Fashions of Star: Susie’s Shoes

by in Food Network Star, June 6, 2012

Every year, we get to know the signature styles of Star finalists – think Guy’s bowling shirts, Aarti’s flower in her hair and Jeff Mauro’s lucky red headband. But season after season, one fashion detail never fails to catch our eye: Susie Fogelson’s shoes.

Last Sunday's Fashion Week episode was a perfect excuse to ask Susie for a glimpse into her dressing room on the Star set, where we captured some photos of her fabulous footwear and sat down to talk fashion.

In our exclusive video, Susie shares her take on the standout styles of some of this season's finalists and the mentors' signature looks: Giada's glamorous sophistication, Bobby's perfectly tailored suits and Alton's quirky-cool ensembles: "I had no idea Alton was such a style maven!"

As for Susie's own personal style: "I like to have chic, with a little sexy, sophistication," she says. Her collection of high (and higher) heels is enviable; even more impressive, she spends long shoot days effortlessly walking around in them.

“This season, it was a whole new format, and every day I had to think full outfits and full-on shoes,” Susie explains in her rundown of this year’s Star fashions. “I like great pieces. That’s my style.”

Watch our behind-the-scenes video for more from Susie on the fashions of Star.


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Comments (48)

  1. Lpry5190 says:

    I am appalled at Susie's comment to Judson Allen about him being a B S artist. I thought it was such a low class statement for her to make. It was not clear to me how she knew it was BS it was just as real as the POV of the other contestants. If I were Judson, I would sue her for defamation of character.

  2. Annalise says:

    I don't care. In all the times I've watched the show, I have never thought once about Suzy's shoes.
    Bring back Eric. Bring back Eric!

  3. Someone says:

    Okay, yes the shoes are pretty, but last time I checked this was a cooking show. Am I mistaken?

  4. guest watcher says:

    who cares about her shoes -- the show is just horrible this year -- get rid of the team concept -- and get rid of Giada and Alton, both of whom are so arrogant that they're unpleasant to watch

  5. Sandi says:

    LOVE SUSIE!! and her shoes. :-) Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the new format

  6. FunSized says:

    WHo gives a crap about her shoes????? Ummm hello I would much rather read a blog maybe telling s more about a contestant or something than her shoes.....