Leaders Hold Strong: Your Week 3 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 4, 2012

Our week three Fan Vote results are in, and it seems that fans are staying loyal to their favorite finalists. Team Giada’s Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona hold tight to first and second place, with Ippy (18%) closing in on Martita’s (19%) lead this week. In third place, Emily Ellyn scored 13% of your votes, up from 11% last week.

Team Giada is still holding strong — Linkie Marais is just behind Emily with 12% of the vote — but a couple of new Fan Vote contenders from Team Alton and Team Bobby are inching toward the top. Justin Warner is up this week (9%), followed by Michele Ragussis (8%).

Will we see a push from Team Alton and Team Bobby fans next week?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Three Fan Vote results:


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Comments (196)

  1. martita fan says:

    I think Martita has a really good chance of winning because she is the only one that I would really want to watch at this point. I can't wait for the next episode!

  2. GiNkA says:

    I think martita is going to win, but I hope Justin does well too.

  3. suzy says:

    I am officially resigning from Fan Voting. The totals are consistently static. I feel like I am running a race I can't win when I vote for Ippy. It's like Martita has more family/friends. And in reality, what is the point of fan voting? What's it going to change?
    The end of nearly every blog concludes with, "And don't forget to vote 10 times." I am starting to think the number of clicks made to Food Network pages translates into ad revenue. Fine, but don't pretend it is about who we want to win.

  4. Home Cook Michigan says:

    I agree with other comments, I would definetly watch Ippy & his aloha/ italian influence. I also believe his "laid back attitude" is who he is & I think that would be refreshing. I think Justin is a breath of fresh air also.
    The format is definetly different, I agree with comment that maybe the "Worst Chef" format may work better.

  5. Elise says:

    I'm tired of the judges harping on the contestants to be more genuine, then telling them how they want them to act. They don't want genuine, but staged. They should preach the same thing to Giada, who is about the most fake personality I have ever seen. She is all about looks and sex, and nothing but fluff as far as I can see. How about telling HER to act more genuine for a change. If Ippy's personality is laid-back, what's wrong with that? Do we always have to see a screen full of teeth and cleavage? Some of us actually watch the food network to learn more about cooking.

  6. stella says:

    What's up with this site...I don't even know where to blog there are so many options...anyway, I gotta have Ippy's birthdate which will tell me alot...can't find it so far...anyone know? I am thinking a gemini/taurus type. If he is gemini he is going all the way.

    • Sammy says:

      Astrology is something people made up. You can tell more about a person when you know where they are from, how old they are, what their habit are and what their environment was, than what constellations were in what alignment. Constellations are composed of suns and planets. Rocks and balls of burning gas. There's nothing mystical about them and they have little to do with what happens on a tv show on this planet.

      Sorry, I can't read something like that and not say something ;-)

    • Sammy says:

      Forgot to mention: Martita is the bomb, yo!! Giada is running things like a boss!

  7. stella says:

    Sammy, are you a fire sign - maybe sagittarius or aries, with a little capricorn in your chart?

    • Sammy says:

      I think I fall into the virgo slot....I'm supposed to be thoughtful, shy or something like that. I am probably the worst virgo ever B-)

  8. Nancy says:

    I've said it before and will say it again: Ippy is original. I love his laid back style. He truly represents his Hawaiian culture and he is being REAL. He is not fake at all. I would absolutely watch his show to learn more about Hawaiian food!

    Martita seems to be a lovely person but honestly, I truly cannot understand most of what she says (other than "aye, yae, yae"). I do not plan to watch her show if she wins.

  9. GiNkA Martita fan says:

    Go go go go go go go go go go Justin , Martita , Emily , and Ippy !

    If Martita wins, I would totally watch her show. I also think Emily or Ippy would be interesting to watch.