Lol. In my defense I shoulda referred to the smoothies as "Hulk Juice" which is what I say to my godsons and they LOVE them! But ya only got so much to so in such little time! Thanks for watching!

      • JLF says:

        Hulk Juice - great name, it might have caught the kids' imagination. Since we viewers can't taste the food, can't guess whether they would have been happier with the taste with the snappy name.

      • happywife says:

        I have six picky kids, ages 1-9, and five of them love green smoothies. Maybe they should have picked a wider age range of kids to taste-test. Those kids all looked like 4 year olds or so.

      • MoHub says:

        Wish you really had gotten the wake. It could have been a whiskey-fueled Irish brawl, and Bobby would be just the guy to coach and advise.

  9. Food Fan says:

    Team Alton.
    Martie should be next to go on his team.
    She's a friendly soul, but others are just simply outdoing her.

    That said, sittoing here thinking about it, I think next after her to go is....
    ...probably Yvan. I'm just not connecting with this guy.
    And in the live show challenge we just saw, it looked to me as if he were just too obviously trying to act like and sound like and talk like, Guy Fieri. It works for Guy, but its just too much of a Copy-cat thing for him.
    But what if Martie and Yvan were gone?
    Who would be eliminated after them? I dont know. I'm feeling like it'd likely be a toss-up between:
    Nikki--Justin --Michelle. And each for different reasons. Unless they can really pull it out and take off. But if Martie and Yvan went home, by then, the others who already in the lead would probably be too far ahead.
    Just me "thinkin' out loud". We'll see.

    • Wayne says:

      I'm noticing Food Fan that whomever Bob n Susie continually gives negative feedback is usually definitely leaving. That said, even though Nikki was in the poo poo room once, she turned things around & impressed Bob.
      Thus I believe with a toss up between Nikki, Justin & Michelle, it would be Michelle. They'll get around to Malcolm too & giving him the boot.
      Remember Michelle says in one of the previews, 'I will fight to the death' so we know shes on her way out in some upcoming episode.

  10. Tammi says:

    I want either Ippy or Martita to win. Reasons why I don't like the others: Justin creeps me out, Emily is an actress, Martie rambles, Malcome doesn't have a POV, Nikki is fake, Michelle is a girl Guy Fieri, Linkie is limited with her POV, and Yvan....what's his POV? I think that's everybody. did I miss anyone? I didn't want Judson to go home. I wish he had stayed for a longer time then MARTIE. Judson was a sweet guy, like Eric but with more personality.

    • Deanna says:

      Oh God. Please don't give us another Mexican show.

    • Tara says:

      Ippy is boring and does not have the appeal to want to be seen on a show on a weekly basis. Martita is well over done and will lead to a show that has already been on the food network. They should choose someone that would bring something new to the network.