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by in Food Network Star, May 30, 2012

What do you get when you combine Hershey’s Kisses, kumquats, pancetta and graham crackers? If you're competing on Food Network Star, the answer is anything and everything. In a Chopped-style battle, finalists on Team Alton found those four mystery ingredients inside their baskets and had just 30 minutes to turn them into Star-quality desserts.

Justin thought completely outside the basket and prepared no-bake cookies that Bob Tuschman called "a total original" and no-nonsense Chopped judge Scott Conant deemed "a winner." However, what he did with those ingredients was perhaps not as impressive as how he did it. His non-traditional cooking techniques — melting the chocolate Kisses with the foil wrappers still on and slapping a towel near his dish to remove excess powdered sugar from his plate — left the judges in awe.

In response to Justin’s mad scientist-like ways, Star viewer Sarah Harris said it best in her message on Food Network’s Facebook page. “Justin is either completely nuts or completely genius,” she posted, echoing the sentiments of the judges and earning our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (111)

  1. smei says:

    If I wanted to watch "ANGRY" (Alton Brown) I would certainly choose a scripted show on vampires, not what should be an entertaining and educational format. These judges should be mentors for their professions and be supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging to their teams..Not egomaniacal buffoons! And yes, your are absolutely correct in your assesment of Brown being dry,dark and dull!! This is certainly not entertaining any longer. Good night Frank and Food Network please take notice.

  2. Elenitop says:

    If Michelle goes on LOSE THE NOSE RING. That would lose a great market share.

    • Pat says:

      Didn't like her on Chopped and she hasn't improved. Was surprised to see her NFNS. She had her chance before. Let's go with new talent.

  3. Athena says:

    I think Justin got incredibly lucky. Unfortunately for him, luck always runs out.

  4. Portlandia says:

    ALWAYS love Bobby Flay. Find his mentoring spot on without being over-dramatic or annoyling intense. Think he's a great chef and fun to watch. Sure disappointed to see this side of Alton - not flattering, helpful or entertaining. And, Giada...well, used to always catch her show, but not so much anymore. Find her to be quite the prima donna these days. As someone who speaks 5 languages fluently and is proud to be of Italian descent, I find her language embellishment more annoying than anything else.

    • Food fan says:

      Bobby used to strike me as too sarcastic.
      But he seems to have toned it down.
      He definitely has standards, and thats good. But he is coming across as more encouraging this year. Nice to see.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        I see it too. He's done an about face from snarling "this is the food network not the fun network" (because why on earth would anyone want to think cooking is fun, right Bobby?). I thought he was great on Worst Cooks and I'm glad to see him so patient and encouraging and less judgemental. Could be that he's become more comfortable and mature in HIS role as a judge/coach/mentor and realized he doesn't need to belittle people to get their attention (**cough cough ALTON cough cough**). The sophomore's going to pick on the freshman a lot more than the grad student will.

        • FanFare57 says:

          Great comment. I completely agree with you. I was skeptical of Bobby's mentoring abilities before he was one on WCA. He changed my opinion of himself. He was calm and encouraging. It was nice to be proven wrong.

  5. Portlandia says:

    Sorry for the previous misspelling - meant to write "annoyingly."

  6. Food Fan says:

    Hmmm. I'll say this.
    I just hope that all of us viewers, who write and post on these blogs.....will just continue to be open and frank and just call it as we see it--and say WHY. I am hoping everyone is willing to state their opinion even if it disagrees with Bob or Susie or a judge. Then again, we may agree with them whole-heartedly. But dont be afraid to, either way.
    What bugs me is when anyone says: so-n-so sucks---and give no reason how or why at all.
    Or when someone says: so-n-so is the best!---and no reason why whatsoever.
    Its nice that all of us can come here and sound-off!

    • Cheryl <> says:

      Good points!

    • guest says:

      I'm pretty annoyed at the format this season. Good chefs go home, while others cry their way into staying, or are lucky enough to be on a winning team - which is really the aspect that annoys me. There should be no "team" wins.

      • disappointed fan says:

        i agree there are so many bad cooks in the show with not much culinary chops and they get to stay it's ridiculous!

  7. anibundel says:

    I really wish that there were Camera challenges every week for every contestant.
    I get that they have partly retrofitted NFNS to match the new format of Next Iron Chef, along with making it more like "The Voice" with the mentors, rather than like "Next Food Network Idol." But I feel like the contestants are really being shortchanged by not getting to practice being on camera every week. Yes it's good for them to practice things like "Chopped" and talking in front of groups, since that sort of promotional stuff comes with the job. But the main focus of the job is to Stand In Front Of A Camera And Present Food.

    Bob and Susie said it themselves in the first episode--Bobby, Giada and Alton had years to perfect their camera persona. These guys have weeks. Making it so their only time to practice one-on-one with a camera is when they're up for elimination--that just strikes me as highly counter intuitive.

    • Athena says:

      You have a point. These contestants are getting zero practice time in front of the camera (unless they are in the bottom--then they usually go home). How is this preparing them for having their own show?

      • anibundel says:

        Full disclosure--I blog the show. And the big thing that struck me from this episode was Alton snapping “If you can’t cook and talk at the same time, shut up and cook.”
        .....If you can't cook and talk at the same time What the hell are you doing here?! I mean, the one skill you REALLY need to have for a stand-and-stir is to talk and cook at the same time. It's like THE essential skill. How are we a month into the show and someone who cannot perform the basics is still a viable candidate? (That being said, Josh was already a week past his expiration date. The only reason he didn't go home on the bus tour week was his teammates saved him.)
        As far as I was concerned, that quote from Alton summed up everything I had wrong with the season so far.
        (Funny, Alton always seems to sum up the seasons in a pithy sentence. Perhaps that's partly why we love him so. He's like the nerd version of Simon Cowell.)

        • Jerilee says:

          Excellent point!!! nd oh, so true.

        • Barry says:

          How about "If you can't cook and talk at the same time, this job is not for you." Come on, she's a grown woman treat her as such.

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            Bingo. I don't get how people justify rudeness by saying they're "just being honest" or "telling it like it is" or "cutting to the chase" or whatever. I'm sure a person of AB's intelligence and 'quick wit' could have used those attributes to figure out an alternative way to get his point across to Martie if he wanted to.

          • Barry says:

            Absolutely, well put.

          • FanFare57 says:

            Obviously, AB was frustrated and lost his control. Normally, he's so tightly wound, his public outburst must have really flipped his lid. When forming his team, he did not choose wisely. Marti's rambles are not as charming when there is a time frame to keep.

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            I'm sure it was frustrating for Martie too, but somehow she managed to keep her composure. Someone has to be the adult, I guess.

          • FanFare57 says:

            That's true.

  8. gershon says:


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  9. @YvanBoom says:

    Take it from me, justin is a Genius. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Vinny says:

      I think it's pretty apparent that he can think quick on his feet and has some creativity when it comes to food....I just don't think he's well suited to carry on for an entire show by himself. And that.....that seems to be the general consensus. Wouldn't surprise me if he's one of the last standing but....If he wins, the show will be another flop, ratings wise. That doesn't mean we hate just means he might not be the best choice in this case. I would rather see Ippy, Martita or you in front of the cameras. Martita being my current favorite.

    • FanFare57 says:

      That's an interesting comment coming from a competitor.

    • Tigergal says:

      How fine to find such humility and esprit de corps from a fellow competitor! I was tickled to see you in this field: you were great on "Chopped," and should have won. Voted to have you return in one of those redemption format shows.

  10. Jessica says:

    Justin may be entertaining in his mad scientist ways, but how will that be useful on a food network show?? I don't want to learn how to cook like a mad scientist & I think those antics are going to get really old really fast. I'm rooting for team Bobby, but the fancy Californian chef is too hoity-toity & needs to go!!