Poll: Who Went Home Too Soon?

by in Food Network Star, May 31, 2012

No Star hopeful wants to make an early exit from the competition, but unfortunately, someone always has to be the first, second or third to go. Cristie Schoen, Kara Sigle and Josh Lyons — eliminated in episodes one, two and three, respectively — didn't have many opportunities to show Bob and Susie their best stuff. Their mentors only had limited time to coach them and help them improve. With more time to learn and grow, could Cristie, Kara or Josh have been a serious contender?

That leads to our poll of the week: In your opinion, which of these three early eliminations happened too soon? Let us know which eliminated finalist you'd bring back to the competition.

Who's your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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  2. JLF says:

    None of the eliminated contestants needed to stay one episode longer than they did.
    Christi may have a passion for food and healthy cooking, but she let that passion spin out of control by declaring how fed up she is with people who choose not to eat healthy. Not good if you want to win people over to your POV.
    Kara showed a lack of flexibility and willingness to embrace food beyond her own comfort zone but dissing an entire food genre - "soul food" to many is the ultimate comfort food, and she couldn't figure out how to do something with that? What she came up with was uninspiring.
    And finally, Josh. All show and no go. From his rock star antics to his overly ambitious but unsuccessful dishes, to his inability to focus what he wanted to say in spite of Giada's instructions. He got further along that he might have done if he had not been on a safe team week 2. So he had an extra week of mentoring without any improvement. Time to call it a day.
    Next to go: Probably Marti if no better performance this week. Weak cooking skills, can't control the talking.

    • Guest says:

      I won't be surprised if it's Martie and Judson in the bottom this week.

    • Kiki says:

      It was clear that Kara was just getting into her game with the comfort food challenge with her Potato Dish - now that's "Soul Food". Her charm was geniune and our mouths were salivating. She was a total class act in her departure from her teammates. She has a down to earth personality we would love to see more of.
      In addition.....Kara’s Five Star caramelitto cookies are now my family’s favorite and we can’t stop eating them. We had to put them in the freezer to get them out of our reach but now we discovered they are even better frozen. Oh my god please bring her back!

  3. Jerilee says:

    I don't think any of them went home too soon. Josh got a lucky break with his team win, otherwise it would have been him out the door. Marit is next to go if she can't keep her vocal cords under control. Anyone not comfortable with "soul food" needs to expand their horizon. Every culture has "soul food", what we call good old comfort food. Who isn't comfortable with food cooked from the "soul" that is created with love? Kara didn't have to cook the chicken on the bone, she didn't have to make a waffle...where was her creativity? Christie just plain blew it by being fed-up. Josh was still too confused in his POV...too much.

  4. Food Fan says:

    Yep. The comments above pretty-much say it all.
    Christie was just too forceful about healthy stuff. Still, if any of the three of 'em *did* stay longer , I woulda picked her. Just to see what she might have done. Perhaps Eric, and his from-scratch approach is a nice alternative.
    Kara--she just complained too much.
    Josh---too long winded. Wouldnt get to the point.
    I wonder who will be the next 2, to go.

  5. Guest says:

    I agree with the comments previously posted. It was time for each to go. Too bad Kara couldn't be flexible enough to rise to the challenge with the chicken and waffles--all cooks make dishes they may not like, but you do your best. Soul food is an important part of our culture and Kara should have understood and respected that. Christie did come across rather angry in her presentation, although sometimes I think that perhaps with coaching should could have had another chance. However, as I'm someone who needs coaching at times with healthy eating (yes, I'm honest!), I don't think Christie had the patience nor the depth of experience yet to do a show with that theme. And Josh, well, he should have exited a while back.....while he may have had a "spark", I don't think he had the depth of cooking needed. I wish all of them well!

    • JLF says:

      Whether Christi would have benefited from presentation coaching or not, her black eye pea and cabbage puree looked like mud. If you're going to inspire folks to embrace healthy eating, you have to have a positive energy, but even more, you have to make the food enticing.

  6. jessica says:

    christie is awesome! what are you guys talking about? she needed to stay!

  7. Athena says:

    I think the right people went home and I can think of a few more that need to join them! I'm ready for Martie to go because I don't think she has the cooking chops for a show---and she drives me crazy. While I like Eric's sincerity and dedication to his POV, I don't think the hand-crafted thing is going to float in today's busy world. Malcolm needs to get out of the background and make things happen, or he'll be gone. Ditto for Yvan. Nikki can grill, but what else can she do? Girl on Grill is too one-note for me.

  8. Frank says:

    If the network is even thinking about bringing back someone who was already sent home (Bad) they should make it a challenge to win back their spot.

    Put them in a room with that face-eating zombie guy from Miami for 30 mins....if the survive, they get to come back. Win win.

  9. Frank says:

    If the network is even thinking about bringing back someone who was already sent home (Bad) they should make it a challenge to win back their spot.

    Put them in a room with that face-eating zombie guy from Miami for 30 mins....if the survive, they get to come back. Win win.

  10. Nadia says:

    I knew josh was a goner right at the beginning.