Poll: Most Fashionable Finalist

by in Food Network Star, June 7, 2012

Food Network Star isn't usually much of a fashion show — in fact, finalists often sport chef's jackets or aprons over their own attire. But this season, we've got three stylish mentors, two sharp-dressed judges and many finalists with unique fashion POVs. During the Fashion Week episode, the styles of Star were even more evident.

Of the remaining 11 finalists, who's the most fashionable?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (96)

  1. Antoinette says:

    A lot of tonight was about authenticity and being sincere about who you are as a cook. It is a pity that Judson found this niche so deep in the game. I think he would have gone much further, if he started this "healthy food" thing from day one. I hope this was not the last of him. Judson, do not be discouraged. You did very well.

  2. lyn says:

    i liked him. too bad that chatty lady got to move on. she made a horrible presentation about the stuffed mushroom. and creepy justin with his crimson lips is just too stuck on hisself

  3. Foodie5 says:

    Personally, I think the article should have been "Most Stylist Contestant". Emily has a style all her own. Yes, it's retro from the 50's and I love it. Those were great times, women dressed up for just about everything (June Cleavor cleaning the house in shirt waist dresses, pearls and heels). Ok, June was the exception. My point is, they were fun times and Emily brings back a bit of nostalgia, which is refreshing.

  4. Lynda says:

    In my personal opinion, and coming from a background as a film producer, the Food Network Star should absolutely have style! It may be unfortunate that appearance plays a role in a person's success, but it is also the reality. I don't believe the point of this poll is necessarily about who's better looking or has a greater outfit, but rather who has the best all around "style". It's the whole PACKAGE they are looking for. "Image" certainly should be factored in to their overall artistic talents when dealing with food! Because Food is Art. A good chef is artistically gifted. Anyone can take a cooking class and learn how to cook, but the show is looking for someone who stands out and exceeds what may be considered average. My personal favorite is Linkie. She is humble yet gregarious, stylish yet not over the top. She exudes quiet class, and has an incredible artistic eye for design.

  5. You really only have one contestant that combines food, art and fashion ... Linkie Marais. #FoodNetworkStar @LinkieMarais @FoodNetwork.

  6. Patrick says:

    Emily is the style queen. I think she paid for it last night though, when she was told she made it to next week and got back to the team room. You could tell she headed right for a chair and let out a sound of relief from her aching feet being those heels. They edited so she was in a different chair but u could tell, I have seen that look on my wife's face after a day in heels

  7. MamaCarmine says:

    I personally think Emily is cute. But I think what bothered me was the judges questioning whether her "character" was an act or genuine. Is Nadia G's (Bitchin Kitchen) character genuine or Baron Ambrosia??? This new format is silly. And Giada, acting like a junior high school kid, jumping up and down, her facial expressions, sheesh!! Alton, rude and abrupt, even the judges eyebrows were raised. The only civil one is Bobby Flay. Please, lets focus on the ability to cook and sell what they are making. That's why we watch don't we?

  8. Auggie says:

    In all honesty, I have to give it to Judson Allen! I believe that he embodies whats next to come in the world of food television on a national level.. He's like a more edgy Alton Brown.. I know FoodNetwork doesn't focus on fashion as much as say bravo, but, they did a great job in infusing style in this season.. Looks count in food in term of plating, and we all know this hods true for people!!!!

  9. Missy Pissed says:

    Can't believe the judges picked Nikkie over Linkie. Nikkie has no class. Her food is not all that appetizing. In fact, all I see is a Bobby Flay wannabe. She brings absolutely nothing new to the table--except a mean attitude.---not strong or deliberate---just plain mean and cutthroat. And, we are supposed to like it? I think no. At least Linkie was coming up with some unique recipes.

  10. Ann Fluente says:

    Sorry, you guys blew it when you let Emily Ellyn go. Suffer!!!!!