Fashions of Star: Susie’s Shoes

by in Food Network Star, June 6, 2012

Every year, we get to know the signature styles of Star finalists – think Guy’s bowling shirts, Aarti’s flower in her hair and Jeff Mauro’s lucky red headband. But season after season, one fashion detail never fails to catch our eye: Susie Fogelson’s shoes.

Last Sunday's Fashion Week episode was a perfect excuse to ask Susie for a glimpse into her dressing room on the Star set, where we captured some photos of her fabulous footwear and sat down to talk fashion.

In our exclusive video, Susie shares her take on the standout styles of some of this season's finalists and the mentors' signature looks: Giada's glamorous sophistication, Bobby's perfectly tailored suits and Alton's quirky-cool ensembles: "I had no idea Alton was such a style maven!"

As for Susie's own personal style: "I like to have chic, with a little sexy, sophistication," she says. Her collection of high (and higher) heels is enviable; even more impressive, she spends long shoot days effortlessly walking around in them.

“This season, it was a whole new format, and every day I had to think full outfits and full-on shoes,” Susie explains in her rundown of this year’s Star fashions. “I like great pieces. That’s my style.”

Watch our behind-the-scenes video for more from Susie on the fashions of Star.


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Comments (48)

  1. [...] or aprons over their own attire. But this season, we’ve got three stylish mentors, two sharp-dressed judges and many finalists with unique fashion POVs. During the Fashion Week episode, the styles of Star [...]

  2. Bob Toren says:

    That's what I was going to say.

  3. FanFare57 says:

    How odd to show off Susie's shoes. As a judge who is usually seated with only her upper body being shown, what's the difference which shoes she wears (or if she bothers to wear any shoes)???

  4. ShuShu says:

    Hey - Blog Meister - Please eff yourself off. Thank you and have a good day.

  5. B-Girl says:

    It's an odd blog to show case the shoes of a judge who is seen from in a sitting position. It doesn't matter which shoes Susie chooses since we don't see her feet. It doesn't matter if she even wears shoes since we don't see them, right?

  6. Phineaus says:

    Why all the talk about shoes? Is this a clue that the contestants are going to make filet of sole?

  7. an old ladie says:

    Enough about shoes. I think most of your viewers are more interested food. Please get back on track.

  8. NelleGCSUB says:

    I agree with most of you that this is a prime example of why the show is taking a wrong turn. We don't need to be talking about Susie's shoes, or any other judge's/team leaders personal style; this show is about finding the next Food Network star, not "Who Has the Best Fashion Sense?" I also agree with Nell and JLF on the fact that the show is now deceiving, and that the show is now becoming known for image over substance.

  9. Ks12 says:

    I could care less about her shoes. My question is should Bob and Susie be elimanted. Who has watched any of the recent winner's shows? Not me. They had to bring Jeffrey and Kelsie back, even though they did not win. Send those two home.

  10. Lloyd says:

    I just want to know if Susie was in the John Cusack movie, "Better Off Dead". It is not a speaking role and "Susie Fogelson" is in the end credits. Looked on IMDB and there is no mention -- but if it is Susie, and I am pretty darn sure it is, you can watch for her near the end of the movie and see what shee looked like in the 80s!