Poll: Most Fashionable Finalist

by in Food Network Star, June 7, 2012

Food Network Star isn't usually much of a fashion show — in fact, finalists often sport chef's jackets or aprons over their own attire. But this season, we've got three stylish mentors, two sharp-dressed judges and many finalists with unique fashion POVs. During the Fashion Week episode, the styles of Star were even more evident.

Of the remaining 11 finalists, who's the most fashionable?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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  1. Mrs. Williams says:

    For starters, Linkie is an amazing pastry chef. There were comments from the very beginning about how pastry chefs never make it far on this show. However, Linkie has made it this far in the competiton without even being up for elimination. Just that should show you that she is very talented. Everyone on the show has had their good and bad moments. Linkie has a great personality and showmanship. That also gives her star quality. Not to mention that she is a huge team supporter. Also, I seem to remember that on the Chopped episode her chocolate mousse was amazing in both presentation and taste. I also recall Giada telling her after a challenge that the network absolutely loved her. She deserves to be here as much as all the other contestants and continues to show her potential each week.

    To include a fashion comment, I think Linkie always looks amazing and very professional, as well.

  2. Antoinette says:

    Linkie's Cakes. Go find her website. Her cakes are fashionable. Find the shoe cake, dress cakes and handbag cakes on there. Look at the precision with which she executed these cakes and desserts. She is all about fashion and chic. Did anyone mentioned before that she judge beauty pageants?

  3. Brianne says:

    So... How come they allow us to see the votes in this poll but not the votes in the Fan Vote??? Not sure about anyone else but I am curious about how many votes there are... :-X

    • T. W. says:

      Yes. Why don't they let us see the votes??

    • Frank Demeo says:

      I said this before, I bet its for the benefit of the ones not getting so much support. If you know your favorite is several thousand votes behind, you're less likely to vote because you feel it would make little to no different. BUT....if your fave is at 16% and the person ahead of them is at 17%....you may be more inclined to submit all 10 of your votes hoping it'll get them closer. If anything, it helps the underdogs.

  4. NelleGCSUB says:

    This is once again, a waste of time for the show. We are not wanting to watch Project Runway, we are all wanting to see people cook and overall gain some cooking knowledge from the contestants, judges, and mentors. It is just really disappointing that fashion and personal expression are becoming a part of a food show.

  5. Cheryl <> says:

    Food Network: I enjoy the cooking shows to learn new techniques and foods. I like different personalities of the people on the programs and the different cultures of food they bring. I appreciate the different styles of clothes on the chefs and cooks. I also enjoy the uniqueness of each kitchen. These are the things that keeps me coming back. But having said this, (first and foremost) I'm interested in the cooking. Thank-You.

  6. Aletha says:

    I'm also not sure how the fashion vote pertains to FNStar. I would love to see a show with a pastry chef (yes Linkie) on the FoodNetwork. They already have Paula's Down Home Cooking, the husband/wife team, Big Daddy, as well as Mexican Made Easy to name a few. The only real show about desserts is Cupcake Champion and that's not the only dessert in the world. I would love to see someone teaching how to make wonderful desserts plus decorate really awesome cakes the way that Linkie does. I've taken cake decorating lessons from one of her early mentors. It's time to show people how to make desserts that "WOW" everyone. Go Linkie!

  7. Aletha says:

    Oh yes, and as far as Emily Ellyn - Mrs. Cleaver's Leave it to Beaver style went out in the 60's. Let it go

    • lyn says:

      if she uses the word rad or retro again i will scream

      • Aletha says:

        I so totally agree - what is rad or retro about taking favorites and making them nothing like the original. If I want hamsteak with pineapple and a maraschino cherry - that is exactly what I want - not some ham salad with a hat.

        • kal says:

          obviously you are not a food connoisseur or know anything about the skill and talent of cooking. If everyone stuck to basic cooking then no one would win. It is all about savoring and tasting differently complementary flavors in a single meal.

  8. virgie says:

    Love malcolm

  9. loril7 says:

    Skip the fashion show part since none of the rest of the food network stars are fashionable. Look at Guy Fieri-- he's a thirty something trying to come off as a teenager. He goes to a restaurant to do a show in flip flops...and complains if he might hurt his feet. The food network should not let him get away with such a safety violation. Then you add in the fact that he spends every second he is on air screaming at us, much like Rachael Ray. Stop trying to make IPPY something he isn't and doesn't want to be. I appreciate that he isn't a loud screaming maniac. He has a POV that would be a welcome change. The last STAR is an utter bore and his POV sucks. I thought Rachael Ray had already prepared every sandwich possible. We don't need another Giada with a pretty face and mouth full of teeth to appear in the form of Martita. I find myself looking for other channels to watch these days.

  10. guest says:

    Big, big mistake letting Judson go. He has personality PLUS and such a winning smile. Viewers would have loved him!!