Team Bobby Falls to Three

by in Food Network Star, June 5, 2012

When it came down to Eric Lee and Ippy Aiona in the Producers' Challenge, Bob and Susie said it was one of the toughest decisions they'd ever faced in eight seasons of Star. Both talented chefs consistently impressed everyone with their food, but struggled to find a sweet spot on camera. In the end, Team Bobby's Eric was the one to say goodbye.

Eric left the pitch room with the same humble, gracious attitude he maintained throughout the competition. "I just want to thank you for the opportunity to work with Bobby," he told the judges. "It is just incredible how great of a mentor he is." Bobby, in turn, had high praise for his mentee: "Eric may be the best cook in the entire competition."

Hear more from Bobby, Susie and Eric in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think Eric deserved to go home?

Flip through Eric’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Four.


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Comments (170)

  1. Mark says:

    The only two people I would watch (Eric and Ippy) were the bottom two last week. Susie and Bob, you are out to lunch, no pun intended. I mean can you out there recall any of the tips other than Ippy's tempura recipe. Seriously can any of you remember any of the other winners since Guy. Bob and Susie's judgment are pathetic and I am surprised that they are still even judges. Oh yes, I do recall Big Daddy, what time is his show on - I forget.

  2. Joey Goodman says:

    Stupid decision, get rid of the best chef? He can improve his communication skills, I've seen it done before. But you don't just find naturally gifted chefs very often and to get rid of the best chef was stupid. There are six or eight others who needed to go first. Heck, maybe the producers need to go and let the fans do the judging since we are the ones who make the show successful. I won't watch the rest of this series because they made a mistake plain and simple. If you don't agree go back and look at Bobby's facial expressions when they made the announcement; he was upset and that tells me something.

  3. Cathy from Endicott, NY says:

    I can't believe that Eric Lee was sent home. I am so disappointed in Bob and Susie. Eric Lee was my choice to win! He was the one that I would tune-in to watch. There are so many good chefs available for instruction but few great chefs. I want to learn from a great chef. Eric is the best chef in this competition and I don't understand the 'on camera' criticism. Watching him puts me at ease and makes me feel like I've known him for years. I think you should bring him back as a 'wild card' contender!

  4. Rachelle says:

    Eric's is the show I would have watched. I'm bummed that they let him go. Gotta love Bobby, but I'm not rooting for the rest of his team...bummed Eric left!

  5. Amy Martin says:

    I am still in shock that you got rid of Eric! The whole rest of the show seems sort of like a joke now that he's gone. He was a TOTAL NATURAL on camera and in the kitchen, and was so passionate about being there. Poor choice. I won't make watching it a priority anymore, it's not worth it.

  6. Luna says:

    It was sad to have Eric leave. Instead of getting 10,000 dollars for bills, he got eliminated. At the same time, I didn't want Ippy to leave. They both had potential and with enough help could fix it but that's the way the game goes.

  7. Shadylady says:

    I'm tired of Martie! She should've been eliminated already. Her knowledge of food is severely lacking and I think her POV is unoriginal and her food uninteresting. I wouldn't watch her show and I wouldn't eat her food.