Poll: Who Went Home Too Soon?

by in Food Network Star, May 31, 2012

No Star hopeful wants to make an early exit from the competition, but unfortunately, someone always has to be the first, second or third to go. Cristie Schoen, Kara Sigle and Josh Lyons — eliminated in episodes one, two and three, respectively — didn't have many opportunities to show Bob and Susie their best stuff. Their mentors only had limited time to coach them and help them improve. With more time to learn and grow, could Cristie, Kara or Josh have been a serious contender?

That leads to our poll of the week: In your opinion, which of these three early eliminations happened too soon? Let us know which eliminated finalist you'd bring back to the competition.

Who's your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (70)

  1. Annalise says:

    Bring back Eric! Bring back Eric!

  2. Rueben says:

    I agree! Eric Lee was sent home too soon. His recovery from the fish stick fiasco was spectacular and I think that threw his presentation. I watched his casting video again and he has a great on-screen personna. Ippy should have gone. Yes their food was good, but Ippy is just too flat.

  3. Josh Lyons FNStar says:

    Eric Lee is an amazing chef and human being and now friend. Thanks for all ur support and enthusiasm over this season of FNS. Don't forget to go check out my website joshualyons.com to see the real me. Love to u all and peace of mind.

  4. Fonda Susca says:

    Was very disapointed last night. Eric Lee should not have been sent home. He is an acomplished chef.
    Probably has the qualifacations of an iron chef or would do well on chopped.

  5. Gail says:

    I liked Eric Lee and hated to see him go. His POV is something I would have liked to watch more of on the FN. He would probably be the only one I would vote to bring back. I second someone else's comment about ditching the team concept. There was someone else that should have left yesterday instead of Eric but was saved because of their team members. Probably won't watch any of those that are left when they get their show.

    • Megan565 says:

      I want to know how Eric made the fish sticks! I love making wholesome food that my family would enjoy. Melissa isn't an expert and I have no interest in watching her. FN - give Eric a show on the Cooking Channel!

  6. Sue Atkinson says:

    Bobby, I was so bummed that Eric was picked to go home last night. I watched it again this morning when it dawned on me that you should make lemonade. You and the judges said he may be the best chef they have had in all seasons of NFNS. He cares deeply for food, is a real team player and seems to be a lovely man. He considers you an incredible mentor and left a chef position of 11 years for the opportunity to work with you. Hire the man! Lord knows you will have a passionate, talented and loyal employee and pass the lemonade......

  7. kathrol says:

    I totally agree that Eric Lee should not have been sent home this week! The person who should have gone was Judson, but because he was on the winning team, he was lucky and remained safe. He made the worst food and had the worst presentation of all the contestants, and the judges even said so on camera. Perhaps they should now break up the teams and let everyone stand on his or her own...unless, of course, they are just passing someone along to be "politically correct" and already know whom they want to win. If Judson remains any longer, I will lose interest in this show and realize that the results are predetermined.

    • john says:

      Somehow, Judson is managing to skate by. He clearly lost to Kara during the producers challenge in episode 2 and was protected by his team this past week. This is turning out to be an intense challenge so I am not losing interest. I liked the hell out of Eric and saw his culinary skills but he was painful to watch. He was out of his element in front of a camera and I doubt that he would be able to find his comfort zone during the remaining episodes.

  8. Charlotte Caldwell says:

    Just in case the network reads these blogs...BRING ERIC BACK! I would prefer to see someone who knows how to cook great food and can show viewers how to recover from near disaster, than someone that the Network feels has star personality. I watch Food Network to learn, and learn how to be better...not solely to be entertained. Who wants a half rate chef with personality? Not me. A big mistake was made.

  9. Bipin says:

    Eric deserves to stay

  10. Guest says:

    When you look at them and try to figure out who you would watch week after week, my answer is NONE OF THEM. I'm sure its the sponsors who pick the winner before the show even begins. What we're watching is just a staged show.