Leaders Hold Strong: Your Week 3 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 4, 2012

Our week three Fan Vote results are in, and it seems that fans are staying loyal to their favorite finalists. Team Giada’s Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona hold tight to first and second place, with Ippy (18%) closing in on Martita’s (19%) lead this week. In third place, Emily Ellyn scored 13% of your votes, up from 11% last week.

Team Giada is still holding strong — Linkie Marais is just behind Emily with 12% of the vote — but a couple of new Fan Vote contenders from Team Alton and Team Bobby are inching toward the top. Justin Warner is up this week (9%), followed by Michele Ragussis (8%).

Will we see a push from Team Alton and Team Bobby fans next week?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Three Fan Vote results:


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Comments (196)

  1. Sandy_Beaches9K says:

    I'm not as excited this season. I'm hoping it gets better.

  2. Athena says:

    Let's go, Emily! Win this thing! :)

  3. @laq997 says:

    i think they sent the wrong person home... EITHER one would be wrong. food network has become more flash then substance... i would have watched Eric cook any day... she shows not only how to cook but how to recover food...

  4. gina_bennett says:


    I think Ippy would be great if he dropped the whole hawaiian thing. he is part italian after all and i think if he did he would be on to something. i really don't like pork and what else do they eat down there besides pinapples, spam and coconuts? as it is, he looks ridiculous when he wears those silly hawaiian shirts. who does that?


    what can i say, she is awesome! girl is all that and a bag of chips. she's got charm, looks, confidence and can cook! i say she is the one to beat!


    yawn. nice interesting food but he is dull to listen to and watch. im sure he will be one of the final people standing.


    retro rad...blah blah blah...retro....blah blah. 50's....blah blah. we get it, you like the 50's. shut up already and cook!


    what a sweetheart! im not sure she has the confidence but she has the cooking chops. if she doesnt make it to the end, she will still do big things!

    and that's it. i dont think anyone else makes it to the end.

    • Jerilee says:

      You have valid points. Ippy grew up in Hawaii, it's what he knows. An Itlian twist might be nice. The rest; Emily is quirky and cute, I like how she can take a classic and re-do it I like her spin. Justin thinks out of the box...his stroganoff, come on, really? Linkie needs to learn how not to get tongue tied. Martita just needs to get it together.

      • Food Fan says:

        The challenges will test the contenders in different ways.
        Some may really crumble under some, and rock-the-house on some others.
        I think we will see some ups & downs.
        Someone may surprise us and come up fast in the pack.
        Some may be "hot" most-all of the time.
        Some may fade.
        Some may have a bad night and come back stronger than ever.
        Some may grow in confidence and learn from the mentoring and feedback. Some may have natural ability.
        Glad the challenges are different from each other but really hoping they dont restrict or confine the Cooks and that we get several times of seeing what they can really do.

    • mominparadise says:

      Hawaiian shirts....almost every professional that lives here....doctors, lawyers, bankers, and chefs. Our local farmers would take offense to the pork/pineapple/spam comment. The variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, beef(including local humanly grown veal), lamb and pork available at biweekly markets year round is not to be outdone anywhere...not to mention the only place in the United States able to grow all three major beverage crops, tea, coffee and chocolate. Pacific Rim cuisine with an Italian twist, go Ippy!

      • Food Fan says:

        I thought so to, when I read the earlier comment from another writer.
        The abundance of foods and fruits, seafoods, etc. that the hawaiians have is wonderful.
        It isnt over and Ippy has a very good chance at this. He faces competition. Giada saw his knife skills and plating and remarked on them favorably when she 1st met him. I am sure he could show us some interesting twists, and he is making flavorful dishes.
        In fairness, I must say there are 3 or 4 others I am also liking more at this point. I will see if that stays confirmed on next challenge, or changes.
        No one has won this thing yet.
        Keep doing excellent work. Learn from your mentors, and dont forget what you are good at.
        I advise Ippy and everyone--do not let one stressful night shake any of you. It may be you tonight, and someone else next time.
        Smile. Show us yer quality work and excellent flavors! All of you! Teach us viewers how we can do this.
        I am curious and want to see more of the man from the Island.

        • Food Fan says:

          ps--when I said "others I am liking more" above....i didnt mean more than anyone else...just more, as in...narrowing it down and getting a better idea of 4 or 5 that I am starting to like as my probable favorites...

    • JLF says:

      Come on - Really?? Pineapples, spam and coconuts? That's like saying Chef Boyardee is all there is to italian cuisine. There is so much more to the island cuisine with all of the fresh fish and asian influences. I think it would be very interesting to learn from Ippy's experience.

      • Food fan says:

        Yes. The abundance, is remarkable. Ever tried a Guava or a Mango? mmmmmm!
        And the seafood. Is Mahi Mahi, hawaiian? Its delicious.
        There is competition, but I feel Ippy is a very good man to represent the islands.

    • pebblez says:

      Sorry Martita is not ALL that!!!

    • lovetobake says:

      wow talk about stereotyping....and they have too much Italian going on already. I think he should stick to something unique and stay true to himself. And food network needs to wake up and listen to the viewers... he clearly is a favorite already. Judson needs to go.. he just doesn't have what it takes and they can't teach him personality.

  5. Ray O says:

    Okay, no one has noticed this yet? Does anyone notice anything about the judges table on Next Foodnetwork Star? I mean, come on, what do you see???

    • doesitmatter says:

      That it looks like a surfboard? I can't think of anything else....besides, who cares. This show has really gotten BAD!!! The whole network sucks. chopped and triple D...nothing else. Wake up Food network.... I cruise right over you these days on my remote.

    • jessica says:

      you mean that threre WAS NONE? crazy huh?

    • Chef Chris says:

      Giada's gay husband lent them his skateboard.

    • Nancy says:

      it looks like a big "eye" to me......

  6. working mama says:

    I was absolutely stunned to see that Team Alton won! Food Network, you really can't make yourself so predictable. We all know that Mr. Alton's pride couldn't handle being the only team that didn't win, and therefore you handed it to him. Emily Rocked. Justin is Fantastic. But they had 2 terrible contenders on their team that task. It's easy math 2 + (-3) = -1. Team Giada should have definitely won it. If not, Team Bobby. But Alton was definitely the bottom team of the night and Martie should have gone home quite the while ago. So she used better tuna? She seems like a very sweet lady, but nobody is going to waste time & energy trying her recipes.

    Eric going home was terrible. And putting Ippy on the line, No Good! I love laid back.

    My Favs: Ippy, Martita, Justin! But in all honestly, the recipes I would probably cook more often would be Martita's. She'd be like a Fresh Latin Giada. Cooking Great Food that we would feed our families often!

    • Guest says:

      Then you need to watch Marcela Valladolid on Mexican Made Easy, also on FN. She has much more credibility than Martita.

    • LLM says:

      I love laid back too. But we already have Marcella, and several failed shows like hers from this network: Daisy Martinez and another one whose name I can't recall...and Aida. Unless you have a Rick Bayless doing the show, I'm just not into the kinds of Latin recipes I've seen on any of those shows--including Marcella. I think Emily and Justin are kind of interesting too, but I'm more into new ethnic foods than 50's retro and I'll almost certainly never make the kind of food Justin does. One thing I think Ippy's shown is that Hawaiian food is more than what so many of us think of: it's risen above common stereotypes. It's as diverse as Hawaiian--and American--culture, nowadays. I can't wait to find out more about it.

      • LLM says:

        Oh, and, come to think of it--Rick Bayless is pretty laid back!

      • Food Fan says:

        Emily is another one I am curious about.
        On the good side, I find her easy to listen to, but on the bad side, I dont understand just what a 50's retro point of view is supposed to be. I mean, what did folks eat back then? Bacon & eggs for breakfast. Malt shops & cheeseburgers with yer sweetie after school. Is this just a new twist on that kind of stuff? or something else? I still dont really know.

    • Pebblez says:

      NOOO we already have a Giada, don't need another one!!!

  7. Kid Croat says:

    Don't agree with most of the posts above. This is a great format with a great cast of characters, who for the most part can cook also. Kudos to the production staff! Good season so far. The judges have gotten it right in every case to date. Viewers need to keep in mind that they are selecting a TV star chef. Would you really watch a show starring Erik, the wanna-be rock star who fused Danish and Asian, or the poser who has been on shows before? Justin and Emily are by far the most interesting, natural, and entertaining. Hope they tie and do a show together with Ippy, Marita (if she ever gets her act together), and Judson as guests!

    • JLF says:

      Josh was the rock star wannabe and he went home last week. Eric was the executive chef who went home last nite. You need to study up on your cast of characters.

      • Kid Croat says:

        Please note the comma before Erik, JLF. Perhaps you need a grammar refresher. I doubt you could tell me anything about studying. By the way, I'm familiar with the cast of characters.

    • vert2013 says:

      2 questions. 1) Have you seen previous seasons of this show? 2) Do you work for FN?

      I ask these because when compared to past seasons, this season has few standouts. Previous seasons generally had more people that could handle the job of TV chef where this season has 1 maybe 2. This year there is an abundance of contestents who are probably decent cooks/chefs in their own right, but when compared to the rest of FN, fall drastically short.

      • Kid Croat says:

        Very valid reply. I respect your opinion, and have seen several seasons.However, in my opinion, a TV personality needs to be more than a cook. There are some great personalities and very likeable people.this season.

  8. bandit86 says:

    Well surprise....not much bad to say this week that I have not stated already but that's not because it was great but because it was a nothing show. Blah, blah, ehh, ehh unmemorable. I still wish they would not place who got eliminated on the front page :(

  9. LLM says:

    I like most of the contestants this year, but the one I'd most like to watch is Ippy. The judges keep saying he's too laid back, but that's what I like about him. Giada really summed it up well on the show (and I'll paraphrase): watching this guy is like going to Hawaii. Life is so stressful for all of us these days, and all I have to do is take one look at his face, and I'm relaxing on the beach...is it Oahu this time, or Maui? Maybe Kauai...A lot of us can't afford the vacation we need, and watching Ippy is as close as we might get for some time. I hope the judges note that even with what they deemed his 'poor showing' this week, he is (at least, as I am typing this) still in 2nd place in the poll running here. I never vote in these 'vote for so-and-so' polls, even for friends. But I used up all the votes they allow us and bookmarked the page to come back tomorrow. The folks I watch most on FN are the most relaxed: Ina, Tyler, Giada and Paula Deen--and I have never even TRIED to make one of Paula's recipes. I know that I probably never will; she and I just don't cook alike. I don't care though. I watch her show at least once a day, and when I do, I relax. That's WHY I watch her. And I'd watch Ippy whether I ever made his food or not. The bonus is, that I am really interested in seeing more of the food Ippy cooks. He sure doesn't stay inside the lines you might think of as 'Hawaiian cuisine'. I mean, seriously, that ribeye tonight...it looked amazing!
    And I'm a purist where steak is concerned: I like my steaks minimally seasoned and seared rare. But that thing had me drooling, and I'll be trying it soon. Every week he's surprised me with the food that he cooks. At first I figured he'd be all 50's-your-grandma's-Hawaiian, but I got over THAT fast, and I'm really interested now to see what he'll cook. I think he just gets stronger each week, even though the judges seem to think he needs to amp it up. I hope they take a chance on not falling into the high energy TV mindset here, because I think they would be onto something. I think a lot of us are kind of tired of so many faces shouting at us for our attention--I mean--get a life! Just talk to me, for God's sake. I don't want people in my home that stress me out, I want people who relax and inspire me. Ippy does that better than anyone I've seen on TV in years, except Paula. You just can't help but like the guy more and more the more you see of him. If FN doesn't snap him up, I think they'll regret it.

    • Pebblez says:

      WELL SAID, couldn't agree with you more!!

    • Jerilee says:

      I agree with you on that steak.....had my mouth watering.

    • Food Fan says:

      I think he has more interesting twists he can show us. Lets not forget that what he has made has had great flavors.
      It isnt over and faces competition, but I do want to see more of him.
      He's the kind of guy you just like right away.
      Just because someone isnt loud and in-yer-face doesnt mean they aren't motivated or enthused. Watch Ippy's video! Something like, if you bring this Island boy to your big city I will cook beyond all your expectations. He will need to keep doing great in challenges. All of the contenders need to. But he's got the flavors!

    • Frank Demeo says:

      I wouldn't watch Ippy. He seems cool. I'd smoke weed with him and I'd hang out with him...but he is boring to watch on TV.

  10. Moop says:

    I still can't believe they sent Eric home. Definitely premature. I thought his personality was caring and genuine; I would have watched him explain how to make ricotta from scratch. Still though, I hope they don't bring him back at some sordid attempt of a "twist," that just seems... silly, I don't know.