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by in Food Network Star, June 6, 2012

Face-palms, inquisitive glances, grimaces and giddy laughs. Food Network’s favorite food-science guru, Alton Brown, is chock-full of facial expressions that seem to communicate exactly what he is feeling, whether it’s confusion, frustration or excitement.

Nowhere is Alton’s individuality more apparent than in his mentoring role on Food Network Star. Because of their position coaching five Star hopefuls, Alton, Bobby and Giada are bound to experience moments of awkwardness, dissatisfaction and pride as they sit on the sidelines and observe their finalists in action week after week. But Alton’s body language reached new levels of awesome last Sunday as he watched his remaining four team members strut their stuff on the culinary catwalk.

Noticing Alton’s changing demeanor between presentations, attentive ­Star viewer Matthew Love @luv-mat Tweeted what is perhaps the ultimate show pitch, earning himself the Fan Post of the Week (pictured above).

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Comments (26)

  1. vert2013 says:

    Altons behavior this season has been appalling. Yes he is their "coach" but he doesn't need to degrade contestants like he did to Marti during the chopped competition. Alton needs a serious attitude ajustment. FAST!

    • Donnie says:

      They need to bow to their sensei! Stop crying! Alton is the man!

    • Bob Toren says:

      I don't think Alton has been out of line with his coaching, close sometimes, but I think he is just being appropriately tough and try to pull the best out of his team like you would expect a coach to do.

    • Sharonbru says:

      That was the only way he could get a word in sideways and get Chatty Cathy's attention! If he hadn't scolded her, she wouldn't have finished the competition in the time allotted.

    • Violet says:

      It's just tough love. They need to separate the wimps from the talent. "Sensitve" people don't last in television.

  2. jessica says:

    LOL! what is he holding?? looks like a tin can lid with polenta stuk to it?....

  3. Rueben says:

    Maybe he's holding Martie's ring mold with her tuna casserole. I love Alton! Wish he would do another Feasting on Asphalt series. He can always amaze me with all his food facts and tips!

  4. Bella says:

    ALton rocks....I love him.

  5. shoshie says:

    Hallejah!!!, we have someone like Alton..instead of these stiff shirts that have a personality of a goat...& I defiantely am NOT referring to Bobby or Giada, but I know ya'll have seen many shows where the commentator is like a heavy starch shirt...This FoodNetwork Star show is the best show it has done in a long time...I hope they will continue with this foremat...WTG...Bob & Susie.

  6. Deanna says:

    I am enjoying this season more than any other. I think Alton is a GREAT coach. Marti has been told on more than one occasion...what she's doing wrong, but she's one of those people who don't listen, because they're thinking what they're going to say next. I have no problem with Alton trying to get the best out of his team. She can't cook and talk. She'd just rather talk.

  7. Food Fan says:

    Thinking about all this.....I'm trying to decide: out of Giada, Bobby or Alton....if I were a contestant....which one would I prefer for giving me the best advice to win? Each of the mentors have their strong-points.

    • JLF says:

      Hands down it would be Bobby for me. He has the cooking expertise that I would love to draw from, and his calm encouraging style of mentoring suits me much better than the more tightly wound AB or Giada. With Bobby it's all about the cooking and that's whare I'd want to be.

      • Deanna says:

        But Bobby is down to three on his team now. Do you think he chose contestants poorly, or do you think maybe he is too laid back as a coach? I'd choose him to cook me a meal!

        • JLF says:

          I think that since he chose based on cooking skills as his priority, his team may have had less camera presence in place to start and they were relying on cooking skills to keep them in the running while he gets them up to speed on presentation. That strategy might have worked better if there was not team immunity that saved Marti and Judson whose overall performances were inferior to Eric's. In a non-immunity system Eric would still be in the competition and Bobby wouldn't be down to 3.

        • Elise says:

          I think it's the lousy format of the show. Let's face it - people like Josh and now Judson are getting to stay because they are on a talented team, where they should have gone home long before they have. Glad to get rid of Josh finally. Looks like Judson is bawling again next week - hope the judges are as tired of that as I am. I liked the old format better, where talent and ability saved you, not the luck of your teammates. Some of these clowns should have been gone a long time ago.

  8. Food Fan says:

    Anyone---imagine this: (even if it isnt how things really are, now)
    3 teams. 1 team has lost all it members except 1.
    The other teams have 3 members each, left.
    Might the judges move one of the contestants each, from the teams with 3, to keep things more even? Ya think that might happen, or not?
    On the other hand, suppose 1 mentor loses all their members. What happens to that Mentor? Do they just "bow out" for the rest of the challenges?
    What seems likely to you?

  9. Elise says:

    Alton isn't mean, that's just his personality. I like it. He's just being a little stern with them, which they sometimes need. A good old reality check is sometimes a good thing. Besides, I'm tired of Marti's incessant chatter too. She will never make it if she doesn't get serious, and Alton was just trying to help her realize that. I wish they would go back to judging them on their own merits, instead of a team effort. And what a stupid idea to put food on the fashion runway.

    • Food Fan says:

      This next episode should closer to the real deal. Each team will have to create
      a Live show.

  10. ArrDee says:

    Would someone for the love of Pete please buy Alton a flippin' razor? He's getting this grizzled Unabomber thing going on... I sure wouldn't want that mug hovering over any food being prepared for me!