Martita vs. Ippy: Your Week 4 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 11, 2012

With Judson's departure this week, Team Alton and Team Bobby are both down to three members. Team Giada is holding the lead with four finalists still standing — two of whom continue to dominate our weekly Fan Vote. This week, Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona are tied for the lead, each claiming 19% of your votes. That means nearly 40% of you are rooting for either Martita or Ippy.

Emily Ellyn, Linkie Marais and Justin Warner are not far behind with 15%, 14% and 13% of the vote, respectively.

Let us know in the comments: What makes Martita or Ippy your fan favorite? Or if you disagree, which finalist do you think deserves more Fan Vote love?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Four Fan Vote results:


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Comments (190)

  1. Michele says:

    Well, I'm not from Hawaii or any other island so I'm not simply voting for Ippy out of loyalty to a local hometown man. (not that there's anything wrong with that ! )
    I'm voting for him as he is totally charming on the show and the Judges love his food.
    Keep up the good work, Ippy !!!!

  2. Food Fan says:

    My clock says 8:53pm as I type this.....amd Ippy and Martita are tied at 19% each, now.

  3. Puzzled says:

    I am a bit confused, maybe someone else noticed this and can clarify. Linkie told Guy Fierra that every fooball party needs a chocolate chip cookie. She also told Giada during the brainstorming part that was what she would be making but in the kitchen, she said it was pecan. The final cookie was a a pecan cookie with cranberry, dipped in chocolate. That is quite a discrepancy. Why did she tell Guy about a chocolate chip cookie then? Any one else puzzled about this?

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Yeah, I wondered about that. Perhaps the cookie part of the cookie was chocolate chip and the cream in the middle was the pecan/cranberry? Or maybe it was a pecan chocolate chip cookie with cranberry cream? Meh. Not sure.

      • RiceCakes says:

        Noticed it too and it bugged me. So I watched it again and that was a huge inconsistency. I don't think the cookie was chocolate chip at all. It was light in color and was definitely pecan. That is what Linkie said it was. The filling was light too, so no chocolate seen there either, except maybe choc chips that were white? It was dipped in chocolate, but that does not classify it as a chocolate cookie. I wonder if Guy said something but the footage ended up on the cutting room floor? I think the inconsistency is why the recipe is not on here. Peeps are gonna be looking for a chocolate chip recipe only to find a pecan recipe.

        • Nemo says:

          Glad I was not the only one that noticed that. I definitely did not see any chocolate chip cookie there either. The pecan did look good but it was confusing.

  4. Guest says:

    Interestingly enough, at 10:33am EST Martita is now at 23% and Ippy is at 22%.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Gotta wonder if the ones at the way bottom...are there because they aren't encouraging anyone to vote for them...because they KNOW they are eliminated? Something to think about. hmmmmm

  5. Food Fan says:

    Here is what puzzles me:
    If you look at pg.1 of this thread, there is a post by someone named Gavin.
    The post is about Martita and its a positive post about her.
    I, also, have positive things to say about Martita. She has great energy and her food is good. I remember an excellent Cerviche' she made. All of this is good.
    So is it, that Gavin's positive post has a -19 if Martita is #1 in the fan vote?

    • Jerilee says:

      No rhym or reason. Perhaps he was too enthusiastic in his comments?????

    • JLF says:

      Fan votes are manipulative popularity polls. Those punching the vote buttons (10 times everyday) are not the same people participating in the blog. If I were a contestant, I'd get everyone I know to stuff the ballot box, but that cannot nullify those I don't know approving or not approving comments in the blog. Apples and oranges as far as gauging approval ratings for any given contestant.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Mostly (I assume) its because most popular also means disliked by people. It goes hand in hand. I like Martita, actually. And I do remember reading a few posts on here about other people liking her as well...but negatives always stand out more. And whoever wins this thing, all I gotta say is, you better prepare yourself to to be scrutinized, hated and dragged through the mud. I can't even count how many negatives I read here about Giada and Guy....and yet, both very successful (Giada has another best seller out, yet all I read is negative here lol).

      Don't try to make sense of why people here are negative. For every Ippy fan that comes here posting, I've read someone else saying he is too laid back (Usually Emil fans). I personally canno stand Emily, and I agree with the sentiment about Ippy...but would it surprise me if either won? Nope. Ultimately, the Network knows what they want. And if we don't pick them, they will sign them to a contract anyway.

  6. Food Fan says:

    Anything's possible.
    I just woulda thought that with Martita being #1 in the fan vote, there'd be alot of other enthusiastic people. ....and Gavin writing positive stuff....that many would've agreed with him and he'd get quite a few plus's, instead.
    Looks like the reaction on this Blog is not always in synch with the fan vote.
    And I would go more with what people write anyway...
    ps.....why do i have this gut-feeling that someone other than Martie will be going home next? I dont know. It may be her after all. But how will people react if its someone else? I'm thinking it could possibly be:
    Nikki---rated at the bottom.
    Yvan---unless he really finds an even-keel quickly.
    Malcolm: Hm. could go wither way. Might get better, might be worse.
    Michelle?--doesnt seem like hardly anyone is talking about her one way or the other. Almost invisible, lately.
    Ahhh, the suspense....

    • JLF says:

      I did not like Nikki very much in the beginning, and she's still not my favorite. But she's growing on me. Haven't heard the annoying "Girl on Grill" nonsense lately nor have I heard her disrespect her team mates' abilities either. Could it be that Bobby pulled her aside and counseled her about how to be a good team player? Oh, and she's making me a believer about her cooking ability - green smoothie aside, she's done some good looking food. She may come up from behind - not necessarily in the fan vote, but with the judges which is where it counts at this stage of the game.

      • Food Fan says:

        Yes! I mentioned that in an earlier post of mine.
        She hasnt bashed anyone in a long time,
        and gets thru her presentations, and (green smoothie aside),
        has made some nice-tasting dishes. She is doing better than some others, but somehow doesnt seem to be getting much credit for it.

        • Frank Demeo says:

          As far as low fan vote rankings...she may have already been eliminated. Go look at her FB page. No mention of the votes except for a few weeks back. Then go look at Martita's :-) So at least I know me...I'm assuming that the few on top, are promoting themselves because they are our finalists. That's a guess though so don't take my word for it. But I think the ones not really caring about fan votes, is probably a sign they already got the axe. Eric was low on fan was Judson and so was Josh. Coincidence? Don't think so. Shows were already taped and they were not bothering to promote themselves.

  7. Sandy says:

    Please eliminate Justin. He is arrogant and Iwould never watch any show with him hosting. Ugh... it is getting so tiresome watching the judges make such a big deal out of his "unique" style. Enough Suzie. Martie needs to go and I am sick of having Martita shoved down our throats. But we all know the judges have made their choice and wouldn't bother to even consider our opinions.

  8. Ryab says:

    The season is still pretty young. I think one of the dark horses could rise to the top yet. All it takes is one bad comment or bad show to turn people off to a current front-runner. Eventually, (if the producers allow it to be shown), everyone's real personalities come out, esp. under pressure. Who knows, one of the top 5 could be a real jerk in RL and has just white-kuckled it so far through the fist part of the contest but will show their true colors. I do think Ippy is probably the one to beat at this point. The network needs more male viewers, and women will watch him, too. I'm not sure his POV is all that strong culinary-wise, but this can easily be addressed in a number of ways. He has the personality, and clearly connects w/ viewers. That's golden and can't be taught. Personally, I'm still rooting for Linkie.

  9. Michele says:

    Tonight's show proved what I have been thinking....Martita is being "highlighted" by the network....she gets lots of "airtime".....and I feel like the Network is trying to focus on her....
    Yet, I tell you, her comment (s) tonight that "I can't carry the whole team" was just arrogant...Martita got an opportunity to do the Mexican theme....and she is annoyed that her own team members asked questions of her ? How about some team spirit from her? She has already made petty comments about Ippy on a previous show..... she does not sound "star-like" to me. Disappointing.

  10. Jessi says:

    The Hawaiian guy, Ippy, takes his assigned tasks, makes great dishes, and roots for his team members.

    I can't think of a better Food Network Star.......listening, Network ?