Leaders Hold Strong: Your Week 3 Fan Vote Picks Revealed

by in Food Network Star, June 4, 2012

Our week three Fan Vote results are in, and it seems that fans are staying loyal to their favorite finalists. Team Giada’s Martita Jara and Ippy Aiona hold tight to first and second place, with Ippy (18%) closing in on Martita’s (19%) lead this week. In third place, Emily Ellyn scored 13% of your votes, up from 11% last week.

Team Giada is still holding strong — Linkie Marais is just behind Emily with 12% of the vote — but a couple of new Fan Vote contenders from Team Alton and Team Bobby are inching toward the top. Justin Warner is up this week (9%), followed by Michele Ragussis (8%).

Will we see a push from Team Alton and Team Bobby fans next week?

The in-season Fan Vote resets each week, so make sure to cast your vote for your favorite finalist up to 10 times per day.

Check out the complete list of Week Three Fan Vote results:


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Comments (196)

  1. Frank Demeo says:

    The race is getting tighter! Even though Ippy had a bad week, I still see him as a contender. Congratulations Martita!

    • Food Fan says:

      All contestants, even Iron Chefs, will have their day.
      No one is immune.

    • martita says:

      gracias Frank :)

      • NCGirl says:

        Martita is a breath of fresh air! She just lights up a room when she walks in - a big plus for a t.v. show. And, she can cook too! Just want the best of the best to compete against each other. Just eliminate the weakest of each team it comes down to a real competition.

        • Food Fan says:

          I will not disagree with you.
          Haven't picked my #1 favorite person yet. Too early.
          I want to see more challenges. And I dont want to favor any one person too much, this early. Things may perhaps change. We are still seeing more of what everyone can do. And we should.
          But there is no denying she can cook and light up a room! Good work is good work. She deserves credit for the lead she enjoys now. Nice picture, above.

  2. [...] here to read the rest: Leaders Hold Strong: Your Week 3 Fan Vote Picks Revealed This entry was posted in Food Network and tagged alton, emily, fan, favorite, giada, ippy, [...]

  3. NCGirl says:

    I like the new concept this season of team competition, but I have to say after last night's show (6/3), I'm not so sure how fair this has become. One team can win overall and still have a weak member who is now safe. Specifically, I'm referring to Judson staying in and Eric being booted off. Both had tough one minute "tie-breaking" presentations, and although Judson is an able chef and personable, Eric far exceeds in ability. This is my personal opinion. I think Eric has an engaging personality and over time would develop a "feel" for the camera. Other contestants over the different seasons have improved over the course of the competition. The same scenario happened the week before - a stronger contestant was eliminated over a weaker one because the weaker contestant's team won. I prefer the rules that America's Worst Cooks follow - one member from each team is eliminated each week. Seems a much fairer way to do things. Then, with this current show, the finals would come down to one member of each team competing against each other (final 3 people) and the winning mentor would still be celebrating with his/her team member.

    • flemke says:

      I agree. If the show is about who would you watch, I can see myself watching a show with Eric. I can't in a million years imagine watching Marty, Judson or Yvan. In all honesty, I doubt I'd watch Ippy. I would have watch Eric. Food Network should set up a panel of regular food network viewers and find out who we would actually watch before they boot some of these guys off. Last season, they kept Penny on far too long. NO ONE would have ever watched a show with her. She was simply too much of a bitch. Attn Food Network Exec's. You need to talk to those of us who are actually watching FN.

    • SCgirl says:

      I loved Eric and he shouldn't have been cut ! For me , he was much more engaging than Ippy! I agree about the elimination also! I like Bobby's group the best ! I am also over Alton and Giada...I love her cook books ,but watching her is too much !!!

    • Alicia says:

      Well, what you said about Judson and Eric is probably true, but remember, there will only be one winner in the end... and do you think either of them would be the one? No, neither do I. Eric is nice and all, but I think someone like Justin has far better food and personality. I'd watch him before Eric any day.

    • Elise says:

      I agree. I think this is a stupid format, with nothing fair about it.

  4. NCGirl says:

    I just want to add a p.s. to my above comment. The competition this week being considered a team challenge is rather dubious - each contestant was on their own - they didn't collaborate on the making of their dishes. Emily was terrific and gracious helping out Eric with ingredients when his rice paper wraps fell apart and he had to start over, but in the end, each contestant was on his/her own - it wasn't a team competition. I know they're trying their best for their respective mentors, but this is more of an individual competition than anything else.

  5. Elaine Clemmons says:

    Eric is a great cook. Shouldn't have been booted off. It's easier to learn how to speak to a camera than to be a great cook. Been there, done that, it just takes a little time and practice. He would have gotten it. I agree with above. It's a shame to see Eric booted off when he was much better than Judson.

  6. bored fan says:

    My 2nd & final post. For me, the web pages for NFNS are difficult to find & navigate. The show is boring. So, I leave the blog to those who are more savvy than I am & the show to those who find it interesting. My personal opinion of Alton & Giada has taken a great downward slide after watching these past 3 episodes. So, 'bye NFNS.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      How so? I mean, how are you having issues navigating the articles/pages? It's really straight forward. If you go to foodnetwork.com/star and then click on "Blog"....you can see the blog entries. At the bottom of the page there's a link to navigate to older entries. *shrugs*. I don't think it's that complicated.

    • Jerilee says:

      Right under comments (xxx) it says sort by. It give choices of date, rating, and last activity. Just click on last activity. I know it's a pain in the a.., especially since it didn't use to be that way, but it gets you the most recent comments or replies.

      • JLF says:

        Well knock me down!! I did not know we could change the settings. Thanks for setting me straight!

  7. jbiowa says:

    HUGELY disappointed in this season so far. There are only a few that I would EVER consider watching and you kicked one of them off last night. At least he could COOK -- something that more than 1/2 of these contestants can't seem to do. ALL you want is a personality -- and unfortunately it doesn't even have to be a GOOD personality. (I was very disappointed that Eric and Ippy were the 2 up for elimination -- there are so many that should be gone before either of them.)

    I quit watching design star a couple of years ago. I'm afraid this will be my last season of watching next Food Network Star. Put the emphasis on FOOD instead of on star.

    Horrible contestants. Team leaders whose time is past. Bad judges. What a horror show.

    • Frank Demeo says:

      And how are the remaining finalists horrible? I bet America as a whole would disagree. Do you like your TV chefs bland or conservative? What don't you like about this remaining batch? Sure, Eric appeared to be talented....but you forget the audience can't taste the food so, presence and ability to convey to fans how intriguing or delicious something is, is a must. Specially to those with no culinary experience. A pleasant personality and appearance would go a long way.

    • gatorhans says:

      I think Ippy and Eric should have been in the finale

    • MBjornsen says:

      AMEN on the boringness of the remaining contestants. Not so much on the judges. Anyone can pull out a cookbook and follow a recipe to make a dish. What makes you want to watch a show is a VERY interesting personality that is the focus (like Adam Gertzler) or culinary expertise that lets you learn something (Alton Brown... ERIC!). I mean really... who DOESN'T want to watch someone that makes all their own stuff? JUSTIN AND ERIC all the way - only ones worth watching for any extended period of time at this point.

    • Chef Chris says:

      I agree with your observations 100 percent! Giada does NOT belong there or on FN at all. There is no program - no cooking. Just big teeth, mispropounced words and open blouses. On Network Star, could she possibly get her skirts shorter? I expect a thong any week...........
      The judges STINK. They know nothing - and should get booted. I feel badly for the contestants - they show up expecting a VALID contest - when it's run by a bunch of buffoons.

  8. Food Fan says:

    Its fun to watch!
    Martita is doing well and still holding the lead. Congratulations to her!
    But Ippy is very close, and a few others are closing in --and also doing good work. Will she stay in the lead?
    We are not even half-way
    Will someone come from behind and really take off?
    Will a leading contender, fall? Or, will they fall --and make a big comeback?
    Will 3 or 4 be almost neck-and-neck battling it out?
    The next challenge will be different again. Anything can happen.

    • Annienyc says:

      What does it matter how this voting comes out? It's in the can and taping is over.

      • Food Fan says:

        Hundreds of us type and post on hee anyway, whether the winner is already decided or not. Hopefully, the contestants, Bob T. & Susie F. , FN top management and even us other viewers read all this it is quite revealing and useful if not for this season, then next season. Who better for the Network to get feedback from than from people like us who actually follow the show and are informed and express our opinions here? We are far more informed in our feedback than someone who just clicks on some fan-vote because someone sent them an email to vote for whoever.. Think of us as the people who DO bother to fill out the Comment-cards in a restaurant about the food and service. Like eating there, we know. We watch the show!

        • NCGirl says:

          Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that this season the winner will be chosen by the viewing audience, not by the judges. Am I wrong? If I'm not wrong, then yes, everything up and until the final has already been filmed and the final will be live.

          • Food Fan says:

            I've heard different things.
            Some say its already done and we are seeing an unfiolding of what has already happened. Even if thats true, it is still fun to write about it as we see it unfold and the Food network gets to read how viewers think, feel and react to it all. This is useful.

    • guest says:

      How is Martita holding the lead...anyone on here vote for her? Not me - seems FNS wants the Mexican cuisine in its line up to attract new viewers, even if they are illegal.

      • Deandre says:

        How racist! Good Lord. Martita will do great and her show will be a hit. She was born in the USA!!!!! How is that llegal She has my votes. Sore loser you are because your favorite is not in the lead.

  9. Elaine Clemmons says:

    Can't agree that the judges are bad and the team leaders time is past. I think they are all great. I just don't always agree with them, BUT they are THERE and I'm not. I still think Eric's camera personality could have been developed. I don't think Martie or Judson are half the cooks that Eric is.

  10. gatorhans says:

    wow, ERIC?? really? He should have been top 4 not bottom 4. The man can flat out cook and craft food. Does any other finalist cook that well?? I really think he could have learned on camera technique and won this competition and I would have watched his show. My wife and I are trying to figure out who we would watch if they had a show and now we only think Ippy and his Hawaiin style would interest us, everyone else is too similar to other food network shows.

    • NCGirl says:

      I do hope that Eric is able to find a new job since he quit his job as an executive chef in Napa Valley, CA so he could participate in this show. Any fine restaurant should grab him - that man really thinks on his feet and can turn a bad situation into something special.

      • Jerilee says:

        I have a feeling his job in Napa is quite safe. He was ther for 11 years. They know him. He may well still be the EC, position on hold pending outcome of FNS. They will probably welcome him back with open arms.

    • Dan's mom says:

      I highly doubt that Eric will be jobless for very long. He certianly proved to the food industry that he has a wealth of technical ability. Also, I believe Bobby honestly believed Eric was the best cook in the competition and therefore should be willing to use his personal contacts to help Eric. Good luck, Eric.