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by in Food Network Star, May 30, 2012

What do you get when you combine Hershey’s Kisses, kumquats, pancetta and graham crackers? If you're competing on Food Network Star, the answer is anything and everything. In a Chopped-style battle, finalists on Team Alton found those four mystery ingredients inside their baskets and had just 30 minutes to turn them into Star-quality desserts.

Justin thought completely outside the basket and prepared no-bake cookies that Bob Tuschman called "a total original" and no-nonsense Chopped judge Scott Conant deemed "a winner." However, what he did with those ingredients was perhaps not as impressive as how he did it. His non-traditional cooking techniques — melting the chocolate Kisses with the foil wrappers still on and slapping a towel near his dish to remove excess powdered sugar from his plate — left the judges in awe.

In response to Justin’s mad scientist-like ways, Star viewer Sarah Harris said it best in her message on Food Network’s Facebook page. “Justin is either completely nuts or completely genius,” she posted, echoing the sentiments of the judges and earning our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (111)

  1. suzy says:

    Ippy not comfortable on camera?? Is Susie crazy. That kid has the it factor...the camera loves him. I happy he told her his people ARE laid back.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes Suzy, I too am happy Ippy told Susie that his people are laid back. I don't like for them to try to change these peoples personalities. I understand they want them to try to enable us as viewers to believe the food is delish but theres such a fine line between faking it & losing your true personality for the camera. They got poor Yvan screaming this week to please them just to sound over the top as they coached him last week.

    Nikki is too ...perfect in her food descriptions for me. Kinda flawless and it sorta grates on me. Maybe she just sounds too professional. Don't know.

    I'm still liking Emily, and Justin, and wouldn't mind if Ippy won. They're different personalities than anything I see on FN today. The 50's gal, the mad genius kid, and the Hawaiian.

  3. terri Rube says:

    I absolutly love the show. I am really impressed with Justin, I really think he is going to be the one to beat. I like others, but right now its Justin. I really like all the mentors, especially Bobby Flay.

  4. Lauren says:

    I love Justin- he cracks me up and his food is outside the box. Really, trully hope he wins.

  5. Alfredo says:

    I love the food network, and have watched all the food network star shows. I wasn't going to watch this season because I'm sick of all the critism, and lack of mentoring the chefs. So when I saw this season's set up:) I was thrilled. How great to see the celebrity chefs actually HELPING the contests find there way. An even better dynamic, is how the team helps each other pull through a challenge. Love that. I realize some mentors are a bit more critical, however, it is a competition. I'm not watching for hand holding- tough love is sometimes the only way to get through- as was the case with Alton with Martie and her age obsession. He was being hard because he had to, and I think it helped her. I love this season. I have to say, I really enjoy Justin and look forward to his dishes and creativity, but I'm not sure what to think of him having his own show. I watch the shows for ideas to change things up for my family dinners, and his might be a bit too drastic for me to get ideas that I would actually use. So in the end, I'm not really sure if I would watch him. I bet his restaurant is seriously amazing experience though!

  6. Barbara says:

    I really like the new format because I like that the contestants are being mentored by very accomplished food network stars. Giada, Bobby, and Alton are coming from three different "places" when it comes to the business of producing a show and marketable television programing. I like seeing their different approaches and coaching methods. The contestants are for the most part skilled in the kitchen and likable. Some are obviously moving toward the top in terms of being a star on the food network. I believe the mentoring has been helpful. Right now, Martita seems to be the most genuine in front of the camera and Justin the most creative. For me, Nikki looks too much like "Octomom" and, though I believe she is skillful, she needs some change in her appearance or I just would not be able to watch her in a show--sorry.

  7. JER says:

    I love shows like this - "Chopped" "Project Runway" because I am in awe of what these people can do. I can't cook or sew so it's still interesting for me. However when I heard last night that the viewers will make the final decision, I thought "well this is just a personality contest." And if that's the case what difference does it make what caliber of chef he or she is? If they smile pretty, can describe the ingredients etc. I wouldn't know a good chef from another. I think it's ridiculous to put them through all this judging and critiquing if it comes down to someone like me deciding who should win. Real turnoff and disappointment. Now I really don't care who wins.

  8. essence says:

    Justin Warner is fantastic! I can't wait to watch him cook every week. I agree he is "out of the box". His take on "fashion week" was showing the real genius. I do hope he continiues on star and has his own show. All I want to say is "BRAVO" Justin!
    Thank You Foodnetwork and Alton Brown for sharing Justin with us.