Team Giada: Down to Four

by in Food Network Star, May 29, 2012

Team Giada held strong in the first two episodes. Week one, Josh Lyons made it successfully through the pitch room, and then the team took home a win in week two's food tour challenge. Giada still had all five of her finalists going into week three — but not for long.

After ending up in the bottom of the Chopped desserts challenge, Josh faced the Producers' Challenge once again, and this time Giada's pitch-room plea wasn't enough to save him from elimination. Bob and Susie thought that as the front man of a rock band, Josh would be more comfortable in the spotlight, but he continued to stumble over his presentations. "I think he's talented," said Giada. "I just don't know that he was ready for this."

Hear more from Giada, Susie and Josh in his exclusive exit interview. Do you think it was Josh's time to go?

Flip through Josh’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Three.



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  1. working mama says:

    This is my first time ever reading these blogs. Thank u for the entertainment. But as for those opinions re Giada. Pretty bold. If her looks got her the job... I think thats pretty standard for TV. But to build the empire she has takes more than just looks. She obviously has talent, work ethic, a great brand, and a huge following. You can say whatever you may, but she's pretty amazing!

    • Vinny says:

      Agreed. She's good at marketing herself. Looks alone are not enough. She works hard and is serious about what she does.

  2. Vinny says:

    The people commenting on here kill me. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if they can cook or not or whether you wanted to vote for them or not. It really doesn't mean anything. At all.

    It all comes down to this....
    • Did they muster enough support via Facebook, Twitter, Pinster, get votes?
    • Is the person easy to look at?
    • Are they likable?
    • Can they maintain the target audience's attention for at least 30-60 minutes?
    • Are they trainable? In other words, can we "make them" a star?

    I think three people will end up at the top....

    Martita = Easy on the eyes. She's in her 30's and maybe could lose a couple of pounds...but she's cute and has a personality. Great smile and she is appealing to three important demo groups: Men 25-50, Women, and the Latin viewers. I hope she can cook something other than food "with a Mexican twist".

    Ippy = Very cool. You just want to toss some beers back with this kid. He would be easy to work with and has the cooking chops. His issue.....too laid back. The whole Hawaiian thing would get old after a few episodes. He would do great among stoners 18-35 and every single person of Asian or Islander descent.

    Linkie = She's likable and has that whole accent thing going for her. I just think she's too mousey and much too sweet for my pallet. Maybe if she had a TV show with the focus being entirely on desserts....but I dunno if she can take charge of the camera. She would probably demo great with single moms and older white women.

    As a side note.....Nikky is much too annoying. Eric is not easy to look at & he's boring. He's probably the best cook/chef here but that doesn't mean he's good for TV. Remember...this is about TV!!! Justin? Well, I liked him the first two episodes but, he quickly became a caricature to me and the whole "I'm the young rebel" thing got old. I think he will still end up on TV though.

    • barb says:

      I like Michele and I feel she has all the makings of a great chef and star. A name like Ippy or Linkie...they are not stars in my eyes.

  3. Vikki says:

    Anyone else think Giada was doing Josh?? Notice the way she looked at him. Creeped me out and had me thinking that these two were sleeping together and that's the only way he got on the show...cause he couldn't really cook nor did he entertain me

    • Vinny says:

      I suppose anything is possible but, there's no way that's true. Mainly, because she is obviously in love with me and she just wouldn't jeopardize that B-)

    • Katrinka says:

      Don't know if she was doing him, but she definitely gave him bedroom eyes and was very touchy feely with him. Do you remember when he was getting ready to do his bit for the camera (first episode?) and he kept getting tongue tied? She stood in front of him, put her hands on his shoulders and she planted her feet apart. There was definitely flirting going on there. Who's going to be her next favorite?

  4. Food Fan says:

    I'm glad you were specific in your opinion. At least you give reasons for your view.

    But, above, when you said: "Ultimately, it doesn't matter if they can cook or not or whether you wanted to vote for them or not. It really doesn't mean anything. At all."....I wonder if Bobby Flay would agree with you. Of Bob T, and Susie F.

    Didnt we already have aired commercials, earlier, where Bobby said (someone correct me if I'm getting the gist of this is wrong. But didnt he basically say, i think it was when encouraging people to send in their video and try-out for NFNS):..."if you can Cook, I can make you a Star."
    But you seem to be saying-- as long as someone is easy on the eyes, they can/will teach them to cook. ? Do think its just Demographics and thats that?

    I agree with you about also being likable. What good is being a 5-star chef if someone is a turn-off or just boring and you wouldn't bother watching them anyway? But that absolutely *doesnt* mean I would wanna see some plastic ditzy smile from someone who makes blah-zay mediocre dishes just cuz they might be eye-candy! That burns itself out quickly.

    Its just my opinion (but i think its Fair) and I have always said: I look for 4 things:
    incredibly delicious food
    simple, clear teaching ability
    from someone engaging, likeable with a warm smile
    who ISNT too loud, dull, weird, intense, or a turn-off.
    Thats my "Total Package." And its open to all. Go for it!

    Also, I appreciate you saying who you like and why. But, I get the impression you'd get tired of all of them.
    There is probably no completely flawless candidate. I think a few could go tomorrow and are just boring. But we all have feelings like that. What iii like to see is not just saying: so-n-so should go, but WHY they should. or WHY and HOW so-n-so knocked it outta the park and rocked the house! "informative is good."

    On the other hand, I'm thinking there are several I would be very happy with! To me, this is a better batch of contestants than we had last year.

    • Vinny says:

      I think you're right in that they initially screen for people who cook AND can be in front of the cameras. After all, it would otherwise make the process pretty darn lengthy. What I meant was, once its all said and done....I'm sure they (And by "they" I mean the network executives and all interested parties) want someone who can produce ratings or be likable enough to watch for a whole hour. Seems shallow or simplistic...but, if you channel surf for a few minutes and look at what's on TV, I think you'd have to agree that for the most part, it's true. Doesn't mean I entirely agree with it. In an ideal world, the Eric Lee's of this world would all have TV shows. I think he's the most skilled in the kitchen but the least marketable of the bunch. He's a nice guy and all....but I feel pretty confident he won't be the last guy standing. I could be wrong of course...that's the beauty of it. It ain't set in stone but....We'll have to wait and see.

  5. I am a big fan of this cooking show in Lifestyle Network, and I on the other hand think that I understand why they let Josh Lyon got in. Maybe because they see some potential in him that we don't and maybe because they want to show that he can be helped with what he wanted to do and that is to COOK good food.

    • Vinny says:

      At this stage of the game, that is a moot point. He's gone.

      Although, they DID say there was going to be a twist at the end. I hope that "twist' doesn't mean they bring someone back.

  6. Rueben says:

    Yes, it was Josh's time to go. It will be Judson's time to go next if his attitude about food doesn't improve. Pickles didn't excite him and then he doesn't like desserts because he's had a weight problem in the past. He needs to learn to embrace all food including desserts!

    • Katrinka says:

      Judson reminds me of an Elmer Gantry or an Amway representative. I don't find him trustworthy at all. Hope he goes soon.

  7. AnnCP says:

    I to am not a fan of this new format. Bobby, Giada and Alton may be good candidates as mentors and coaches - but editors that allow the shots of Alton disappointed and yelling at his team members does not sit well with me. It puts him in an undignified light. This last episode - they should have axed all three. I have picked the winner early on in all the seasons - and currently you have four that are real contenders. Just sad that those who have won - and proved to be incredibly cooks - are stuck in time slots with shows that don't show off their incredible talent.

  8. Get it right says:

    I really really really wish the powers that be would look for contestants who are in TOASTMASTERS. Get some people in the game who KNOW how to SPEAK in PUBLIC, for goodness sake. It's downright pathetic and pitiful to watch these wannabe food network stars with no clue on what they are doing. And Susie dear, please please please change your frizzy dried out hairdo. Same one for how many seasons????

    • Food Fan says:

      I hafta challenge that.
      Even Bobby Flay (who is an Iron Chef) has talked about his 1st presentation wasnt that good. Look at how some Stars now, started out. Giada, Mario Batali and more.
      While being comfortable talking to a large group or being in front of a microphone would be an asset., I dont think that's it. I think its *more* a case of, they simply havent been on TV before!
      And even if they have, they havent faced the Bright lights, the HUGE kitchens, the fast-pace, the thinking on the fly with creativity NOW! Its worse now than when Bobby & Giada started. A public speaker, can have their notes at the podium, they've probably prepared their speech in advance. In these challenges, its more like: you've got 45 minutes to do "X". Think fast. Make it fabulous! Starting now. Go! Quite a difference I'd say.

    • Danielle says:

      Bob, Bobbie, and Giada have the same hair season after season. Maybe they all just like their hair the way it is.

  9. jessica says:

    i did not like josh! at all. good choice

  10. loril7 says:

    Please please please do not let Howdie Doodie be the next star....I have to laugh hysterically every time he appears. Is he in the process of a sex change or what?