Martita vs. Ippy: Your Week 4 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 11, 2012

With Judson's departure this week, Team Alton and Team Bobby are both down to three members. Team Giada is holding the lead with four finalists still standing — two of whom continue to dominate our weekly Fan Vote. This week, Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona are tied for the lead, each claiming 19% of your votes. That means nearly 40% of you are rooting for either Martita or Ippy.

Emily Ellyn, Linkie Marais and Justin Warner are not far behind with 15%, 14% and 13% of the vote, respectively.

Let us know in the comments: What makes Martita or Ippy your fan favorite? Or if you disagree, which finalist do you think deserves more Fan Vote love?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Four Fan Vote results:


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  1. NotaFan says:

    I've been trying to figure out what it was that bothered me about Justin last night. Something just bugged me about him. I just looked at the pictures from last night, and I know what it is now. It was all during the producer's challenge when first, he seemed to "complain" because they made him throw a dart. "We're not jocks! We don't know how to play darts," Dude, you have the whole United States to aim for. Then, he got Nebraska, he was really actually snooty "I'm going to be rebellious and make the most calorie-laden dish in Star history. I come from New York, where we like small portions." I get it, he did try to relate it to people in Nebraska working hard, or whatever, but I felt a little insulted. So just because we're not from NY means we eat like pigs? He even looked like he was disgusted with his carbs on carbs when you look at the picture. I'll probably get burned at the stake for daring to say something negative about Justin, but that really was a turn off for me.

    • DisgustedKeystoner says:

      Count your blessings: you might be a Pennsylvania native like me and had to endure that idiot Martie Duncan calling your native state "the home of nothing." Hello...all the great foods of Philadelphia? Pennsylvania Dutch? Great local specialities like Old Forge pizza (from Scranton)? The only "home of nothing" here was the inside of her head.

      • Deanna says:

        Yes, I was insulted by that too. Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch cooking couldn't BE more down home. There are excellent dishes from one end of this state to the other, but that's her "thing" so you'd think she would have heard of shoo-fly or buttermilk pie, chicken and dumplings from scratch, Amish fried chicken and on and on. I hope she goes home next, because she simply has no tact.

      • Yara says:

        I am not from PA and I was ticked at her about those comments and her mediocre food! I can't believe they let that blabbermouth stay!!!

      • anibundel says:

        Seriously! Complete lack of cultural and intellectual curiosity. No interest in anything outside her taste in food and in anything that doesn't direct relate to her. This is a woman who barely could make s'mores.
        SO done with Martie Duncan.

    • amerigasanmichele says:

      June 12, 2012 I, too, found it difficult to understand why the two Judges seem "enamoured by Justin, though he obviously has skills, choosing to eliminate the competitor who actually produced a beautiful plate of walnut encrusted baked catfish rather than the "tasty" bones of Sardines. It also seemed difficult o understand why Marta (?) was chosen for a rather simplistic presenation of "chicken in a mushroom cup" over a more intelligent and challenging dish! IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO NOW THAT YOUR VOTING (FAN VOTE) IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY TODAY! I HAVE REPEATEDLY CHOSEN "IPPY" TODAY AND PERHAPS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CASE # VOTES! BEFORE I HAD SPLIT MY VOTE, but I FEEL THAT AS EXPRESSED "IPPY" WOULD BRING AN INTERESTING CULTURAL DEPTH TO YOUR FOOD NETWORK. amerigasanmichele

    • KCK says:

      I agree with you NotaFan. I've watched Food Network for a long time and have my favorites and some personalities I just put up with. What I don't need is a "food snob" which I think Justin is. I too was outraged with his take on Nebraska and I'm not even from there. The dish didn't even look appetizing. Quirky is fine but talking down to people and their cuisine is not. Overall I find Justin's point of view something I'm certainly not interested in watching or trying to cook. I'd watch him long enough to change the channel.

    • vick says:

      My apologies now ... I've spent about 30 mins trying to figure out how to post SOMETHING to this site ... no joy except to respond to this random guy's comment .. have to wonder how he posted this .. he's brilliant, I couldn't figure out how to post my own comment independently with my own opinion. Anyway, all I wanted to say was that ERIC was a real chef and is too good for FoodTV ... hope he sets his sights higher like TopChef. FoodTV is obsessed with stories about mom ... don't care. Prefer to hear a real chef talk about ingredients and technique etc. Justin is cool ... interesting, too ... again .... too good for FoodTV.

  2. Frank Demeo says:

    Martita just seems likes she's comfortable in her own skin. Like the person that's on camera is actually who she is. She's got a spark and a great smile ad she loves to share her food. I want to see more. :-)

    Ippy did better this week with his presentation. He's still laid back but he handled himself much much better than previous attempts and I liked his playfulness with Guy. Tea, Giada rocked!

    I just watched the last episode again and I felt bad for Judson. I mean, really. I think he genuinely tried to be natural but it just does no come out like it. I think his dish and his presentation however, should have meant Martie was the one going home.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      I want to add that both Linkie and Yvan also did great. This was team Giada's week all the way!

      • pbj says:

        I mute the TV whenever Linkie is speaking... horribly annoying voice! Would never watch a show that she was on

        • Food Fan says:

          There are people with far stronger accents. Paula, for example.
          Linkie's accent is quite mild. It doesn't bother me at all

    • NotaFan says:

      I think we saw a different side of Martita last night when she was talking about Ippy bonding with Guy. She came across witchy. Kind of reminded me of Nikki in the first episode.

      • Frank Demeo says:

        I thought that too but when I watched it again it came off more like her saying her team had ippy, who is big and played sports and bonded with Guy right away. Which if you look at body language and Giada definitely did this week. Look at Guy's face when he is with the other two teams. He had a couple of moments with Michele but not so much.

      • sammy 1 says:

        Totally agree! I just cannot warm up to Martita for some reason and boy does Giada PUSH her at us!

        • Grandma Joyce says:

          Someone help me out, I don't speak or understand Spanish, so when Martita is speaking often in Spanish, is it "safe for little ears"? My 2 1/2 y/o granddaughter does speak/understand this language. I think colorful words would be edited out, hope so.
          Thank you.

          • Jerilee says:

            I'm not fluent in Spanish but do ok picking out words. From what I've heard she has not used anything not suitable for a youngster. I do know a lot of "bad words" in Spanish and don't recall her saying any of them. As you have probably seen she crosses herself, meaning a religious upbringing. I don't believe she would utter such words on national TV. Hope you feel more at see.

      • Adella says:

        I actually thought it was said in a way to speak GOOD about ippy and her team, I think she was saying it in more of a "The dudes were bonding really well kind of a way" shes sassy but in a good way, I think!

  3. john says:

    I can't stand this Martie anymore. She is an absolute disaster and bores the heck out of me and she never stops yapping. She should have been the one going home. I can only hope it happens next week. In regards to Martita, I don't see why she would make it to the end when last year Suzie wasn't apparently good enough to win.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Well, in a perfect scenario....Eric could have done better and made it to the end. It wasn't that so-and-so wasn't good enough last year....but you are asked to rise to the occasion each challenge...and one week you can be on fire and the other...not so much. I've seen Ippy fizzle out...and then come right back. much as I feel bad reading all these comments, ...I don't think she's cutting it in any of the challenges.

    • Ali says:

      I agree. I don't understand why they keep bringing her back every week... she is TERRIBLE. I did enjoy Giada's team this week, especially Ippy who I always like (even when he's too "relaxed").

    • Guest says:

      Martie should have gone home before now. I don't understand what Bob finds interesting about her, and her food has been totally uninspiring. Justin may have some edge to him, but his food is creative and cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

    • MartieNeedsToGo says:

      I am not from PA and I was ticked at Martie about those comments and her mediocre food! I can't believe they let that blabbermouth stay!!! Please send her home already!!!!

    • vick says:

      Ippy, honestly? Hawaii is one show. Done. Nice. Ongoing learning? Not. Sure, nice guy. Not a show tho.

  4. R Alexander says:

    Bob hit it on the head when he said some people would turn off the channel if Justin was on. I would sooner stare at a wall than watch him. On the other hand, can't we have "Cooking in Paradise" alternating week's of Eric and Ippy. One cooking in Hawaii and one cooking in wine country. I can see these two really taking the time to teach you how to cook. I can see Eric telling you just what your pasta dough should feel like before you run it through the machine. They know how to cook. There are stars on the network I don't enjoy their personality, but I watch the network to learn more about cooking. That should be the point. Do we all like how the Galloping Gourmet came across on screen?

    • Deanna says:

      Well Eric is OUT. I love Justin. His spin is interesting. He thinks of things the way no one else does. So you're thinking in a Three Michelin Star rated restaurant, the Pasta should feel " like this". And They NEVER thought "What if it felt like THIS?". There is NO forward movement if people don't think of things differently. So, you can think that Zuni Cafe or Jonathan Keller reached the absolute pinnacle of roasted chicken. But you don't know.

  5. Tammi says:

    NotaFan, (page 1) Right with ya, sister! Justin's looks totally get under my skin, and he'ss(spell it with me) B-O-R-I-N-G ! His FOOD is.......fascinating, but he needs to :stop with the lipstick, SMILE, and use some tone variation.

    • NotaFan says:

      And another thing, he has a share in Emily not having a lot of time, we he just stood there when Guy came in.

  6. markohio says:

    I guess we all know that there is a really good chance that the next person to be eliminated will come from Giada's team, since she still has 4 members, while the other two teams are now down to 3. I would hope FN would just let the competition run, and if one team has to go down to two, let it happen, then at last I would think they are trying to come up with the best remaining people for the competition.

    If we examine Giada's team for the 'weak link', I would think it would be either Yvan or Linkie. I really have not seen much from Linkie yet this season. She made some cookies this last week, but lets see her really do some serious cooking. This is a cooking show, not a baking show. Yvan also does not seem to be hitting full stride with the judges or with the fans. If I could see Linkie on the show really make a great dish, AND do a great presentation with it, I could easily become a Linkie fan.

    In examining Alton's remaining team members, while Justin is interesting to watch, I do not see people flocking to his show for the long run, or trying to do what he is doing. Martie I would not watch (all the reasons have been listed by me and others), and while Emily has been interesting to start the season, I am not sure how much longer we can put up with rad retro cooking.

    team Bobby had the best chef in Eric, but we saw what happened to him. I would have watched his show. He reminds me in a way of a contestant last year I was rooting for (Whitney), who was also very good in the kitchen, but she also was cut for much of the same reasons that Eric was. Malcolm (the one with no POV), and Michele...I do not think I would watch either. Michele can cook, but her on-screen presence I do not think I could watch.

    In the end, I am rooting for Ippy, or Martita, but I think Ippy's ideas for a Hawaiian-Italian fusion would make for a very interesting show I would watch.

  7. pbj says:

    Does anyone else find Linkie’s voice incredibly annoying??? I really just want to throw daggers at the TV whenever she’s talking! And was it just me, or did anyone else notice that she didn’t pronounce Guy’s last name correctly??? She’s one of my least favorites and I really do hope that she is eliminated very soon!

    • Arianna says:

      what the heck does that have to do with it?? Pay attention to people's abilities. ABILITIES!! Bad comment dude. Go watch Idol or something if you're into voices. This is cooking

    • Fleurdelis says:

      It is called an accent! She has a mashup accent of South African and Southern drawl. I think it is makes her unique!

    • sandwich says:

      I feel like you my friend pbj. she has mispronounced tons of stuff so far. annoying indeed.

    • Nancy says:

      It really must just be you, I don't find her voice annoying at all. It is a beautiful combination of South Africa and Southern USA. You must be against all things Southern.

      • Bobby says:

        Why can people bash the way Martie talks but not voice an opinion on an accent they don't like, without being attacked for their opinion? Seems like a double standard.

        • JLF says:

          Most of the objections to Marti is not how she pronounces her words (accent) but about her inability to express anything meaningful about her food. Two different issues - one is relevant to a supposed food expert, the other isn't. No double standard.

  8. TJD says:

    I wonder sometimes if we shoudn't put the judges up for elimination. Martie not gone? Really? I was hoping this year they would have good taste but alas another year of bad decisions:(

  9. Robert J. Biedermann says:

    If you look at the Food Channel over all, it is the Chef who we watch, and not so much what they are making. Their personality, their quirkiness or even their bizarreness pull us into their program. I think it is great that such a young guy as Justin is, with his almost androgynous feel, is so interesting. I am not sure how long that would remain interesting but for right now that idea of deep frying a Fish Skeleton was really interesting, fun and just plain wild. It is quite refreshing to watch someone who wants to "Play With Food" taking the ingredient from boring to enticing on the verge of quirky. I hope if nothing else that Justin goes far with this program because each week I look forward to see what inventive dish he is going to come up with. Maybe having someone like him will draw in the younger generation which is a good thing since most of the food that is sold today has that panel that tells you how to make it in a micro-wave.

    • Mcm says:

      I don't agree at all that we watch for the chef and not the recipes. My favorite food network show is Barefoot Contessa because every recipe of hers that I have tried has been fabulous! And I have tried numerous recipes. She is not my favorite personality but she can cook!!!

    • Deanna says:

      I absolutely agree. I hardly ever made a thing Ming Tsai or Mario made on their shows, but I found them compelling, and I watched.

    • Antoinette says:

      On this show it is not about the food so much as "finding the right person to teach about food" Justin is very young. His personality still needs to grow, but I think he has a lot of potential to become a very good food couch and mentor for all people on TV. In most American households the real meaning of food has changed. Although I will not make a checkerboard with my meat, I will try to cook it from just one side. Fish bones contains a lot of minerals, can be fried to be crunchy and I bet is more healthy than a potato chip. Maybe if we can learn to play with food again, we will be able to learn our children to like more than mac and cheese and chicken nuggets and maybe then we will be able to bring the obesity rate down in the country.

  10. FNfan says:

    They should have just eliminated both Judson and Martie last night. There will definitely be multiple eliminations during an episode this season with only 5 weeks til the finale and 10 contestants left. No way they go to the end with 5. Maybe a triple elimination, 1 from each team?