Leaders Hold Strong: Your Week 3 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 4, 2012

Our week three Fan Vote results are in, and it seems that fans are staying loyal to their favorite finalists. Team Giada’s Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona hold tight to first and second place, with Ippy (18%) closing in on Martita’s (19%) lead this week. In third place, Emily Ellyn scored 13% of your votes, up from 11% last week.

Team Giada is still holding strong — Linkie Marais is just behind Emily with 12% of the vote — but a couple of new Fan Vote contenders from Team Alton and Team Bobby are inching toward the top. Justin Warner is up this week (9%), followed by Michele Ragussis (8%).

Will we see a push from Team Alton and Team Bobby fans next week?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Three Fan Vote results:


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Comments (196)

  1. grace b. says:

    IPPY ROCKS !!!! He is a classy young man! He is so cool!

  2. markohio says:

    I am not sure where Linkie is getting her fan base from, with 12% of the votes. I have not really seen that much from her so far.

    • Food Fan says:

      We haven't seen *that* much of any of 'em.
      Emily and Linkie are very close, percentage-wise. They probably both get a fanbase like anyone else. People like their performances. They are different and enough people like them for different reasons that they both get votes. Same with the others. No mystery here.

      • Guest says:

        Linkie has her College behind her, she has a private fanclub and she has a facebook of over 1000 friends, among others!

        • Food Fan says:

          I doubt if there is any contestant on here that doesnt have some facebook or twitter following.

      • Frank Demeo says:

        She's likable. Kind of comes off nervous and shaky but, why wouldn't her facebook friends and relatives (And their friends etc) vote for her?

        • Food Fan says:

          I have faith she will improve.
          She's already likable.
          And made tasty dishes last two times!
          She is capable.
          Also, while its early and i dont wanna favor any one person too much, we can give people credit on their good points.
          I have defended others on here already, too. The competition is still anyone's game.

      • Guest says:

        We've had this conversation about Martita last week. All they show of her is ai yay yay and adios whatever. I'm sure all the contestants have their friends and families who support them.

        • Food Fan says:

          There's more to it than that.
          She's been making great tasting food. The Judges like it. People like her energy. Will someone pass her and edge her out of the lead? or will she keep it? So far, she's the one to beat, but she has earned her lead.
          The competition is still open.

          • Guest says:

            Marcela Valladolid seems to have much more cred than Martita. We don't need another show about Mexican food. She's been on Iron Chef, and I just can't see Martita having the chops to do that.

          • T. W. says:

            How many Mex-Tex type shows have there been on food network?

      • Bazil says:

        Actually, we have seen enough to know that this girl needs to go.

        • Sonja says:

          What are you basing your remark on? She has the votes because she's great at what she does!

    • Vermonter says:

      Linkie should have been gone long ago -- especially after she stuttered and stammered in her latest "presentation" -- and she can't even cook!

      She must have a lot of friends and family voting...

      • Food Fan says:

        I cant agree with that.
        1st of all, I am not "in the tank" for ANY contestant.
        Any of them may disappoint me. Now, or later.
        But Linkie can cook. And she has! And they liked it.
        As for friends, you can say that about everyone on here. Perhaps you are worried she is doing too good against some other favorite of yours.
        I have defended some others on here besides Linkie. But she can cook!

        • KeishaD says:

          Linkie doing too good agains the others? That is the most laughable comment I have ever read on here. Good Lord. What are you, her mother? She is not a star. She makes pretty simple little dishes that is not really memorable and she sucks at presenting. She doesn't stand a chance against Ippy, Martita, Emily and Justin.

          • Food Fan says:

            No. I am not *anyone's* mother. And not Linkie's either.
            But some others have certainly done worse.
            I could make similar criticisms (like you) about some others on here, who write praise for some other contenders, too.
            To expand on the "too good against others" comment. --Perhaps another way of saying it--is that:
            It wouldnt be all that surprising, that as the race tightens and it narrows more down to 4 or 5 contenders, that there would start to be more bashing of the competition. People start getting worried that another competitor is having too much success or may edge them out later. So, the bashing starts. I think that pretty-reasonable and it certainly wouldnt be the first time, either.
            I havent picked any #1 favorite yet.

          • Mother of Linkie says:

            Food Fan in my language we would have said you deserve a spoon full of sugar! Thank you for standing up for these, I want to say kids, but Martie, Eric and Michele are surely no kids any more. These are brave people that has the guts to stand up for their dreams and each one of them deserves a fair chance. Seems to me that since there is not enough drama on TV yet, there are people that is creating that drama here.
            We hear about bullies everywhere these days; I think some of them have found an outlet here. Let the best contestant win. Let them win a fair game. Let them cook their hearts out and remember, do not talk them down, particularly if you're relying on an employer for a job, since you never know if one of them may become your boss! LOL

          • Food Fan says:

            (smile). We've never met.
            I dont know any of the contestants at all.
            But I thank you for the spoonful of Sugar. (Now I will be sweet all day, ha-ha)
            Anyone, can still win this. There are several good contenders.
            I think you yourself said it best, above, when you say: "Let the best contestant win. Let them win a fair game. Let them cook their hearts out"....
            I dont know who that is yet. But I think it is fair for all.

      • Tootsieroll says:

        Agree - I think FoodFan and Guest are her relatives commenting! She doesn't have it and she is most certainly NOT THE ONE TO BEAT. Get real people!

        • Izalda says:

          Uhm, no they are not. My mother and I are the only ones who ocassionally post on here, and you will notice that we both use our names when we do. Food Fan has been very clear all across the board that he (I think) does not have a favorite and has made very valid points about EVERY contestants strong and weak points when analyzing the show. My family and I are incredibly proud of my sister and we believe in her and her abilities but do not have to resort to snide comments about other contestants. Linkie has made it to where she is today on her own merits.

          • guest2 says:

            Izalda, we can only judge your sister on what we see of her on FNS. She is lovely. But public opinion is based on what we, the audience, see. And thus far, Linkie's performance has been a bit lackluster. My friends agree that the votes are because of her FB following. Just because your family doesn't post snide comments here, doesn't mean you don't post them on her fan club page or your own FB profiles. I just checked your mother's FB page (kind of know her) and she was rather snide about Malcolm telling him that he should enjoy his victory 'till Linkie comes on. She also told Emily Great job Emily..........linkie is still coming...........ha ha ha!. That is low. Good thing Linkie fell smack on her face bcause karma caught up with those snide comments! Very disappointing.

          • Izalda says:

            You obviously do not know my mother at all. My mom has a personal repetoire with some of these contestants and has talked with them through other outlets. My sister and some of the contestants bicker back and forth on each other's pages. We do support all of the contestants because they have become dear to my sister. If you knew my mother (like you said you do) at all, then you would know that she very jokingly said what she did and that it was all in good humor. As I have said, I know that mom and Emily has talked before and that mom supports Emily as well. If you know my mother at all, you would know that she is an amazing person who would not harm one person over another. Now, as a personal note to you: If you know what is said on the fan page, my mother's page, or any of my other family members' pages, then I can not help but wonder what you are doing there, because we only have people who support my sister in ALL of her endeavours on there. If you do not support her, then you have no business being friends with any of us.

          • T. W. says:

            Well said !!

          • Mother of Linkie says:

            So you kind of know me, ja? Lurking in our Facebook ja, I wonder why? Or are you maybe one of our members that do not have the guts to reveal yourself? O yes, I am talking to some of the food stars and I encourage them, joke with them and give them advice on how to handle people like you. I can tell you right here that we are a group of people that have lots of fun on Sunday nights when the show comes up. We are serious, we joke and we have compassion for each and every one of them. Maybe you preferred not to mention my comment about how sorry I am for Eric that he went home and that I wished him well. So after your read this, please go back to my Facebook and see for yourself and then if you are a member of our group, please excuse yourself from there, since we do not enjoy troublemakers there.

          • guest2 says:

            Oh, pipe down, both of you. I am not lurking - I am not friends with Mother of Linkie - I just checked out your FB page and it is public. Not in the fanclub since I am obviously not a fan. You guys need to stop taking every little comment personal - you are the ones creating the drama on here with your short little fuses. I am laughing so hard.

          • Gury says:

            I do find it real sad that Linkie is the only contestent who still needs her mama to fight her battles for her.

          • Mother of Linkie says:

            You know RF and G, if you touch garlic your fingers will stink.

          • JLF says:

            I find the entire fight embarrasing. We started out discussing food, cooking, presentation styles, and now it's descended into obnoxious personal attacks that are entirely unwarrented since very few of us even know any of the people involved.

          • Jenn says:

            I dont think Linkie asked her mom to fight for her. If you were on the show, your mom would fight for you too. Come on. Our moms love us and would die for us. Give her a break. She loves her daughter more than herself and hates to see her get hurt. But I agree, lets talk food people! :)

          • hop says:

            moms are the best. i think it is hard for the families to read negative comments about their loved ones. but people need to be respectful and not take it so harshly. people will form opinions and that is how it is going to be. accusing people of being cowardly for their opinions are not right. they dont know your loved one only what they see on tv. dont hate people.

          • guest2 says:

            To clarify I do kind of know about you Mother of Linkie. We never met but were inlaws through your oldest daughter many moons ago. We wish you well and know your girl will go far. my apologies to both of you for misunderstanding your comments.

        • Food Fan says:

          See reply above.
          I have defended several contenders, not just Linkie.
          I have pointed good points and also lousy/bad points.
          Dont have any #1 favorite yet.
          Again, see reply above.

        • Food Fan says:

          Obviously, Martita is the one-to-beat, right now. At least according to the vote/percentage poll.
          That may or may not change.
          Perhaps you have simply made your mind up too early. I could say that.
          It may be Linkie, it may be someone else.
          Others have had their own difficulties, too.
          She is in the Top 5 and a serious contender.
          I have praised others, also.

      • KeishaD says:

        Agree VERMONTER!

      • Mother of Linkie says:

        You bet she has exactly 9 family members in the country voting for her. Friends, well that’s a different story. She accumulates friends the moment she moves. In fact a very high profile person said not to long ago: when you meet Linkie, you do not just like her immediately, you love her. So yes this is her mother speaking. Do yourself a favor and go read her personal blog. You will learn a lot about her there.

      • Sonja says:

        How do you know she can't cook? The judges (who are actually tasting it) thinks she can!

    • vert2013 says:

      Personally I'm a Linkie fan because I haven't seen her food a million times before. She's also baking centered which is more my interest. I think a lot of people vote for her because she's memorable. She's pretty, has a cool accent and as a funky name. As bad as it sounds, that is often times enough to get votes from people that aren't your friends.

      • Vondra says:

        Couldn't disagree more vert2013. I wouldn't watch her show at all. She makes things we have seen before - Key Lime Pie, Potpie, Mousse, Cheesecake. To me she is just another forgettable face who didn't even know you could substitute ricotta for cream cheese. What does that say about this ditsy baker's skillset? Plus her presentation really blows. She is nowhere near the charismatic peeps like Justin, Emily and Ippy and Martita can kick her blonde butt any day.

        • Food Fan says:

          ...?...you wouldnt vote for a blonde? or would you? (I have dark brown hair, myself).
          and speaking of "relatives commenting", as tootsieroll said, above...I notice that Vondra and keishaD pick the same 4.
          Sorta makes ya wonder if perhaps they might be relatives. (wink)
          Its still anyone's game.

        • Guest says:

          You've seen cheesecake on a cannoli crust before?

  3. Michele says:

    I hope Ippy becomes the next Food Network Star. He is clearly an outstanding cook as the judges have only had POSITIVE feedback about ALL of his dishes. As they are the ones who actually taste the food,
    we have to accept that they know delicious food when they taste it.
    As far as his on-screen personality, he impresses me as gentleman...and a team player. Personally,
    I think his youth and Hawaiian/Italian family background will make him a an interesting and popular Food Network star.

    • Food Fan says:

      Dont count him out. We havent heard the last of him! The man from the island isnt done yet. :) Ya know, I was thinking more about him. Wasnt it him, that Giada was pounding her fist on the counter and saying (it was, to him, wasnt it?) Fun! Fun! FUN!....why?--would she do that. He never sounded to me like he wasnt having fun. What brought all this on?...the ONLY thing, that I can possibly think of, and even with that, I'm just making a guess...is: remember in the chopped challenge...did Ippy himself say something like---he never dreamed he'd ever be, or even wanted to be, on the chopped challenge? perhaps they magnified that to accuse of him not wanting it bad enough? Its the only think I can think of. Even then, I think it would be unfair. he was only talking about *that* challenge. Im sure all contenders have at least one they're not too wild about. He definitely is a contender! I wish we could find out why Giada was so emphatic and whatever brought that on. It seemed undeserved, from what we viewers could see.

    • Vermonter says:

      Agreed on Ippy!!!! He also presents a new point of view for the network.

      • nick says:

        I agree. So far every challenge they have liked his food and Hello isn't it suppose to be about the food. Not to mention his age. What is he only like 24 and he is impressing the judges with the flavor, skill and just the fact that he actually can cook. Please no more annoying loud food network shows. I think based on his smile alone he would have me watching and then throw in the fact that he can cook. To bad the judges are not basing the show on actual talent. I am so sick of hearing he is to laid back and the same thing for Eric sending him home was just wrong. He had actual cooking talent and he is sent packing because of that. But most of all Martita really annoys me. Stop trying so hard to prove your nationality just cook and shut up.

  4. Annalise says:

    Bring Eric back! Bring Eric Back!!!

  5. Grandma Joyce says:

    Sorry for my post this morning, insomnia brought out the worst in me.
    I am feeling bad for Eric, and hope this exposure will bring lots of great offers (when one door closes, another one opens). Best of everything to you, Eric. I was very impressed with your gracious exit which was much more mature than my angry rant.
    Ippy- he must feel so frustrated to be told repeatedly to change who he is. This may explain why he looked so sad last night. I just want him to be true to himself, then the smile will return.

    • Sandy says:

      I feel bad for Eric too. But I too believe he will get something (job) perhaps even better than what he had. He put it all on the line for this show.

      And Ippy did look sad. Its stressful enough to make a great dish under weird circumstances, but then to become another person in order to land this position is probably even more pressure on him. Tears down ones confidence level.

  6. Emily says:

    I'm going for team Giada!!! :D Her team has such warmth and personality. Their fun!! Especially Martita!! I think that Ippy could really bring something special to food network that they don't have...HAWAII :) His personality is warm and inviting! He just needs to get a little bit more energy in him. I also like Emily on Altons team. She's soo much fun. I love that fact that shes trying to bring back the 50's!! Thats awesome. I'm a big fan of the 50's as well!! I would definitely watch her!!! Bobby's team is BORING!!! Ok, that's nice that they can cook. but we can't taste the food. None of them have personalities. They are all drab!! I would never watch any of them.

  7. Sandy says:

    I was glad Justin won the challenge last night. I thought they were going to give it to Nikki. Justin reacted ....Shocked...Surprised....Grateful! He even thanked DISCOVER card! I thought that was cute.

    • Sandy_Beaches9K says:

      You think he wears lipstick?

      • Sandy says:

        In answer to your question Sandy_Beaches9K, no I don't.

        But I must admit I wondered if he got his lips colored (tinted)...you know that permanent makeup thing which was popular a while back. You could get permanent eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows, the works ...so you could wake up beautiful (haha). But no, I really don't think he wears lipstick. Susie asked him that on Episode 1 & he said no. I believe him.

  8. mominparadise says:

    Ippy is all that! Sunday mornings are awesome eating inspired waffles or omelettes at his family restaurant with a humble chef who pulls up a chair, sits down and asks about our family. Refreshing, respectful and appropriately laid back for our Island home!

  9. PlainJane says:

    I have to say that there are very few of the contestants that I would consider watching on a regular basis. Martita is NOT one of them. I really like Ippy and Malcolm. They both have personality plus although it's true that Ippy is very laid back. That could translate poorly on camera but then I don't like people who are always "on". The more I watch Giada on these shows, the less I like her. To me, it looks like she's in this for her own ego and accolades than to nurture one of her recruits.

    • pebblez says:

      I agree, I actually find Martita a little annoying and couldn't watch her on a regular basis. They are using this 'laid back' attitude as something bad, I doubt when these so called pros first started they were camera perfect. The more I watch the show the more irritated I get at the judges, so contradictory at times..ughh!!

    • vert2013 says:

      Martita seems fun and lively but she's nothing special. She can cook and she is hispanic...I feel like I've seen that combenation a million times already. Unfortunately for her she came around after that niche in the market was already filled.

  10. minnie says:

    Mahalo for Ippy. He is laid back, it's the Hawaiian way. No matter what he cooks, it's filled with Aloha.