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by in Food Network Star, May 30, 2012

What do you get when you combine Hershey’s Kisses, kumquats, pancetta and graham crackers? If you're competing on Food Network Star, the answer is anything and everything. In a Chopped-style battle, finalists on Team Alton found those four mystery ingredients inside their baskets and had just 30 minutes to turn them into Star-quality desserts.

Justin thought completely outside the basket and prepared no-bake cookies that Bob Tuschman called "a total original" and no-nonsense Chopped judge Scott Conant deemed "a winner." However, what he did with those ingredients was perhaps not as impressive as how he did it. His non-traditional cooking techniques — melting the chocolate Kisses with the foil wrappers still on and slapping a towel near his dish to remove excess powdered sugar from his plate — left the judges in awe.

In response to Justin’s mad scientist-like ways, Star viewer Sarah Harris said it best in her message on Food Network’s Facebook page. “Justin is either completely nuts or completely genius,” she posted, echoing the sentiments of the judges and earning our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (111)

  1. JIll says:

    I think alton is being at total jerk not only to the contestants but to the other judges as well. Eat a cookie and lighten up!

  2. Renee says:

    Was he as bad as last year? I lost repect for him after his behavoir last year. I have slowly become disillusioned with this chanel

  3. Ellen says:

    Right on, Jlll!

  4. Becky says:

    Someone help me...Justin looks awfully familiar...Didn't he do one of those 24-restaurant shows with Scott Conant?...Just bugged. Don't especially like him, and wouldn't watch his show. Martita is easy to watch and listen to, but "her" show has been done. Ippy is just a pretty face..wouldn't be interested in pineaple/pig/fish. The only one who stands out as exemplifying her "pov" is Emily. Having grown up in the 50's, I would really enjoy watching a show "reworking" those meals...especially with her "style". I personally love it. Just one (older than Martie) person's opinion.

  5. Frank Demeo says:

    Well Becky, you assume that Martita would do the show you think she would do. She did say she'd like to do cooking with a "California Twist"....which can mean almost anything. The Network is actually the one that decides that. And Ippy....whose to say he wouldn't do a show that centers around his Italian heritage?

    • Food Fan says:

      I agree with Frank on this one. I dont want to see *anyone* boxxed-in restricted on what they can make. Just because any of the contestants may emphasize or be extra-good at a specialty of theirs, I'm sure there is MUCH more they are capable of. All of them.
      I dont ever wanna wanna slam anyone by saying, for example, that a baker cant make excellent grilled shrimp, or someone asian cant make a delicious Italian chicken parmisana. etc.,..etc...Dont limit the contestants! Let them show "range!"

      • Frank Demeo says:

        Very well put. Perfect example is Eric. That guy wowed people with his "from scratch" take on Italian (Lasagne, was it? I forget.) and his pastries....if someone were to assume all he can cook is Asian, they'd be wrong.

        • Becky says:

          I apologize if I appeared to slam anyone. I was just voicing my opinions on what I have seen thus far..and, of course, you are correct that the final "show" isn't clearly defined for those mentioned. As for Eric...I never thought of him as an Asian cook..I know already that he can cook a huge variety of things..and very well. The only thing I find annoying is his continual use of the words "hand-crafted" for his food....Like Giada..I do not believe she has ever done a show without the word "goolden" in it..or "grabbed" an ingredient. Just an opinion...not a judgment.

  6. beachinfrizzy says:

    Yes she was. It was all over her face. She looked like she was fighting back tears as I'm sure she was and I give her mad props for keeping it together.

    • Jerilee says:

      Maybe he did apologize to her. Remember, we don't always get to see or hear every!

  7. thingswild says:

    I don't feel that Justin should have got praised so much for his throw together for his chopped dish, as it shows he melted all and thats all the kisses with wrapper still on. Then when he add to them and put in microwave he burnt that, so he got rid of it. Then he melted some other kind of chocolate for his dish. The kisses were apart of the basket and he did'n't use them there for he should have been disqulified not praised.

  8. Fashant says:

    How old is Marti anyway?? She is really insecure about her age!!

  9. TheRealAlton says:

    It doesnt matter who win this. Atri must be replaced!!!

  10. FoodNetworkFan says:

    Not Eric or Ippy, they are my favorites!!! Why! I watch every time and am fascinated by their personalities and cooking skills.