Poll: Who Went Home Too Soon?

by in Food Network Star, May 31, 2012

No Star hopeful wants to make an early exit from the competition, but unfortunately, someone always has to be the first, second or third to go. Cristie Schoen, Kara Sigle and Josh Lyons — eliminated in episodes one, two and three, respectively — didn't have many opportunities to show Bob and Susie their best stuff. Their mentors only had limited time to coach them and help them improve. With more time to learn and grow, could Cristie, Kara or Josh have been a serious contender?

That leads to our poll of the week: In your opinion, which of these three early eliminations happened too soon? Let us know which eliminated finalist you'd bring back to the competition.

Who's your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (70)

  1. Marilyn says:

    Eric Lee should be brought back. The judges put him against Ippy. Why? To give viewers a big disappointment? No matter which one went home, it was a loss to the show. Why is Mrs "I know I am older", Mr. Bowtie & Ms 50s retro still there? The judges need to get with what viewers think. They have not done too well the past few yrs. Watching the chefs cook, show their talent & personality gives a good idea of who is good & who is related to fingernails scratching a chalk board. Why do the judges get to do all of the deciding? Give viewer's a chance to vote. This show is not doing a lot for the three "mentors" and definitely nothing for the judges. Please, flannel & hot cocoa. Judges, the viewers watch & form an opinion based on whe scenes of shopping, cooking, interviews, etd. For some contestants that means there is nothing more to see, no desire to see more. Judges, you made a mistake, just admit it and bring Eric back. Maybe next yr you can do better.

  2. Mel G. says:

    Yep, all that have departed should have departed. For me it's not so much about who is going to win. I just enjoy watching them have to do stuff. And i like Alton. Miss Good Eats. I know he can get a little rough, demanding, but heck, ever watched that guy on Fox that yells at EVERYONE? Gads. So, don't really care who they give a show to. The show won't last more then a year or two, tops. Just love to watch people cook. Actually, they should just run another series of Worst Cooks. Could watch that all year!

  3. harry g says:

    They need to stop looking for a chef with personality and find a personality who can cook. this batch is not TV ready.

  4. Andrew says:

    So, Kara is clearly winning this poll.. Are you going to give her another chance?
    I'm pretty sure she'd rock the competition if you gave her a chance to shine... Bring her back!

    • john says:

      I agree. I think Kara just needed a little more time for us to see her talents and personality.

  5. PSB says:

    Eric should not have gone home. The Network even stated he was the best cook in the group, so why send him home. Is this about cooking or is about personallty. One can learn presentation, one has to have the gift to really cook.

    We had another one "saved" by their team.

    The new format does not work for making sure the best cooks make it to the end.

  6. Mojo says:

    Bring back Kara! She made the best dessert in Episode 1 according to the judges, struggled in Episode 2 (way out of her comfort zone with the soul food... chicken and waffles... give her another chance.

  7. Sandy says:

    Remember they usually bring back a couple of the eliminated ones to assist the finalists.

  8. Amy Martin says:

    Why did you get rid of Eric???? I was just going to vote for him! He has the likability of Guy and the food knowledge to back it up. And so much passion! You let a great one go : ( BRING ERIC BACK!

  9. Teddy says:


  10. Amy Martin says:

    Oh, and bring Eric back! There's about 6 other people or more that should have gone home before him. Poor, poor choice!